I like Mr. Trump unhypocritical speech over blood remark.

1403981744362Blood remark ? I approve this message a 100% and I say Bravo, Bravo.

You know what, sometimes, when people are attacking You organising into a cowardly and massive pack, you can retaliate and you may and should. You can also wait and just keep silent, because at a certain point, God would do the job for You using His impenetrable ways. Mr. Trump is one of those God’s Hand backfiring to justify YOU, when abusively attacked. Indeed, he has justified Me.

You may say – and I expect you to : I want to hear more.

Long time ago, before some politicians discovered it last week, – at least one of them here in France, a woman for sure ; in the process, she also discovered the word « parasitation »(1) after « the deparasitation mission » of the World I forcecasted for the next US president. This is a permanent trend of the woman whose politician career is based on three tools :

– the father’s heritage. The man is qualified today as a parasite.

– the copycat habit.

– the gays mediatic propaganda and hiring into the far-right party. Gay Marriage is the road for the French presidency. Apparently. You thought you were voting for gay marriage. In the end, you discover you was voting for a gay president. Double language and tongue. Always.

(1) The debate and contradiction is fair. What is unfair is to use your opponents words against him. It is dishonest.  When an opponent is using your words, his objective is to introduce confusion and chaos. Words mean something and make the difference.  Naturally, if you are engaged into a « positive co-productivity » scheme, then sharing the same strong words can be profitable to advance the cause and the argument.

So, long time ago- I told the story about how our computers are spying on us mentioning the example of a discussion I had about a baby with a male friend of mine. The minute after, I was receiving ads of babies crying and so forh. And I told my friend : OK, you have won it all, now the entire World is going to speak about that.

I didn’t know how right it will be. Since then, I’m bombarded by the gang of advertisers on babies tools, families and women with babies… Some will go on with messages like « sterilised cats or dogs » to laugh at me : a woman unable to give birth again, meaning a woman no longer menstruated, a woman facing menopause.

The gang of medias along with that of advertisers are allies on that. The message is you stop being a woman with your seniority and menopause. I wander what Hilary Clinton is. Is she a Woman or a false woman ? Is she into menopause ? How is it she got only one child since then ? To conduct this wickedness process, women are on the forefront.

And these are people who are playing the victim’s role of Mr. Trump talking about blood coming from wherever. They should be applauding and chanting ‘Jesus, our colleague is menstruated ; she is a real woman because she can still give birth. She is the perfect woman’.

Why are they lying to you with their crocodile tears and fake horrifying cries. Those journalists, medias and so forth women are totally disqualified when it comes to criticise Mr. Trump over blood comment. So are their male colleagues. Those are Pigs. A pig is a brute. A man without class. An Uncivilized person. For instance, you can eat like a pig. It means eating yourself to death.

Journalism and Hypocrism are twins. It is not their fault. The causes run deeper.

Mr. Trump is an easy target, because He is succeeding where the establishment candidates are backtracking or standing still. Trump is the anti-establishment candidate and this is enough to bring  fresh air as for now. The others are all professional politicians. In America, this is meaningful in terms of « political systematic corruption ».

Donald Trump: No apology on ‘blood’ remark amid GOP backlash (CNN)

… hold on.