ICC, Netanyahus nightmare and doomsday to come.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has built his entire career on crimes against humanity betting on the endless state of A World without Justice. Unfortunately for him, times are reversing their course  : « It had to come ». Sooner or later. But the sooner, the better. 

 Netanyahus Vision: A World Without the ICC

Global Research, January 17, 2015

Today the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Fatou Bensouda opened a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine. – The Times of Israel, Jan 16, 2015

It had to come. With the International Criminal Court receiving bad press for its inefficiency, and a seeming lethargy in its prosecuting nerve, Israel came storming in with the clearest of messages against announcements of a preliminary investigation into the Palestinian issue. It will do everything it can to prevent its soldiers from being investigated for war crimes by a foreign body citing universal jurisdiction.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman led the charge. Liberman released a statement to the press on Friday finding it repugnant that Israel should be the subject of any probe.

The same court which after more than 200,000 deaths didnt see fit to intervene in what was taking place in Syria or in Libya or in other places now finds it worthwhile to examine the most moral army in the world (Jerusalem Post, Jan 16).

The importance of Israels statement lies precisely in its own assessment about the role of international institutions, which it deems inadequate before superior domestic experiments. Otherwise, any international entity is only useful as long as the rules are appropriately adjusted.

This is the very definition of law that ceases to be law, one that slips into the area of pure power politics. This concept lies at the core of those critical of ICC procedure, such as former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. This is not in itself surprising, as Kissinger might himself, given the appropriate circumstances, face a successful prosecution suit. Writing for Foreign Affairs (July/August 2001), Kissinger called the move towards an international court as an unprecedented movement… to submit international politics to judicial procedures.

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It had to come.  ICC opens inquiry into possible war crimes in Middle East conflict.