« I believe in You »: Barack Obama alias Don Williams.

Friend — I want you to know how proud I am

The progress we’ve made over the past seven years has been incredible. I want you to know how proud I am of the work we’ve done together.

We’ve come a long way since 2009, when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month and unemployment was on its way to 10 percent. Now, unemployment is 5 percent. In 2015, the auto industry had its best year ever. Over the past six years, America has created 14.4 million new jobs, including nearly 900,000 new manufacturing jobs after a decade of industry decline.

For the first time ever, more than 90 percent of Americans have health insurance. And in every single month since I signed the Affordable Care Act into law, American businesses have created jobs right here in the U.S. — for a record 73 straight months of private-sector job growth.

Since I took office, we’ve cut our reliance on foreign oil by more than half, and we’ve tripled the power we generate from wind. America now generates 30 times more solar power than we did in 2009, and we are leading the world in the fight against climate change. That is progress.

We should be proud of what we’ve achieved together as a nation. This kind of progress is only possible because of people like you — people who believe that America is greater when we stand together than when we are divided. It’s because of organizers and volunteers like those at OFA, who don’t stop moving forward, who keep working to make their communities better, that we’re able to accomplish so much as a nation.

That work matters, especially now. And we need people like you to get involved.

OFA is one of the groups fighting for a better path forward for all Americans — and you can add your name to say you’ll join the fight.

The best community organizers — the ones engaging their communities and doing the hard work of active citizenship — remind us that what we have in common is far more important than what divides any of us. Because when people participate, when people get involved, that’s when America works best. That’s when change really happens.

Right now, cynics and obstructionists in Congress want to roll back the progress we’ve made by playing on fears and letting special interests write their own rules. We need to keep standing together, making our voices heard, so that we can continue investing in the future and build on what we’ve already accomplished.

Whether it’s working on family and paid leave, early education, raising the minimum wage, or any of the other important fights we’re facing, we’re going to keep fighting. I’ve got nine months left in this office, and I’m going to squeeze out every last ounce of change I can with the time I have left. And I need you to get involved.

I hope you’ll stand with OFA supporters in continuing the fight for change — add your name today:


Thanks — I believe in you.

Barack Obama


Here is the story of « I believe in you ». The president entourage and the medias are walking hand-in-hand into complicity and duplicity. Always talking double-language and sending hidden messages concerning my intimacy and bedroom’s affairs – oh la la Mr President ! Not You. Some people are making a fixation on me. Spy, spy and spy… what is going to stay in the end, after repeating more of the same things : the baby story, the womb, sterility, bed intercourses, the belly, the penis and…. whatelse? Repeat it all day long with the media, my brother. Is the president waiting a baby ? After all, we are both 50 plus. If this is the case, we can’t wait to know  everything about the pregnancy.

We except me. Gossip is not my cup of tea.

Again, some things have been made, but the corrupt and cannibalist matrix is digging the soil beneath those « progress ». That is the reason why people are about to explode in rage.

⇒ Read here for instance. Press Release: IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Turkmenistan.

Now question. How do you give credit to the process consisting in sending messages of insult behind political correctness. The code bears a name : political experience.

⇒State of the Union. « I believe in you » (Barack Obama) – The White House is my best follower. I’m deeply honored.

⇒2016 presidential race. Where has gone the American dream ? Hooliganism is leading this election. 

——Read the Indiana Song on the issue of superdelegates pledges. A total nonsense-—–

At this stage of the race, it is worth reminding that we are not talking  about my personal life or privacy or intimacy or physical appearance, but of Public Affairs and only that. I know that the mediocres are leading the World and gov, but the story of my privacy is now looking as a coverage, a shelter for blatant absence of proposals and credible arguments.

You can easily understand Why the United States Always Loses Its Wars ?

America needs a new hardware to think anew and bold… If its citizens’ brain damages are not irreversible.

When History will judge this legacy, I’m afraid, historians are not going to talk about babies, but facts from 2008 to 2016. Things like the respect of Democracy on the letter and spirit, the respect of the voice of the people the battle for superdelegates will soon shed a ligt onto.


Ron Paul: Drafting Women Means Equality In Slavery – OpEd

A military draft is one of — if not the — worst violations of individual rights committed by modern governments. The draft can also facilitate the growth of the warfare state by lowing the cost of militarism. All those who value peace, prosperity, and liberty must place opposition to the draft at the top of their agenda.

Will women be forcibly sent to war? Who is/are the womanizer ?


⇒ Die Welt: Six EU States Urge Extension of Schengen Internal Border Controls.


The closure of the Western Balkan migration route to Germany and Sweden and the start of sending back migrants and refugees from Greece to Turkey under a deal between the EU and Ankara reached in March have significantly reduced the number of migrants reaching central and western Europe. Yet, the number of migrants arriving in Greece and Italy by sea has increased in the first four months of 2016, compared to a year earlier, according to data from the International Organisation for Migration.

Is this echoing Trump’s politics on immigration, the Mexico wall set apart ?

About the deleted credo petition.

Is Credo wearing disguisements or are they kind of underdogs for some hidden promotion ? If you are looking for a place to promote vulgarity and to auction your privacy to exacerbate voyeurism of people suffering from poor affection, then this is not the right place to post or to ask. We are not selling either penis nor prostitutes. There are shops for that.
Familiar affairs or couples break-up are not something exceptional or to cry on the roofs of the World. We owe to become Adults, not those slaves and kids the hidden agents of criminality worming here and there would like the people to be. Never beleive some obscure stories. Some desperate medias will scrawl to get through my eyes. I’m not interested in rubbish and double-faces. If you would like to sell something, sell it cash, don’t resort to Chicago woes to sell a non-topic. The method is not my cup of tee, eventhough it is a resilient brand from desperate outlets.