Ferguson. Racism and « BlackLives » are Human Rights abuses issues. Write it on the paper.

DSC_0658In principle, Human Rights shortcomings are always to blame on underdeveloped nations. The Third World and the non-Westerners. HRW (Human Rights Watch) scrutinizes every part of the World except the Top of it : the American society.

Times and again, any racial failure inside America has been reported as an accident or a curse nobody could state neither the reason nor the justification. It just happened like this, like an accident down the road. That black people have twice a chance to be jailed by White judges and prosecutors is something normal. That the same community is facing a rate of unemployment the double of the whites is another normal American heads digging the sand accept as a fatality to cope with. That black men are murdered by a brutal police is something Americans were looking as a curse. That some black men were mistakenly condemned for 39 years and jailed since then before any serious counter investigation is conducted is not that disturbing. The Institutions always tell « we deeply regret ».


An activist and a musician was speaking with Amanpour yesterday, a black man from Ferguson. He said loud and clear « if black men are good at killing, then write it on the paper ».

After all, a global song says « Born in USA » is enough to qualify as protected citizens against human rights abuses.

There will be a Before Ferguson (with open tolerance) and an After Ferguson (with tolerance zero for excessive use of force by the police). Write it on the paper.

>>>  Protesters fill streets across country as Ferguson protests spread coast to coast (CNN).

Human rights setbacks translate into poor justice.

According to Rep. (D), Hakeem Jeffries, member of the Judiciary Committee, talking with Wolf (CNN), there was a miscarriage of Justice in this Michael Brown case. Too many failures of the procecution led to a mockery of the System. Officer Darren Wilson could have, at least, been indicted for « involuntarily manslaughter ».

Why ?

The 150 feet distance away contradict the version of Officer Wilson, who fired the deadly shot at this distance, fearing his « life was in danger ». Impossible.

The body of Michael Brown remained 4 hours and a half on the ground.

The criminal Justice has failed the case. Justice Department should pursue it and bring about a fair Trial. That is how a nation protects HR.

>>>The Wilson Witness who corroborates the « Charge » claim, wrote Racist Journal Entries (Daily Kos)