« If the Youth don’t have a ‘one man, one vote’ they are asking for, Hong-Kong will become increasingly ungovernable » : Anson Chan, Fmr Chief Secretary of Hong-Kong.

The Younger generation is the hope for Hong-Kong.

Asked and summoned to resign, after his compromission with Beijing, walking away from the joint declaration enforced since the handover of Hong-Kong to Beijing, Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung is hidding himself under ‘its own rationale », stating « Raw emotion ‘will get us nowhere’. (Read at CNN)

This is the answer of the young people : Pro-democracy protesters target office of Hong Kong’s chief executive.

If abiding to the joint declaration is getting emotional, then the rationale of the Chief Executive is to be questioned thoroughly. We couldn’t dreamt at a more powerful contradiction than that of the Fmr Chief Secretary of Hong-Kong, Anson Chan who led Hong-Kong during the transitional period from 1992 to 1997. Here is her firsthand testimony and assessment of the situation, faithful to the people of Hong-Kong.

Excerpts of the interview you have got to watch in its entirety  at CNN.

Asked if Beijing authorities are showing signs of budging anytime soon, Fmr Secretary answered « I don’t suppose realistically they will be budging anytime soon ». Then she goes on  stating the following.

Under the joint declaration, the  nomination process has to be democratic. During her tenure, there was no interference of Beijing. But, in the last years, particularly since Mr. Leung took office, there is a steady shipping away of our system, an erosion of our core values, of the independence of the judiciary and the right of freedom.

Is Beijing, the Power house, caring anymore at Hong-Kong ?

They have too to modernize themselves for the 21st century. Even more so, Beijing is willing to sign contracts and to invest in the rest of the World, if they can walk away from their commitments with Hong-Kong, how could they guarantee their partners Worldwide they are trustworthy.

Is Leung going to step down as demanded by the Youth on the streets ?

The children are not going to remove themselves from the streets unless they have some indications of the willingness to talk about the universal suffrage for the 2017 elections.

Beijing needs to deliver on its promise to Hong-Kong. If the people of Hong-Kong don’t have the one man, one vote, HK would become increasingly ungovernable.

By the way, the British deputy PM has expressed his dismay to Beijing representants in London.

The Young are the hope for HK. 

– They have ideals

– the culture of their convictions

– they fight for their future

– for our core values and our lifestyle

– they are prepared to make some sacrifices

I have great admiration for them and I see in them our future political leaders.

Youth of Hong-Kong, actually sitting on a Highway, or at the doorstep of Mr. Leung office waiting for his deserved resignation – the sooner, the better – in case you’ve missed this fmr Secretary of Yours’ interview, take a look and stand your ground. You are on the right track of the history shaping your own future. Bright and Clear.

Watch Amanpour interviewing Fmr Chief Secretary of Hong Kong who took over in 1992. She is your best advocate and high caution against any bullying.

Capture Anson

Under the joint declaration, the  nomination process has to be democratic.

Hong Kong standoff shows ‘lack of confidence’ in Beijing.