Hooliganism and racism. Justice for Ebosse murdered by Algerian soccer fans. American global War for oil.

Atlanta. Times ago, the cameroonian football player died in Algeria. We were told his death was caused by a projectile thrown by  the fans. An autopsy conducted by a cameronian doctor is telling another story : Ebosse was beaten to death. Many injuries including broken cervicales and clavicles and a hole in the crane are signs of a fight in the aftermath of the game, probably inside the locker room.

Cameroon has sent a request to Algeria for clarity over the killing of a player which violated the terms of players transferts. Even though the Algerian federation has been already sanctionned, this murder must be punished to the full extent of the law, including a consequent indemnity both to the family and the cameroonian federation.

Shame on the Algerian people who let this horrible thing happened.

Read El Watan recap on what looks like a cover up of an assassination.


1. From CNN.

At least 116 Boko Haram fighters and a Cameroonian soldier killed during Wednesday attack, says Cameroon state TV.

– Boko Haram insurgents kidnapped at least 185 women and children, killing 32 in northeastern Nigeria, local officials say.

2. Normalisation of US-Cuba’s relationship, after half a century of US embargo. Cubans are thrilled. American political class is divided over the deal excluding HR’s conditionality. The cynical link between Cuba’s relief and Russian sanctions is a truism. Throttling Russian economy may look less inhumane and injust if, on the other hand, Cuba is normalized. By the same token, Venezuela is downed. Oil and gas nation producers are the new targets for the American new war of oil.

Nigeria can go hell with Boko Haram’s harassment. It is good for oil business prices going down and down.

Algeria can go Hell either.

Russia can stop breathing.

So should Venezuela go.

The global war for oil America has engaged to sell its oil and  be the number one on the sector is a big game changer either for the environment and for peace and stability in the World.

3 – What is Jeb BUSH going to bring in the pot ? We are eager to see the next move and change.


Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said Thursday that the global oil price slump was temporary, adding that it was impossible for OPEC to cut output alone to reverse the plunge without the support of other producers.

“It is difficult, or even impossible, for Saudi Arabia or OPEC to undertake any measure that would lead to a reduction in (their) share of the market and an increase in that of non-OPEC producers,” said Ali Al-Naimi.Speaking to the SPA, he said while OPEC’s output had not changed in years, production by non-OPEC nations “has been increasing constantly.”

He added that price fluctuations “are normal” for commodities. He said OPEC sought last month, as in the past, cooperation from other non-OPEC nations but “those efforts were not successful.” Russia has said it would not cut production even if prices fell below $60 per barrel.“

The situation that we and the world currently face is temporary,” said the minister, citing a combination of factors including slower global growth, increased supply, and reduced demand for oil.“

The global economy, particularly the economies of emerging countries, will resume growth steadily, and then demand for oil will also grow.” (+ go to Eurasiareview).

5 – Putin Says Russia’s Economic Woes Will Be Over in Two Years

6 – « The strenght of Russia is not its rouble but its spirituality ». Quote by Depardieu.

7 –  ENVIRONMENT DAMAGES. The Fukushima Endgame: The Radioactive Contamination of the Pacific Ocean

Global Research, December 17, 2014
Nuclear radiation resulting from the March 2011 Fukushima disaster which threatens life on planet earth is not front page news in comparison to the most insignificant issues of public concern, including the local level crime scene or the tabloid gossip reports on Hollywood celebrities.

The shaky political consensus both in Japan, the U.S. and Western Europe is that the crisis at Fukushima has been contained.

The truth is otherwise. Known and documented, the ongoing dumping of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential trigger to a process of global radioactive contamination.

This water contains plutonium 239 and its release into the Ocean has both local as well as global repercussions. A microgram of plutonium if inhaled, according to Dr. Helen Caldicott, can cause death:

Certain isotopes of radioactive plutonium are known as some of the deadliest poisons on the face of the earth. A mere microgram (a speck of darkness on a pinhead) of Plutonium-239, if inhaled, can cause death, and if ingested, radioactive Plutonium can be harmful, causing leukemia and other bone cancers.

“In the days following the 2011 earthquake and nuclear plant explosions, seawater meant to cool the nuclear power plants instead carried radioactive elements back to the Pacific ocean. Radioactive Plutonium was one of the elements streamed back to sea.” (decodescience.com).

It would appear that the radioactive water has already penetrated parts of the Japanese coastline:

Environmental testing of shoreline around the nuclear plant (as well fish, especially Tuna) showed negligible amounts of Plutonium in the seawater. The Plutonium, from what little is reported, sank into the sediments off the Japanese coast.” (Ibid)

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