Get up stand up! Stand up for your rights ! Bob Marley and Missouri University. + The city of Hamtramck (Michigan Town). +Nukes and the right wing portuguese gov. downing.

Praise the Lord, Black young men and women, real people, not the BLACK stars or others (read below (1)) under Jewish influence and obedience, are up IN MISSOURI for their rights. And, the White President of the Missouri University is resigning over frustration he has caused among black students having kept a deaf ear at their malaise. Frustration and inaction, the Missourian President said, in taking full responsibility for black anger. Good luck to this President.

All this week-end and even before, I’ve been listening « Get up, stand up » of Bob Marley. As you know, it is easy to listen at my computer music or to follow my browsing and steal the browser. Easy for every copycat to come along today with the Bob Marley Song « Get Up, Stand Up ». And not surprising, too easy for the commentators, sharing the story of the spying and theft of music at my place, to comment on the air looking crazy at the discovery. In fact, a big theft : their second nature. Those lazy people.

The actual code is « never cite » your sources or the place you steal stuff from. Because, if you name the origin of things, you break the rule of illegitimacy and rubbery making everybody looking equal on whatsoever. The mediocre and the excellent are then aligned on this medium one-size-fits-all ; kind of bastard zone where everyone is either excellent or mediocre or shares excellency or mediocrity. In the end, even the responsibility is collective, meaning nowhere. It is not about anonymity but dissolution and annihilition. Everyone looks like everybody else in a wheel of similar puppets lining up like miniature soldiers for a tour and another one and so forth. What left out of this herd is either vertigo or fatigue of more of the same smooth and polish stages and scenes.

This is how they used to win : spying, cheating, dissimulating the appartenance and the belonger, or the source.

This is how they used to rule.

Praise the Lord, your eyes are now wide open and alert.

Be a X boys or X Girls. Don’t let them walk on your feet. You are the only one responsible for your freedom. Nobody will give it to you. If you are a man you take it (Malcom X).  And you retaliate if attacked. Never attack or discriminate anyone. But if discriminate, make your voice heard and stand your ground firmly and fiercely. Don’t shake or tremble. This is the compass.

Get up stand up! Stand up for your rights ! Bob Marley. Jamaïca, Hello !




Am I an activist ? I don’t know. I call myself a gamechanger player or actor.

(1) Now read the story called the pasticher GAME-CHANGER –  ANOTHER STORY OF BARBARIC LIP SYNC

1 – Model Reveals The Ugly Truth Behind Social Media and Her “Perfect Life”. So lets be what ? Thanks God, the web provides us with an excellent tracking. In the end, everybody will get to know who is who and where stuff are stolen from without naming the sources. Cheating and lying is a second nature to those professional of theieves. You needed a proof ? Here you are. The venon has contaminated the entire body. Miserable. It reminds me about the zero Finnish female lips insulting a Kenyan nurse in Finland. The Zero and the Nurse.

2 – The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.” That is why today, lawmakers are legiferating over a total immunity of the soldiers.

3 – Propaganda is the new Worldwide Journalism. Being a journalist today is being nothing but a lip synch. A Ventriloque or a Parrot. RI-DI-CU-LOUS !!!

⇒ Envoy blames European mass media for instigating strife between Russia, EU

Naturally, you got SOME exceptions somewhere.

3 – Kosovo Fails to Win UNESCO Membership. It was a hidden attempt the no-fly-zone like.

« Kosovo‘s has been recognized as a sovereign state by more than 110 countries but Serbia remains opposed to the independence of its former province. Russia, a close ally of Serbia, has blocked Kosovo’s bid to become a full UN member » (Sofia news).

4 – Catalonia’s parliament backs declaration to split from Spain.

5 -US states score poorly on cronyism & corruption test.

​5.1. Oligarchy, not democracy: Americans have ‘near-zero’ input on policy – report

5.2 – Late in the row of ineffectiveness, oligarch conducts and non transparency : ‘That has to change:’ Bernie Sanders slams efforts to suppress voting rights.

“It’s just simply cowardly that these governors and legislatures are making it harder for poor people, for elderly people and people of color to participate in our political process,” he said to the New York Daily News.

5.3 – Top NY lawmaker, Sheldon Silver, accused of ‘betrayal,’ faces charges of corruption and extortion

5.4 Because of that near to zero ranking,Supreme Court strikes down limits on overall campaign contributions. Short-sighting and partiality are the blind and black side of Justice.

5.5. A Judge is calling the NSA snooping a breach to the Constitutional protection of privacy, property and freedom. Federal judge says NSA’s phone surveillance program is likely unconstitutional.

6 – Yale students march against racist incidents on campus.

Some students and members of the staff at Missouri University have expressed their rejection of mainstream medias reporting, after some have called them to make the story public. Stop the medias by « muscle » ? Gross error. Where there is no transparency, there is also no accountability and efficiency. University’s management are looking more and more politicised : actually the case in France where presidents and professors or assistants are all leftists activists  and unionists sending students to the streets to demonstrate against the gov and the Minister of Education. Those teachers in High School either are the new experts of youth manipulation for the worse. Needless to add the core of the profession is racist.