Holland-Costa Rica. Robben and Navas, the key factors. I love you both.

Yesterday’s world cup’s matches revealed two terrible goalkeepers. One from Mexico’s team, Ochoa and the hero of Costa-Rica/Greece mano a mano fight, Sir Navas Keylor. Keylor like Key Lord. And, indeed, he Lorded the Greek penalty with authority, punching it out of the cage. From all the arrests he has authored in his career, this was Golden. Costa Rica is blessed having him as Goal. Ultimately, Keylor is the Key Factor of this team.

This sends me back to the French team, at the time of Zidane and Barthès ; a time when France defense was deemed strong. At that time, even if French was not scoring – without Zidane on the playing field – you could’nt score France either, because of Barthès, the wall.

Watch out, France is on board today for the quarter final. First, the team has got a barrier : Nigeria. I apologize to France, but tonight, I’m Nigerian and German, as yesterday I was Dutch. As the clock was approaching the 90’s mn, I laughed at myself  “so, Ochoa is going to win this”? Come on You People. And just as if, the players could listen me, Schneidjer shot a bullet in the goal at a distance. The shooting was perfect and pure stylish. This is art.

The moment after, you got Mr. Robben, the unstoppable : he is fast and genuine. After playing it South -American, he disturbed the Mexican defense and got the penalty the referee didn’t grant him before under an indisputable fault inside the penalty area. Huntelaar took the responsibility of finishing the job.

Mexico played well. But, in the end, realism and experience were Dutch. If, either Mexico and Costa Rica have had that successful journeys, it is mainly for the quality of their Goalkeepers able to stop nearly every shot.  A nightmare for the attackers of the opposite side.

Algeria/Germany. Algeria is hungry of another victory as a Lion. Yet, here also, I bet on Germany’s experience and solidity. I can lose, this is not the question. It’s just a gamble.

France/Nigeria. I bet on Nigerian win. Here, I confess the betting is more of a wish. This will turn Marine Le pen red of rage. She has pinned “double nationality” as a disturbance leading to Algerians’ vandalism in France, each time Algeria football team is playing an international competition, whether they are the winner or not. She said : Algerians living in France should be stripped of double nationality and summoned to chose one : either Algerian or French. She expressed her abused feelings over public destructions perpetrated by French-algerians living in France, stressing, they are the only citizens concerned with those overwhelming degradations.

The question is « if only french-algerians » are the only double nationals hitting French pavements  – mainly in Paris, Lyon and Marseille – ready for a fight, is it double nationality fault or is this tellingly of something else, an authentic French economist and historian, Fernand Braudel  – not the copist alter ego kawking a book actually internationally –  has designated as « the importation of the colonial fact(or) in France » ? Le fait colonial, in French.

You don’t need to come out of Harvard to opt for the second explanation. That colonialist factor consists in building an invisible wall between White French or europeans and Immigrants whatever their color of skin. The consequences of this systematic separation are layed down for every one to see on Education, economy, equality of chances to succeed and fullfil your dreams, on housing… everywhere.

« Dare to dream » is a word of Christine Lagarde’s speech in Mexico. In France, this translates in Dare not to Dream. What is left when you can no longer dream ? Despair, destruction and even self-destruction.


In a previous post, I underlined that sport and politics or economy and even social and history are interlinked as parts of one Civilisation. The same values operating on one field impact and inform the other parts of the civilisation. For instance, the more Politicians are cheating on Democratic ruling, the more disgracious faults you witness on the soccer team : from biting to pulling the maillot ; from elbowings to severe kicks aiming at hurting. All this to score or to impeach the adversary to do so. The ruling applying here is “the end justifies the means”.

You can draw many conclusions from this. If everyone of us applies his own rules, then fear for the worst. For a while FIFA just threw a blind eye at this. It’s said that Pele’s carrier was brought down by an European player whose mission was to break Pele’s leg and the mission went successful. This player made his career, after Pele was out and enduring suffering.  At the time, Pele was black and his faith was secondary compared to the White man stand.

How can you halt a career of another player by inflicting him severe injury and keep on playing soccer ?

How can the FIFA tolerate the laser flash in the Russian Goal keeper’s eyes during the match ? What about the referee ? This incident should not go unchecked. It is extremely serious. Someone must be sanctioned including the author of those flashes. But guess what, when it comes to Arabic grounds, corruption, fear and poor geopolitics interfered in such a way that hinders FIFA from acting, as the body itself is fully compromised with all those topics. In a sense, sanctioning an Arabic team at this stage is a sensible issue FIFA is totally afraid of the consequences. But this is not ruling. Luis Suares has been sanctioned. Why him only ?

Two weights, two different measurements. The worst ever. This unfair game  against Russia is not helping Algerian soccer team reputation. Sorry.

Last about the World Cup. Shakira is announced to be performing during the good bye ceremony and see you at Qatar, to come. Jennifer Lopez closed the opening ceremony. My question is why was Shakira doing in South Africa’s overture in 2010 ? Performing on a Cameroonian song « Zangalewa » renamed  Waka Waka ? Who made such a nonsense choice ? Look, in reference of « the importation of the colonial factor », Africa is poorminded each time it comes to international events’ coverage and dealings.

First, you have noticed the tendancy of White coaching for african football teams. At the same time, you saw south american coachs for south american teams. Thus that other question why can’t you see a Nigerian coach leading a cameroonian team ? When will the Neger Factor ends its ridiculous choices and course of inferiority ?

Africa has those tremendous singers such as Angelique Kodjo and many many many others. Calling Shakira to perform an african song in an African soil was an ultimate insult to the African people. Zuma has messed it.

Culture of inauthenticity amounts to a crime. The clip below is a parody of colonialism and its military order in Africa. The uniform, the helmet and the  sequence of military parade : all those elements are portraying the Big Lying Stage of colonialism. So, the bottoms of the singers are inflated on purpose to say just this :« colonialism : my asses ».

 Note of the editor. Important to notice that, actually, I’m still leaving in France. I’m receiving many invitations at many events and ground supports from abroad. I appreciate that. Here is it : when the times of physically presence comes, you’ll be the first to know, particularly knowing that I’ll therefore be looking for a place to stay and, right now, every hand or advice could make a huge difference for me and will be appreciate at its right level. I’m thinking at Detroit writer’s villages and asking myself whether the proposal of the Town is still running.


 Moment of Truth: “Fascism As It Is” in Ukraine

Global Research, June 29, 2014
We bring to the attention of GR readers a film by Russian TV journalist, author and host of the “Moment of Truth” Andrei Karaulov

“Ukrainian fascism.” The film is dedicated to the tragic events in Ukraine. Go to GR.

The film’s title refers to the classic tape Mikhail Romm’s “Ordinary Fascism.”

In an interview with IA “Tatar-Inform” Andrei Karaulov said that work on the movie began 10 days ago.

“It turns out, there is still no documentary in our country, which would gather together at least some of the crimes that occurred in the south-east of Ukraine in April, May and June this year. Here we have done the job. And the most important thing in this film, of course, no questions asked Karaulova, and the testimony of those witnesses (over 10 people), who found the courage and strength to tell the truth, having gone through hell in Mariupol, Odessa, etc. “- he said .

The film is intended for Europe, United States, United Nations.

“I talked with the Foreign Minister of the country, and asked him for help – to make it look the ambassadors of all countries in the UN. Those ambassadors who have a conscience and a genuine interest in the events that are currently taking place in the People’s Republic of Donetsk “- said the journalist.

On Monday, June 23 disc with pictures will be on the table at the UN Secretary General. Andrei Karaulov also able to contact the Chief of Staff to Barack Obama and to deliver a letter and drive to U.S. President saw the movie and voiced his opinion on it. A similar request by the picture appealed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“All Western media accredited in Moscow, ignored not only the picture, but that came to the show specifically leader Donetsk Republic, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the DNI Dennis Pushilin. Afraid to look! “- Said Andrei Sentries.