Hello Brazil and Kong-Kong. Indirect universal suffrage is a fraudulent scheme. C.Y. Leung has lost legitimacy.

So, Brazil is voting for presidential elections. We wish the turnout to be high, as high as the lastest Scottish referendum, because democracy must be a Celebration and Greatly Honored. This is where we come together and resolve peacefully and fairly the matters opposing us. For that reason, each vote, each voice is absolutely essential.

Good luck to all the Brazilian candidates.

One man, one vote, the driving force of  HK’s protesters would never divide the nation, should the basic law in application in functioning democracies came to enforcement.


DSC_0554[1]First, he denied the people of Hong-Kong any right to protest which is a constitutional law Worldwide.

Second, he bowed down on his knees, after Beijing’s orders, to send the police in force with tear gas attacking the young people.

In the meantime, fortunately, fmr Secretary, Anson Chan explained us the ground of the problem. The basic law testifies Beijing is breaching the law. Clearly. She said.

Asked to resign, C.Y. Leung then conceded  to open a path for negotiation. Which kind of negotiation or talks ? Why didn’t he start there ? By the way, universal suffrage is not on  auction or a step by step process. Behind stances like « step by step process », you may find this strangeness going this way : some people of the World are considered inapt or non  adult for the vote.

Now, we are hearing the issuance of an ultimatum from C.Y. Leung directed to the young people on the streets who have untill Tuesday to leave the streets. Business must go on first.

Anson Chan was at the BBC today and she retiterated her points.

Is China breaking the contract ? She was asked. She said without a shadow of the doubt, « YES ». There is more and more Beijing interference and less and less autonomous rights for Hong-Kong. She stressed « Beijing can not give and take away at their pleasure ». « The basic law states black in white that elections must be an open process ».

DSC_0557[1]This is my favorite from Mr Chan (screen captures)  » Election is not a 100% guarantee, except a ripped election.

In France, 2012 presidential election was ripped. And guess what ? The scenario is about to repeat itself in the wake of 2017 next round. You’ll never guess who are behind that past and announced scam. The medias ; particularly the press newspapers. Which brings us back to an assertion underlined times ago « institutions are supposed to protect freedoms of the people and their rights to have a voice in chosing their leaders. What happens when they rigged the game ? » – What  happens when they got corrupt and subjugated to a non-elected obedience or panel : Hong-Kong gov allegiance to Beijing first at your detriment or here in France the collectif of journalists obeying their masters, the press newspapers’ holders who happen to be at random from zionists sphere of influence with its countless ramifications  (1)?

What happens when all the American Congress is under the same superstructure obedience, Israeli held, to the point that the Administration, since G. Bush is lending all the intelligence data to Israel concerning the Middle East so that Israel is  always edging the espionnage and war with American enabling ?

Who is governing in America ? Their congressmen or the zionism superstructure which bends  behaviors, thoughts and minds ? While president Obama is calling to end the unsustainable status quo in Gaza, Netanyahu is responding today in America, inside CNN studios facing Fareed Zakaria, « Israel will not negotiate with Hamas ». Previously, he said « Hamas and Isis were more of the same, including Hezbollah » and probably Iran.

The basic law’s interpretation goes like this for Israel :  you are under our zionism obedience, slavery and dictatorship or you are hunt and fired down.

Yet you may retaliate, those American congressmen are voted by universal suffrage, including their senators, contrary to France, where the indirect universal suffrage applies.

Here you get the point : if universal suffrage is not protecting you from other electoral cheatings, guess the scale of frauds without that minimum guarantee ?

Look, actually, the French press is pushing for the right-wing (not  » right-left » ; sorry) anti-immigration unique presidential programme to win the elections. It has been the game during the european session. Her president is less experienced than the sitting president the press had helped to reach power, lying to the french people, in the morning, in the midday and at noon, each day of the campaign. Even the polls went distorted to accomodate the scam. To give you an idea, it is as if British journalists, all of them, were backing the UKIP (Nigel Farage who even refused to sit with the french far right in the EU parliament) beyond reason to win the next May round.  Just to oppose a possible winning of former president Sarkozy, injustly treated by the medias in 2012 – during the rigged election – It gives you an idea of the  scope of cheatings on the basic law. Yet, right now, France is down in the grave, agonising each day more than the previous one.

Yet again, president Sarkozy’s experience, alike some high french profile politicians leaders, is in no way comparable to the lack of skills from the far-right wing. So what ?

Are French people masochists ? Beijing style like ?

Meanwhile french people are facing Hell in their everyday life. The cost of living is prohibitive, high pricing, low wages, no future in sight, hope has gone, huge unemployment, no banks to lend instead fees, high taxation rates, zero growth along with zero reform. Recently, a British entrepreneur noted this french despair visible bright clear for anyone honnest to see, and was met with criticism. He said « Gare du Nord », the loading point of the Shuttle guidance to UK is a dirty miserable pot never seen elsewhere in the western world ». It gives you an idea of the inquisition within a society ruled by universal suffrage. Imagine places living without universal suffrage or its hijacked  declination. A Great misery indeed.

But the journalists’ pact don’t mind. What matters to them is the show of power in chosing the Prince. As Prince makers, they hold the whole french society in hostages and most of the time backwards, due to their prophylactic measurement stand on the road of excellency. It works like a pestilential scheme. I’m reading the Plague by Albert Camus. Hence, the term « prophylactic measures » to fight the outbreak in Oran (Algeria) were the story took place. Naturally, any resemblance with today’s Ebola reality is a mere coincidence.

Less democracy is the best caution for mediocrity. For instance, the former financial and economic french minister who lamentably failed to deliver is now running as a potential EU fiscal supervisor. The bonus of failure is something you’ll witness only where the basic law is down ruthlessly. Democracy is the only thing that makes people and rulers accountable.

Let’s break away this scam : universal suffrage can’t be indirect. This is contradictory.

It is either one man, one vote or a confiscation of power by a panel acting with strenght and thefts.

With this kind of non democratically elected panel – under indirect universal suffrage solely- how can its president or Secretary, elect, under this sect, be legitime ? I invite you to throw a glance at the new  french Senate President elect, under « indirect universal suffage », the sect.  It is a joke ! I’m talking about the ideology behind the election. The background of the story is even more hilarious.

We have seen the adults joining their voice  with the gov in calling for the returning into normalcy. Which means, business as usual and economy first. The generational gap is an aggravating circumstance. it doesn’t help.

Delaying this Democracy fight to another time, as C.Y. Leung is pressing you to is not a solution. If you miss the opportunity today, then tomorrow or years ahead, it will become more and more difficult.

Freedom can’t wait. It is like the air you breathe. It is like the life you enjoy, a gift of God, not of C.Y. Leung or of Beijing. You are not half-alive, so why could you be half-freedom ?

By the way Money or business are not incompatible with democracy. Beijing can agree on that eventhough, this is not its way of doing business abroad, particularly in Africa, where their favorite game is opacity and cautioning the cheating Constitution of rigging elections in Africa.

This is also a wake-up call to Beijing to change its conception of doing business far away of democracy and transparency.

Allowing Hong-Kong to chose its leaders is common sense and the road of modernity for Beijing also.

Beijing has qualified your revolt as a domestical business for Hong Kong. So the  ball is on C.Y. Leung camp. The choice for him is quite simple : either he quits or agrees with you. Beijing will not kill him twice. He is already dead.

To end with, Democracy is a positive sum game : everybody wins.


Bulgaria was also voting today to renew its parliament

GERB Wins Most Votes in Bulgaria Snap Vote, Seven Parties to Enter Parliament – Exit Poll


(1) One of those ramifications is gay marriage. I didn’t have to mention it and I was not intending either. But, on Monday, see what happens : « Supreme Court Clears Way for Gay marriage in 5 States« . 2 days only after this article. Frankly, gays can get married ; life will continue on Earth, as long as they would be straight couples and babies. So Humanity is not at risk for homosexuality, but because of wars, Ebola’s outbreaks and poverty.  I don’t feel like gay marriage can give insomnia to anyone. Time for it is behind us. It is up to everybody to act inside or around his or her family to save the children. The rest belongs to God’s willing. There are two many divisive issues today that gay marriage, compared to the treacherous road towards bailing eurozone economy out, is a tiny issue.