I got a feeling.

Sisters and Brothers –

At midnight tonight we will have to turn in our numbers from our final fundraising deadline before the critical primaries in April. A lot of people in the corporate media and other establishment types are trying to call this race for Secretary Clinton. They want us to drop out. They want to be able to say, “oh Bernie’s fundraising is slowing down.” But we’re going to prove them wrong today.

Last month we raised an unbelievable $43.5 million from working people giving just a little bit each online. If we were to raise more money by the end of this month at midnight tonight, it would send an unmistakable message to the media and the establishment: we are going to win this campaign and the White House.

That’s why we’re setting a big goal today to reach more than $43.5 million by midnight’s FEC deadline. Contribute now to help us get there:

Make a $3 contribution and help us reach a huge goal of raising $43.5 million in March before tonight’s critical FEC fundraising deadline.

Contribute to our campaign today to help us match our February fundraising numbers

We started today having raised more than $39 million in March from more than 1.5 million individual contributions. I have no idea if we can reach our goal by midnight. But if we do, it will not only send an unmistakable message about the size and strength of our movement — it will also ensure we have the resources to win this Democratic primary. That’s why your $3 contribution before midnight is so important.

When we started this campaign we were at about 3 percent in the polls and Secretary Clinton was beating us by 60 points. We have come a long way.

Now we are coming to some very important primaries and caucuses over the next weeks in Wisconsin, Wyoming and New York. That’s why your contribution right now is so important. Please help us reach our goal:

Add a $3 contribution so that we can meet our goal and astonish the media and political establishments and send an unmistakable message about the strength of our movement.

Thank you for standing with me.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Copie de presstitute (2)The presstitute of the day, inside a rat institution.

Columnist March 30 at the WP. Car Wash. Nobody is really interested by some bitches, except some little bits. A woman roaming inside other women  bedrooms are shits.
Now the gang of rats can come around to help the bitch. By the way, how many children the prostitute got so that we can go on listening fraudulently at their conversations in the kitchen with her daughter and son. M6 is one of those craps. I have a feeling with a green sport balloon, the size of my belly. Prostitutes are time bombs.
Nique ta mère in french means fuck you ! That is the explainer of the « Nick ».  It is real cowardice and shit to organize to terrorize or to insult without coming out frankly. It is easy to resort to and to hide behind an institution to enter other people homes and privacy to see the body and listen everything , while hiding and protecting your house.
If she is such a great thing, bring us your home adress here and  then everybody will feel  free to enter it and to inspect something to publish.
My son’s first name is Jeff (Abel Williams) and my second daughter’s is Lyse-Claudia. The first one is Alice Nadine. Now, everybody can build a story around, as the WH did yesterday, sending me an email from a Robert – my uncle alter ego… or around David, my father, and so forth…(1) More on the topic.

Bernie Sanders for President

Hitting our midnight goal will shock the establishment and help us win Wisconsin

Sisters and Brothers – Bernie doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. There are no oligarchs waiting in the wings to save us.

If we are going to win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, it’s going to be because millions of Americans have come together to say they have had ENOUGH of billionaires buying our candidates and elections.

It’s still a long shot, but it looks like we have a chance to reach our goal of raising more money from individual, small-dollar contributions in March than we did last month. And if you add a $3 contribution before our critical midnight deadline, I think we’ll get there.

Contribute to our campaign today to help us match our February fundraising numbers

When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance in the world. They said our ideas were « radical, » that we were a « fringe » campaign not to be taken seriously. They said there was no way we’d be able to compete with the millionaires and billionaires lined up to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But what we are doing on this campaign is proving the doubters wrong, and we are doing it time and time again.

We’ve won six of our last seven contests and have a chance to do very well in Wisconsin on Tuesday night. The political establishment and financial elite in this country are dead set on stopping our momentum. But if we continue to stand together, we are going to win.

Make a $3 contribution to our campaign before our critical midnight FEC fundraising deadline and we are going to hit our goal and do very well in Wisconsin.

Reaching this goal would send a very powerful message to everyone paying attention (and there are A LOT of people paying attention) that not only are we not going anywhere, but we are going to win.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Bernie Sanders for President

– I don’t think I’m too far off to say that this is a headline few in the political establishment would have thought possible even a couple months ago:

Bernie Sanders outraises Hillary Clinton for third month straight; aims to win Wisconsin on Tuesday

If we all pull together today, we could wake up to that headline tomorrow. And based on the response already today, I think it’s very possible. These are all real contributions from folks who chipped in earlier for tonight’s final FEC fundraising deadline before Wisconsin and New York vote.

These are contributions that our supporters have made to our campaign. Join them by adding your contribution now.

Let’s be real: at the beginning of this contest, it wasn’t really a fair fight. We were up against an opponent with millionaires, billionaires, super PACs, and a good chunk of Wall Street in her corner.

What we’ve proven is that millions of people standing together in a political revolution can take on the billionaire class. And when we hit our goal tonight, we are going to send a powerful message to those who have yet to vote that we have what it takes to defeat the billionaire class in this election. That’s why we have to ask:

Can Bernie count on you to make a $3 contribution for tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline? You can do that here.

Every single contribution we receive before midnight should be seen as a declaration of support for the values we share. People should not underestimate us.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


DSC_0363Among the values we share is the reinstatement of The People inside the political and electoral process, as The Right Barometer.

Among those values is the emergency of blowing out revolving doors between Medias corps and the Pentagon or the gov and Wall Street and vice-versa.

Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie – OpEd


Wait a minute. Last Tuesday, Sanders won 78 percent of the vote in Idaho and 79 percent in Utah. This past Saturday, he took 82 percent of the vote in Alaska, 73 percent in Washington, and 70 percent in Hawaii.

In fact, since March 15, Bernie has won six out of the seven Democratic primary contests with an average margin of victory of 40 points. Those victories have given him roughly a one hundred additional pledged delegates.

Bernie is outpacing Hillary Clinton in fundraising. In February, he raised $42 million (from 1.4 million contributions, averaging $30 each), compared to her $30 million. In January he raised $20 million to her $15 million.


Spain: Rajoy Says Europe And Latin America Should Work Together For Freedom And Democracy

This is the outcome of Brother and Father Fidel Castro analysis. Watch our previous post.


Democracy in South America again : Brazil. Is Sister Presidente Dilma Rousseff about to be destitute or impeach after her Parliamentary majority’s break up ? (Read El Watan)


Is The Pentagon auditable or out-of-touch?  Question.

Credo Action is petitioning to Tell Congress: Audit the Pentagon

Tell your member of Congress:
“Co-sponsor Rep. Barbara Lee’s Audit the Pentagon Act. Defense and military spending deserve the same scrutiny as other government programs.”

Dear Elise,

Over $1 trillion for a fighter jet that’s been in production for over a decade that has yet to see the light of day, and $150 million spent on private villas in Afghanistan for a “handful of staff and visitors” — those are just two examples of the waste, fraud, and abuse that led a story from U.S. News and World Report to call this the “Golden Age of Pentagon Waste.”1

The Department of Defense (DOD) receives more than half of the country’s entire discretionary budget — an astounding $500 billion in taxpayer money per year. But unlike other government agencies, the DOD is the only government agency that cannot be audited, and it has never produced a financial statement that can pass an independent audit.

Stand with Rep. Barbara Lee: Tell Rep. Donna F. Edwards to co-sponsor the Audit the Pentagon Act. Click here to sign the petition.

Revolving doors are like bi-sexuality. Now is the time for black and white couples everywhere. All of the sudden. Using black shadows and umbrellas has always been deeply helpful to fill the holes.

The morning after.

The morning after (April,1), another press prostitute gave us the address of her sister-in-law : Hell. Perfect.
Now, Try to imagine worms and mouses and stray dogs walking inside your flats, wearing invisible veils, just to suck you blood and creativity and a World without those parasites.
Try to imagine that those cockroaches can reach the WH or the Pentagon or WS – using the easy corrupt and prostituted revolving doors good for the mediocres – to piss their venon on YOU and YOU are precisely there : Hell. How did I forget it ? It was a truism. More than an evidence.
Free the World from those Hellish inhabitants imposture, using their vultures appetite as their unique weapon. Look at the sky, vultures always suck in bands and they can smell the blood at a very long distance. For sure, they can go Hell. Their contribution to the society is zero or down zero.
I’m talking to them just to point out and underline what needs to be changed in emergency. Make no mistake, this gang of vultures is supporting Hillary using fraudulent methods. It is in their nature to be a permanent fraud. This has been the rule for over 50 years. There is no brighter proof of it than the way those democratic primaries and caucuses has been ill-designed and hell-planned to favor the inevitable candidate, candidate for every public office like Vulture. Behind her, was the gang of medias terrorists, tech terrorists and financial corps holding the medias and tech societies. This is the RED CIRCLE. And you wander why atmosphere is irrespirable and why you are choke hold. It was and it is a democratic HOLD-UP. The bad news is the Hold-up has failed.
Now that the gangs of vultures including advertisers have failed their Big Hold-Up mission, the only weapon at their disposal is to attack me personally, members of my families, my health care, to laugh at my mother and father’s death. Sure, they are going to live eternally, the prostitutes and members of their families. I piss on them all.
Her mother is dead : Ah Ah Ah. Where is the corpse. May be, cowardly, we can use it to say Cruz has a secret weapon : his mother.
So is her father : Ah Ah Ah teeth full of blood. Le Point posted a cartoon « Papa où es-tu? » to mock Belgium attacks. (Father where are you ?) It sounds like Youtube sanguineous teeth.
We pray for her to be sick or seropositive by airing aid’s ad. Let’s us danse the ghosts dancing or air a TV picture ending with a grave. And we should hurry up, to catch Elise attention, while she is at her friend, Divine’s home, for a visit. They spot me, each step and I’m a 100% sure now they have displaced mics and cameras inside the flats of my friends, as I can see the morning after or days after, the content of our conversations in presstitudes articles.
I don’t watch TV anymore, neither do I buy a press shit full of lies and distortions. Those are bandits. They can retaliate, but they can : zero balls and dishonesty and little knowledge. 
By doing this, their intention is to harm me and to disturb me, angering me indirectly. If you express concern, they will deny, lacking courage and honesty. And it is even more mercantilist : they are looking for money and what they have been selling since is blood and sweat of the people. Medias are blood’s banks or storages.
In my case, they would like to capitalize on my life and intelligence. Poor them. So, the easy way is to bring insinuations around my life, so that I will come up with the story they can’t write, otherwise. How to get something when you can’t steal it right away without the entire World watching ?  How to confess your inferiority – after crying on the mic your white supremacist -i n fact an imposture, a collective rapt ? You have to go on it either with arrogance or piracy or wearing maks to commit crimes on the person you feel inferior to. Jealousy and criminality are more of the same.
 Presstitutes are nymphomanes and very low people. Here in France, the press is subsidied to survive.
Orego ad in TMC (France) -another TV specialized in collecting the creativity of others – good for nothing – they are advertising actually just to say that « they are offering a free travel guess where … For Paris- New-York] – Just because, they can’t stand my friendship with the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, a truly reformist. Imagine that travelers to NY will be waiting for a false game – used as a pretext to talk to me sneakily and a promise of one ticket winning to travel in NY is sign of despair and panic.
Now, if a brand would like to benefit from free ad inside a class frame, they know what to do : just attack me and follow my ass and you got it free from me, without shame.
What can you watch inside a flat ? Guess it. But what you can not imagine is all those craps articles are based on my habits, my readings, my hair dress, my style, my relationships, everything…
Remember this chronology :
First, the presstitudes decreed collectively I was 50+ too old to be a woman anymore. One of them published a trash article with a girl praising herself as « sexually fluid », compared to my influidity, a woman of 50+. At this stage, you may laugh at what the press has turned into. A pathetic porn stuff. It is even worse, since it is a travesty of porn universe.
Second.  Each time I will post a picture of me, they will go out there to find a younger  white « model of them », praise here, bootlicking and sex laping from those sexually desperate or « full of complexes » in the rats institutions, full of Nymphomanes who are then in need to watch what other women – like me – are doing with their non-brother in beds. Men are in it also.
Third. They found out, « my last visit to the gynecologist end up in infertility » (find the title on the web) and Ah, Ah, Ah, let’s dance and post a lot of stuff (ads, articles pretending, everywhere …) concerning babies and children, particulary those from mixed coupled (black and white), to make her think about what is missing in her love affairs. Ah Ah Ah. Lets danse. But, to be sure, this is not going to happen, we must follow her everywhere – like Engie – in case she may forgo a clinical visit to try to have a baby or try something else. We must keep vigilant this never happens. She must stay infertile and every attempt will be met with death either in the hospital or.. Doctors corruption is there to fulfill the duty. That is why in Cameroon, I was spot day and night and the articles of this published the morning after by the gangs outlets.
The radars were after me,  in case, I can get that baby, write a book or be hired somewhere. They have decided I must run out of money and come to join us where they are : at Hell. Who sent them there in the first place ? They have made their choice. It is not mine. But here is it. The vampires have organised the world to enslave everybody willing to « success », according to their criterium.
You must be sexually available for all of them. Sexual slaves. That is number one.
You must all look alike, like twins and a cohort of hyenas living in a harem. That is why « journalists » so-called and artists and fashion universe along with music and sports are clones. Except Ronaldo, the Portuguese, racist who perform african danse, mecanically, souless as the monkey he is -Sports magazine (french shits). The black players just look at the monkey and spit on it.
Ronaldo was responding to my laughing after he won the golden price five our four times, while Eto’o, a Cameroonian, Ribéry (a french married to a Morroco), who were also the best of the best at a certain period, got nothing. I praised Racist Emperor Michel Platini for this outcome. And I asket, Where was Platini Now? Mother nature is the ultimate Justice. And always the truth emerges beyond the masks and masquerades.
Ronaldo racist and pathetic dancing came also after Fidel Castro criticized the ruthless Portuguese African and Latin America colonisation and occupation Cuba confronted head-on and won. Ronaldo is an idiot and a sex machine symbol. He represents sports for the best and for the worst.
The conversation on Ronaldo was held with my family in the kitchen.
You may also have noticed this other shit fro a « …shian », people of hell saying that « she has never seen a white penis ». This was published in another french sheet. This is journalism. And for what ? Time ago, they declared black penis were too much and now they are the best. Course… one day, it is white, and the other one it is black.
Apparently the presstitutes universe if full of small balls and that is why they are obsessed with sex and nakedness.
Now you can understand the baby « so-called » born with a head of an adult full hair brushed, circulating in Twitter.. Twitter is either instrumentalised or…
Initially, they was looking to shamefully copy the style and I expressed my opposition. That is how they have been working : duplicating themselves everywhere, to block your projects in advance and your progression first. Second, if you oppose their fraudulent game of systematic cheatings, you are chased or hunt down. Third, to exist publicly, you must join the gangs of bloody hands and thieves.
And imagine that this is how the press has been living for 50 years more, on other people lives. They are doomed and their candidate who perfectly knows this terrorists job is their hostage.
Never pactise or get along with vultures and presstitudes. Their dirtiness is contagious as the plague. Even the use of black people in their narrative is directed against me. See how they got Obama’s family instrumentalised in Argentina. A pisspot tango followed with the fake appraisal of Sasha promised to be the  other presstitute fashion model to join the skeleton and prostituted universe. Using Sasha is a way to clean fashion full prostitution, like money laundering.
Mediatic and elite supporters of Hillary are hidden racists. Black people should not be mistaken by the farce. Those are double faces and tongue. Snakes.
We still have plenty of time to deal with this. Without either plagiarism or excessive use of « repeat after me », the gang is now oblige to show up without masks eventhough they still needs to hide behind masquerades – to match the Bern feeling and standing.