Guns control’s debate : the factory of absurdity rationale.

You can compare guns’ reduction to the fight against Obesity, if necessary.

Debating over guns control, many « experts », exposing their non scientific argument and non-demonstrative  rationale seem to team themselves into a factory of absurd reasoning.

I’ve noticed some of them.

The absurd of the absurd is that equivalence – false – saying : dying by a bullet equates car accident death, alcohol or drugs abuses or abortions accidents.  Prohibition didn’t stop people from drunking, they argue. Hence the absurd conclusion : the more you put a stop or a ban on something, the more people will be doing exactly that.  From this absurd position, you draw the automatic conclusion. Banning guns is not the right answer to address gun violence.

I’m not going to bring up all the arguments of the same ilk based on empiric observations and absurd subjectivity. Everything is not wrong with Empirism.

Analysis and Expertise are about Objectivity, Generalisation and Exemplarity. A good expertise is ground for Modelisation.

You can not argue that, for each citizen to feel secure, every one should possess a gun for preventive self-defense. Meaning, the more guns are out there, the best dissuasion. This other absurd rationale requires a pre-supposition : each of us should have his/her hands over his/her guns, all the time we are out of our homes. Crazy. Even then, the first shoot is going to kill you, before you know it.

The latest helpless rationale concerns the repetitive rhetoric calling for more backgrounds for mentally affected potential buyers. To our knowledge, the Charleston serial killer is not a mental-illed man. Much of the time,  the equation of sprees caused by people with mental problems remains unverifiable. Lots of suppositions ; little verifications. It is easy to dismiss a killer who had shot himself dead, as « mentally illed ».

The untackled question is the motives behind the crimes.

And most of all, prior to those motives, it is indisputable, society free of guns such as Europeans are free of gun’s violence. This has already been mentioned here.

Now, there is a problem with arms smuggling linked to drugs trafficking and activities and even with prostitution. Whenever you have a huge amount of money in circulation, you have guns. This is not a problem of gun’s control, but one of HOMELAND Security, dealing with gang’s criminality, eventhough it reverberates over gun violence.

The TV case presents us with another rationale : social insecurity and injustices – discriminations – are the motives. No one could have stopped the man to find a gun – underground – to APPLY his own Justice, where the Nation is looking helplessly « the hidden manipulators factory » high-scale vampiric work destroying people of color.

We will talk about this another time. – Follow the link on what President Obama said over the devastating Katrina lack of prevention and accurate response 10 years later (Eurasianews).

For now, it is enough to say that, you don’t build law or enforce them starting from their breaking point. In Law, Legality preceeds illegality not the reversal. And it is precisely because rules and norms exist first, that other things can be declared illegal.  You can not start any rationale by quoting « illegality is impossible to contain, so I’m going to let things be the way they are and accept sometimes to times, people would succomb under bullets ; just at random or through accounts settings ».

Illegality can not and must not prevail. There should be a norm. Concerning Alcohol and Prohibition, the comparison doesn’t stand. Deciding to kill oneself with alcohol is not the same thing as having your life taken away from you by somebody else decision. In one case, it is your will and freedom on your body. In the other one, it is a negation of the right to life to another person. This is not the translation of the second amendment.

Look at the plane : you don’t board a plane with a gun or a cutter or something looking like. Aviation prevention and screenings and Michelle Obama fight against Obesity are other reasons to consider instead of this choregraphic rhetoric stating : « gun’s control is guns for all of us ». Looks like gay marriage dubbed in France « The right of Marriage to all of us ».

Culturally America is an Obese society. Unconsciously, Guns irrational demands mirror this. In fact, this is going to be a big educational issue ahead. It starts with a New Ruling.  May I say a New Deal ? The previous one is no longer operative.

Ask yourself, what would President Roosevelt have done today ? First, keep yourself away from Absurdity rationales. Many of them are polluating the debate with idiot comments dressed as Analysis. Previously I warned you : « Arm Yourself with Knowledge and awareness ».


(CNN). – A jury has returned a mixed verdict in a sexual assault case at a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school.

Owen Labrie was found not guilty on the most serious charges — three felony counts — but guilty on five charges, including three of misdemeanor sexual assault.

He was also found guilty on a charge of using a computer to solicit a minor to commit an offense related to sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

At the time, the accuser was 15 and Labrie was 18. Labrie has since graduated.

The jury, made up of nine men and three women, deliberated for 7½ hours.

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The morning after.

Hidden persuaders fueling Egyptians high-scale manipulated mass demonstrations: the case of al jazeera’s reporters :

(CNN reports). « An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years in prison.

Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were present for the proceedings. Australian Peter Greste, who was freed in February, was sentenced in absentia.

The journalists were charged with aiding a terrorist organization — a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in Egypt after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsy amid mass protests against his rule in 2013 ».

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