« Every mass shooting is a national tragedy ». « I will not give up till the end of my office » (Barack Obama)

« Too many lives are cut short by gun violence – stand up for gun violence prevention »

Friend —

Since the shooting at Newtown, tens of thousands of Americans have had their lives cut short by gun violence. Every time it happens, communities are shaken to the core, families are forced to grieve the loss of a loved one, and lives are changed forever.

Every mass shooting is a national tragedy, and I refuse to accept them as the new normal. We cannot legislate this problem away, but if we can prevent even one of these mass shootings from tearing a community apart, then we must act.

Yesterday, I moved to do just that with a series of executive actions that will close background check loopholes and better enforce the rules that keep guns out of the hands of people that could harm themselves or others.

Common-sense actions like the one I signed yesterday are a start, but the long-term solutions to this have to come from Congress — and I am absolutely confident that bipartisan legislation on this issue is possible.

OFA and other groups are pushing for real reform to prevent these tragedies from happening.

After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, two senators — a Democrat and a Republican, both gun owners, both strong defenders of the Second Amendment — worked together to write a common-sense compromise bill that would have required virtually everyone who buys a gun to get a background check.

But the gun lobby mobilized. Even though background checks were supported by 90 percent of the American people, the Senate voted to block the bill — even with the families of Newtown in attendance.

I will not give up, MBOCK. I have 12 months left in this office, and I’m going to use every one of them to shine a spotlight on common-sense reforms that we can make to remedy this violence.

We can stop these murders from becoming the status quo, but it’s going to take all of us speaking up.

Stand with OFA in fighting for common-sense gun-safety reforms:



Barack Obama


« Now, I want to be clear. Congress still needs to act. The folks in this room will not rest until Congress does. Because once Congress gets on board with common-sense gun safety measures we can reduce gun violence a whole lot more. But we also can’t wait. Until we have a Congress that’s in line with the majority of Americans, there are actions within my legal authority that we can take to help reduce gun violence and save more lives — actions that protect our rights and our kids. » – President Barack Obama, 1/5/2016
Sign our petition thanking President Obama for taking executive action that will make it harder for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to get their hands on guns.

Gabby and Mark were proud to stand with the president as he outlined these executive actions yesterday — action that will save lives.

Thank President Obama for his leadership on the issue of gun violence prevention.

What a terrific start to 2016. But we’re just getting started.

All of our best,

The team at Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC



« The GOP-controlled House of Representatives has approved a bill to repeal Obamacare that, after more than 60 votes in the past five years, will finally get to the President’s desk.

The House vote was 240-181, largely along party lines. The Senate passed the legislation last month.

The bill is expected to arrive at the White House later this week. President Barack Obama has already vowed to veto any Republican bill that guts his signature health care law.

The measure also bars any federal money for Planned Parenthood. Conservatives in Congress vowed to defund the organization after a series of videos released by an anti-abortion group last year triggered a controversy about the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood maintains the footage was edited, and has denied any improper activity ».

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« Trading in China stocks was halted after a sharp plunge shortly after opening. It is second suspension this week.

Trading was suspended for 15 minutes after the CSI 300 stock index fell 5%. When trading resumed, the slide continued and within just a few seconds the index was down 7%.

The abrupt decline triggered so-called circuit breakers, which Chinese authorities recently implemented in a bid to tame the country’s volatile markets.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, CNN.com and CNN Mobile ».


Not surprising: China is no longer the perfect clean and bio house the Nation of the Maoist Cultural Revolution used to be. Now you got a lot of subalterns, rats, snakes and jealous people walking around the web to snoop,  intrigate, and convey monkey shits to the people of the World. Yes Obama has named me in his letter and, many rats are out today to send me their shits. Did I ask for ? No. Did I call them ? No. The Figaro (french dog journal is sending me its Jerusalem special issue shit) – another dog working for Wall Street’s wolves Bernie Sanders is going to normalize legally.

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