EU elections : The Big Failure of Western economic model.

Time after elections results were made official, commentators started whining. What ? The Far-right is winning this in UK, in France, and elsewhere ? Can’t believe that ? For once, the polls were right ? Exactly, after promoting and running after sensationalism and everything going rogue on the public stage, accordingly to a global pattern of lazy and irresponsible journalism, it was not necessary to look at a chrystal ball to see the consequences of a global doggy press confusing information and the buzz.

At first glance, one may start crying « this is an earthquake ». I wonder what the magnitude is ? This is a sensationalist interpretation avoiding the causality between the over-coverage of the far-right as a vote-amplifier. Star System’s rules are perverting the Information agenda and perspective : provocations, outrages, excesses and anything insane, senseless and false prevail to the Information as new and fashionable.

The fact is demagogy has stolen a failing model as a driven force and horse to win the race. Euroscepticism is proportional to the failure of the european promise with, quote by Global Research :

« its economic model that favours corporations and the financial elite, while squeezing the ordinary people.

With the European Union crumbling under the weight of Euro-sceptic opinion of the general public, as illustrated by the European election results tonight,  the EU will have to make a choice whether to continue to be a puppet of Washington, thus risking the wrath of its European citizens and eventually reaching complete self-destruction, or choosing to build closer ties with China and Russia.

Western dominance over the last few decades has only achieved more insecurity and an economic system that benefits a few, but punishes the many ».

Regression in fact. The far right vote is not the answer, but an alert.

Instead of talking about this economic model, debate concentrates on scapegoats : immigration and the euro fit the role and the press just say we are Ok with this, as this is information. Thus the central question : what is Information today ? I blame those results on poor medias coverage and reports and on politicians’ retreat and failure to campaign and explain, may be the unexplainable, but at least they would have debunked false ideas promoted by the far right.

Tomorrow will tell.