Hong-Kong. Democracy is not a choice, but a fact. Hang on it.

DSC_0429As people of Hong-Kong are opposing the selective electoral rule by Beijing, holding a sitting on a business highway, CNN is relaying on the reaction of — Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung on city protests: « China will not compromise to the illegal threats of some people. » « Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung urges pro-democracy protesters to call off action for the sake of public safety ».

If, on one hand, the people of Hong-Kong are considering « democracy in not negotiable » and the answer of Beijing’s representant is « no compromise », where do we go from here ? The blockade is total. The fact is,  it is not about « compromission » or « negotiation »  ; it is about Civilisation. It is about Humanity.

Article number one of the Human Rights Constitution quotes : « we are all born free and equal in rights ». This sentence is related to Civilisation.

To Humanity, freedom is attached with the process of Creation, Conception and Birth. Which explains why every human being is kind of a sanctuary. Every Human Being is created out of God image. As such, freedom is not a gift by Civilisation, but a gift of God to each of us, as kind of Heavens’ descendants.

This goes beyond any authority on Earth and Beijing is not an exception. Hong Kong doesn’t need a transitional period of time to accomodate Democracy. Before Beijing is thinking to land the place « Democracy », Hong-Kong, through « British Imperialistic Law », was there long time ago. Hong-Kong people know the rule of democracy, this is not something new to them.

What Beijing is asking them is a returning back one hundred years ago, when their rulers were appointed by Great Britain.

People of Hong-Kong, let me give you two reasons why you should not be intimidated.

The first one is, whatever we might think of British guardianship in its old colonies, the British colonisation was always accompanied with the emancipation of local people and economic development which, in turn, led those territories, under British law, to a genuine spatial planning and building.

Africa showcases the two colonialist systems : the french and the british. Territories under French colonialism earned very little, from French colonialism, compared to British colonialism.  On the exception of Algeria, considered French, France has left its colonies in desolation. Nothing consistent was built, everything was in shambles and tumbling. South and Eastern Africa, under British colonialist rule emerged ahead of Central Africa and West, under French colonialism. Inside western African nations, Ghana and Nigeria are exceptions, precisely because they were under British guardianship. Sadly, Nigeria has declined a lot. This is not British ruling responsibility, but Nigerian highly successive corrupt leadership, since the nation was granted Independence.

Hong-Kong. Take care of a corrupt leadership and leaders : they will always fooled you. Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung is wrong, because he is trying to backtrack Hong-Kong.

Don’t forget:  Amateurism in politics is a highway of woes for a nation.

Second example, in Africa again, is Beijing mines exploration hand-by-hand with African presidents,  most of whom have been there by cheating elections, using all means at disposal. The latest row concerns « the manipulation of the Constitution », raised here before as a warning for you to keep you on alert. It is a secret to none of us that Africa is now under Beijing rough exploitation, in the name of Business and Beijing marching in on top of the World Economy.

Coincidentally, Congoleses  have taken to the streets to prevent the sitting president from another attempt to falsify the Constitution. This Congolese president is a close ally of Chinese – who sold out lot of miners to Chinese when Congolese are facing huge unemployment and Congolese themselves are bared from the business. China dirty business in Africa thrives at the detriment of Democracy in Africa. The Republic of Congo subsoil is extra rich of all sorts of raw material : cobalt, an essential piece of Iphones and smartphones comes from there. While Apple, Samsung and so forth are piling dollars with shovels, – see the latest arrogant success of Iphone 6, after 2, 3, 4  5 etc… – 45 to 48 % of African people live under the poverty line meaning less than 2 dollars a day. This is scandalous.

That is why it is imperative to nationalize all the mining fields within Africa  – a key tool – including the De Boers diamond’s historical hijacking in South Africa, traveling to Anvers, (Belgium) and from there to theJewellry financial and design markets. The chain starts in Africa and ends at the stock markets around the World with huge profits from everybody except African people. Actually, China is extracting diamonds in Cameroon and Central Africa on both parts of their shared frontier. Cameroonians are not been told a word of that secret deal. Where on earth is that money flowing to ? Shocking ! 

It looks like Beijing is going to spare nothing to get there, ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Among them, sacrifying democracy, as Beijing is doing in Africa is the least of their concerns. When you sacrify democracy, you walk on the people, indecently. That is exactly what China is doing in Africa, walking OVER the Heads of African people who, consequently, have zero say in the business of their countries savagley exploited by Beijing, on total impunity.

Put simply, Beijing has and is renewing Slavery in Africa along with its desks of spices, species and slaves. Don’t let it be in Hong-Kong.

Concerning species, CNN is reporting over the appalling decline of animal populations in Africa and in South America. Whereas in South America, deforestation is responsible, in Africa the casaulty is multiple. Take the elephants for instance, their extreme decline is due to poaching for their Ivory. China has been spotted as the first market and smuggling place for this criminal business. African nations are unable to regulate hunting and to eradicate poaching. A curiosity. Incompentence after irresponsibility of African leadership are holding African nations behind. China is prospering on those African woes.




The expression « not a choice, but a fact » is inspired by Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy’s comeback speech characterizing the relationship between France and Germany, inside the eurozone. He said to France, inside Europe, « Germany is not a choice, but a fact ». They have started the journey together ; so must they pursue the route tied to each one.

What is at stake is the sitting french president, François Hollande, would like Germany to give priority to bailout as a growth booster tool – french governement calls it policies favoring growth and recovery. For Germany, this is out of question. Having experienced the road of economic reforms as a preamble to anything else, German authorities are committed and inviting all the eurozone members to follow this successful path they underwent previously, at the time of the reunification of the two parts of Germany. It took 10 nightmarish years to see the end of the tunnel.

Faithful to their reputation, French gov are not taking the road of reforms, as Spain or Italy did. Instead, by asking a plan for recovery vs austerity (according to them), they are omitting to tell the truth. They had to, for the matter worth questioning the real value of the euro as a currency valued above its real worth. The euro currency is indexed on its diplomatic value or on its demography. At the origin, the calculation went that simple : we represent 600 to 700 hundred people of the World, more than America. Consequently, our currency must worth more than the dollar, because all our economies reunited best American.

Do you agree ? I doubt so. This is pure arithmetic, far very far from truly Worldwide economic balances. With this rationale, India or China or Indonesia could claim the pole economic position.

Neverthless, French gov is hesitating to put the question plain on the table. Here is it : Devaluation. Why not  devaluated the euro to allow a respite of the eurozone economic area by making the zone competitive ? Hot topic for another scenario inside the eurozone.

To this question, Germany has already put its departure on the balance. Without Germany, the eurozone becomes an  empty pot. Remember, Nature abhors a vacuum. (Book)

This is an interesting topic for Students in Hong-Kong. Watch out and stay on alert.