French presidential election : one week closer, and still too close to call.

They did everything they could to stop François Fillon bid for the presidency.

But, the people resisted the attempt.

After a huge blow and an undeniable setback, François Fillon is back in the race.

Macron, the favorite of hidden interests in France, the choice of the Establishment has not been able to take a decisive lead, despite François Fillon woes.

To complicate the matter, polls are pure manipulation and biaised.

The game is wide open. The election lacks passion and fever.

The turnout will be critical.

Only one thing didn’t change : the fake medias and tech industries attacks. My laptop is under attack. The laptop of admin – flash of the world producer – is mute. The sound is off. Emails of my yahoo box are coming too late after the event and the box is extremely slow and responding in an erratic manner…

The neighborhood has been called to give a hand to the harassment process : upstairs,  the noise is now permanent.