Hi. Macron election has failed short in bringing change around. French People still need to sort it out during the parliamentaries due by 11 to 18 June.

FRANCE. You thought everything was all right with Macron electoral coup in France ? You were wrong. It was just the beginning of a remake of the stolen race serial.

François Fillon was trapped by a gang of fake news that succeeded in manipulating the Justice System. Nobody knows whether it was a plot or a joke. What is for sure is 2012 coup against the former IMF managing director, Dominique Strauss Kahn, in NYC has repeated itself in 2017.

This time the target was François Fillon. He was stoned to political death by the socialist gang acting on behalf of the Justice System.

Unfortunately to Mr. Macron, he was not that strong winner he thought he would be.

Having no parliamentary, his party is a new creature dating back to only one year,  his challenge is huge. He is dreaming his new board of parliamentaries, becoming lawmakers overnight, some of them knowing nothing about the Law, will be enough to set a Majority.

Mission Impossible.

Ungovernability or Cohabitation is looming.

Ungovernability can lead to a situation of political chaos.

Cohabitation is the alternative to that instability.

Hold on !


AMERICA. At last, the president is launching an investigation over voters frauds during the 2016 presidential election that led to an imaginary plus 3 million popular votes for his opponent. Check it out ! Undocumented people voted ; some files were wipped off, many couldn’t vote due to harassment and polls shortages or severe limitations or poor organisations….