Health care. Food or medicine ? The unhealthy choice in Kentucky.

In the state of Kentucky, ‘people roll the dice and pray they don’t get sick’ : Gov. Steve Beshear. Article of the NYT.

‘His  state ranks among the worst, if not the worst, in almost every major health category, including smoking, cancer deaths, preventable hospitalizations, premature death, heart disease and diabetes’

Tignore checkups that would catch serious conditions early. They put off doctor’s appointments, hoping a condition turns out to be nothing. And they live knowing that bankruptcy is just one bad diagnosis away.

Furthermore, their children go long periods without checkups that focus on immunizations, preventive care and vision and hearing tests. If they have diabetes, asthma or infected gums, their conditions remain untreated and unchecked.

For Kentucky as a whole, the negative impact is similar but larger — jacked-up costs, decreased worker productivity, lower quality of life, depressed school attendance and a poor image’.

Right now, 640,000 people in Kentucky are uninsured. That’s almost one in six Kentuckians.

Some 308,000 of Kentucky’s uninsured — mostly the working poor’.

Ohio, Arizona and Michigan seem to be following the same pattern mismatching the Big Starring character of their senators at Washington DC.

The Kentucky of Mitch McConnell, the filibuster-in-Chef is ranking worst than Ohio which is on the bottom file. The two Republicans leaders of the Senate Minority and the House Majority ‘s huge impact in Washington is in total contrast with the deadly and dreadful performances of the services due to the people.

Check the whole story at the NYT with this call  of Gov. Steve Beshear ‘My State Needs Obamacare. Now.’

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