Immigration GOP’s standard. Using blackmail : A doomed strategy – too weak and stupid to succeed.

As the look of things, a once again dephase GOP is  using blackmail to impress Obama : « Halt Deportations, And We Might Halt Immigration Reform » (Huffpost).

Should this be the new horse GOP’s congressmen would straddle for the elections to come, I wish them good luck with the people.

Anyone considering with a cold head the situation, from a juridical perspective including humanism and Justice, will come to this elementary principle and order : first come up with a workable law ; second, review and check up each request prior to deportations. It is a reasonable way to avoid legalisations looking like another National Lottery.

The fact that supporters of reform on the Republican side warn against halting deportations shows the tough spot the White House is in. If the president does nothing, thousands of people will be deported who could have received legal status if Congress passed a bill. If the president acts, it could increase political tensions and doom a potential bill entirely.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who supports reform, told The Washington Post last week that in his estimation, Obama could strengthen his hand by halting deportations.

« If I were president, I would have said the following: ‘It’s a broken system. Except for violent criminals, no more deportations until you help me fix a broken system,' » Trumka said.

Pure common sense.

In France, many illegals bet over time.

Twice in the recent history, illegals were given a chance throught a general amnesty for all the immigrants present in the French soil, at this very moment. They just had to prove it.  President Mitterand did it in 1981 and, under a PM socialist coalition with president Chirac, Mr Chevenement, the then  Interior Minister did it also. People were given a 10 years residential card, unconditionally, under Mitterand and the second time, on condition of ressources guarantee by a job and of social integration meaning a place to live in or some familial attaches in France – for instance assuming a parenthood living,  helping as a volunteer associative’s activities devoting to helping some other people in need, being part of family regrouping circle between sisters and brothers or mothers for instance.

There were a mix of multiple parameters considered from differents aspects of human life. Humanity as ground for Justice first.

The thing is and still is, from those two general amnisties, socialists have mounted kind of an electoral unpriced political value which tends to give them victory on elections undeservely. In France, residential papers are the path for citizenship. And, it may well show up that the more immigrants you give papers to, the more voters you add to your party. May be this is ultimately why GOP’s congressmen are so afraid at and not telling loudly.

If so, then their blackmailed equation conditioning deportations’ pursuits to their agreement is twice dead. The more deportations the more anger for the voters in America who will disregard this for their relatives and friends. Eventually, when, after those deportations, GOP’s congressmen would come to stick to their promise – which is another question –  and passed the law, they will draw zero benefit out of it.

All in all GOP’s congressmen opposition to immigration reform is working against them. May be twice than Once. Time to implement some kind of Political Intelligence is  now for the GOP’s congressmen. Tomorrow, it may be too late. Their savage dealing with social matters may hurt them with the same savagery. In the end, Obama wins. Fatal Boomerang.

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Concerning government efficiency, here is how job’s market is recovering and how the deficit is lowering faster than forecasted.


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« The deficit is down more than 50% since president Obama took Office.

After years of over thrillion dollar deficit, we have cut the deficit in half by cutting spending, winding down two wars, and beginning to ask the wealthy to pay their share ».

Source. Go to the White for more over the State of the Union.

From the NYTimes. « Detroit’s Immigration Solution ».

The governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, wants to fix Detroit with smart immigrants.

He proposes to attract 50,000 of them over five years using a visa program for people with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in the sciences, arts or business. Get more at the NYT.

Last stand. 

CNN Breaking News.


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