If one question was worthy asking tonight in the first Republicans debate, it would be about ways to end political bribery in elections’ processes.

Sometimes ago – that was in April 2007 – I issued a study over « Institutional clonage » operating in France and Worldwide in the Westside, which ended with the necessity of tackling the Institutional building issue anew. What went for sure was present institutions are corrupt at their core. The vehicle of it is the DNA indefinite replication. As the French Philosopher, Michel Foucault, previously cited, has described the process : it is about the sign and its similitudes.

7 years later, in April 2014, it was another similitude I noticed through a reflection on African development, where also, I hurt the institutional building issue and named the study « Africa : the institutional defiance ». Contrary to France and the Westside where the challenge is one of lack of divergences inside Administrations or governments working complementary and in mirror,

sense and efficiency is not an exclusive matter of homogeneity or non-contradiction ; it may even be the opposite, since more of the same has led the World to the cliff hanging

in Africa, institutions are disparate. Clearly, there is a vacuum of convergence and projects or projections don’t reach the full extent of either their potential or deployment.


In both cases, what you miss in terms of public policies efficiency with nearly zero convergence inside African institutional building, you got the same lack of lucre in the Westside story, in particular, when it comes to dealing with inequalities issues or fiscal problems.

Concerning Africa, those interesting can consult the ebook of the study at Amazon.

This article is not about Africa. it concerns the US presidential first republicans debate tonight and the problematic of Greatness Anew in America. Yes, the slogan is now shared between Jeb Bush – the initiator – and Donald Trump wearing a cap stamped « making America Great again ». OK. Let’s say,  we can agree on that. The problem is how do you do that.

Frankly, of all the stuffs I’ve come across since the beginning ot the campaign, nothing is stronger than Jimmy Carter’s declaration reported by the Intercept.

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”

« Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.” THE INTERCEPT. 1st August.

We highly recommend the listening of this interview and the reading of the transcript.

If only one thing was to be done to make America great again, it is this one. A Big One indeed. From Political corruption aiming to pick up the president, in order to satisfy selfish interests – read our previous post -, after the election, to wealthy people not footing the bill for their taxation, there is a broad line of issues whether, guns control or ending, justice broken system to mend, untackled tax havens, racial and social inequalities, fraudulent banking system, dishonest hacking, deloyal net businesses where the people’s profile are sent to the advertisors in clandestinity – based on their activities on the net and without those advertisors being subjected to any code of marketing law or penalities ; founding elections and political elections through super PACs, going war fraudulently… making money the same way.. the society is looking as a Jungle where big animals eat it all and run over the others, in total impunity, immunity granted and free walk from Justice and accountability of all veins.

I mean I would like to sit down, behind my computer and wait for the net spyers and clandestine agents to bring me clients. So easy, while others entrepreneurs are working hard to meet their people.

He or She who talked about this deserves threats – even at a 5 to 10 hours flight distance – threats or elimination.

One way or another, We the People are all responsible for that situation.

We all abdicated our duties – to protect our meat and job. To reach this E.T. stage or Dobby’s (Harry Potter), you ought to throw your conscience off your body to the Water Closet.  In doing so, you abdicated your humane condition to become less than a man. A second zone citizen ; a wandering, a errant, a roarming. It is not about money, but about Transcendancy and Looking Forward and Beyond What you see and what you are. For those disputing territories and national identities appartenances, men are not animals. Marking a territory is not pissing on it ; it is – when your are a man – something superior. You got to transcend yourself.

This is how Greatness comes.

Not the way below :

Steven Spielberg donates $1 million to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Other donors for Clinton’s presidential bid include Star Wars director JJ Abrams and wife Katie McGrath, who each gave US $500,000. 

When it comes to supporting political candidates, investing on them for a pay back as a consequence of that earlier blackmail, wealthy people are quick to react. While president Obama and Democrats including Hilary have been asking them to pay their fair share in tax, they opposed the move fiercely, with the Rep. lawmakers’ benediction.

I acknowledge that laïcity, as a pagan worship doesn’t help ; it even complicates the matter. Nevertheless, you can find the light through extreme Darkness. (Prof. Dumbledore). Just remember to switch on the light the prof. added to Harry’s attention and teaching. Education, Education and Education is the pilar.

This 2016 should mark the shiftaway moment for America and for the World. Americans should not miss this opportunity to reshape Politics and the Union.

Who is going to meet the Huge Challenge ? That is the Shakespearien question.

Corruption in American politics is  like Queen Ant. As I suggested yesterday, guns stop in public was the starting point for guns  criminality, it is a truism that changing America to the Best and  for the Greatness implies to END  POLITICAL CORRUPTION FIRST AND ONCE FOR ALL. Apparently, the candidate who is going to say that would face Death Threats, like the Israeli president is said to – after he dubbed the burning down of a Palestinian baby alive – by Jewish E.T. settlers.

E.T. money is fictional money aiming to weigh in on real political businesses. Just as the Wall Street Revolving Door, etc.  — Read : The revolving door between government and Wall Street helps the wealthiest few hijack our democracy for their own gain.

You know what, some people are God elected and if you say they are ugly, insignificant, liars, murderers, little ass and penis, cheatings, dishonest, plotters, racists, big thieves- proofs of it are as evident as noses on faces… then take care : they will do everything they can to terrorize you. In the meantime, those are people responsible for the transformation of the World into an African Jungle or a Westerner Hell and the people inside into either stooges, larbins or underdogs. Those are the people chasing you on the net with dirty coward adds and  calling you « monkeys », or demonising you. One day, I will show you some vain attacks to discourage me. I laugh at that. Clearly. Each time I’m writing Ah ah ha (*), here in France, I encounter a problem, the very day : the elected people search my life going back up to 3 years or more to find anything I will be owning to the State. The last time I wrote president Hollande will not run again in 2017, the familial body just found out  I own them 3 years of Housing due subsidies – a right in France for all the people, not only me. Three years of fiscal redress. They are looking at a way to kill me and they stop at nothing. Underline NOTHING. And read it in Bold.

(*) Some people are so sad and suffering with a packaging of money, at disposal, fake power and poisonous authority, that they can’t stand any joy or love in the face of another person.

French familial services administration is waking up 3 years later to work in convergence with the establishment to achieve their punishment rallye, in band. A proof of the institutional cIonage I told you before. Interesting to notice the dark connection between French shadowy agents and Americans. Very interesting to see their full coordination, in time and space. Paganism and laicity will always make you low and small, for you always look at yourself or down to earth. Those are not qualities for a leader or for leadership exercice. Village people. They can go on and on and on. So what ? At the end of the day, we all die (Keynes). It is about Human finitude. I told you about non accountability : 3 years later to find out you have delivered a poor job ? Those responsible for this should be fired for blattant incompetence. No, they are sitting on total impunity and others people are sanctionned. A big shame.

In french there is a saying  « le premier qui dit la vérité sera exécuté ». He who tells the truth FIRST shall be executed, persecuted and lynched PUBLICLY AND IN THE DARK.

How can you be great if you tolerate this burden and Sword Damocles over the Head of the People, breathing halfly and under insane and furtive terror ? How ? Free the people from Hawks and from the Hawkish System and the rest will be add on to. I suppose I’m Elie preaching in the desert. Even the Church kept mumed over gay marriage. Political correctness obliged them to. Saint Pope Jean Paul II would have dealt with the issue frankly, in total coherence with the Bible and  the Word. Not paganism, but the Word.

I’m Prophet Elie ghost ? Ask Potter.


>>> Putin Orders “Massive Response” After Alien Space Fleet Spotted Over Japan. (Total Collapse).

>>>> Clinton, Asked What She’ll Do About Money in Politics, Explains…. (The Intercept).

Naturally, like Sen. Elisabeth Warren, I have no animosity for Hilary. I only hope there will be room for free and sincere debate in this presidential campaign. May be I’m a dreamer, not a realistic character. You know what, people against big gambling in politics will be dubbed « Populists ». Watch out.

Hopefully polls will not lie too. Double watch out here.

Stand with Elizabeth Warren: Tell Congress to pass the 21st Century Glass-Steagall ActStand with Elizabeth Warren: Tell Congress to rein in Wall Street with the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act


IMF Publishes Worldwide Government Revenue DatabasePress Release No. 15/374

August 6, 2015The IMF today published for the first time the World Revenue Longitudinal Dataset (WoRLD), which provides data on tax and non-tax revenues for 186 countries over the period 1990-2013. The database includes broad country coverage and time periods, and it is the result of combining in a consistent manner data from two other IMF publications — the IMF Government Finance Statistics and World Economic Outlook (WEO)– and drawing on the OECD’s Revenue Statistics and Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vitor Gaspar, Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, said the purpose of releasing the database for general use is to “encourage and facilitate informed discussion and analysis of tax policy and administration for the full range of countries, the need for which was highlighted most recently during the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa.”

Constructing the database was a challenging exercise. An accompanying background note will be released in the coming weeks to explain the methodology. The database will be updated annually and will include information from IMF staff reports.

The database is available for download free of charge on the IMF e-Library data portal (http://data.imf.org/revenues).