« Inequality is the crisis of our time » : Bill de Blasio.

DSC_0056I hate vulgarity. I’m extremely bored by the association of vulgarity and the claim of humility as a pretense for the first. I have pledged to run away from the racists and to stay far remote from the hypocrites. So don’t wait me on that hypocrisy field.

It is clear that we can and may disagree from time to time. But from there, if an « old friend » – something non existing today – starts to insult you and compares you to the dog of Johnny Depp Australia is authorizing or not to come back to America, it is kind of double-gaming of high hypocrisy. Key words here are : Australia with Arborigenes, and coming back in America. Had you been a reader of our previous posts, you would see the maximum dose of insanity and racism guiding those birds of pray western media are housing pretending not to be racists.  They are now praying for me not to come back like the dog of Johnny Depp. Ha ha ha. So mean.

Another outlet had presented the Mayor of the landing place of boats coming from Lybia to Italy as the « little woman » expecting not to see any boat at the horizon, just as if those were cows. When those hypocrites and untruthful journalists are presenting migrants as parasites or “non wanted people in Europe”, they are probably ignorant of the fact that America has got an international lottery open worldwide to anybody. It is you and your chance : the lottery is kind of a “sorting hat” (H. Potter). The more I’m writing, the more I’m getting British and Scottish. It is just incredible.

Those people non-wanted inEurope are from nations savagely exploited for at least four centuries, and the exploitation continues. Diamond, Gold, cobalt, … the priceless raw material are coming from there and most of the times, they have been either paid under their value or stolen by strength or pressures of all sorts, including diplomatic.

It is deeply painful to see that, in America, racism is driven by the institutions and the “leadership”. More troublesome is the fact that, among this institutional spectrum, the media are the leading forces. Racism is everywhere in the western media and in Hollywood. Alternatively, some black may be authorized in the show, on condition of abiding to the playmate game and the baby doll style. Look at Cannes today, the Big rendez-vous of dolls who have took on to the red carpets. You can find more of them and less of the movie-makers. Cannes is just another podium for inflated dolls.

Hollywood has never been so low. Culturally, it is such a regression and a loss. Mixing musicians, models, anything popular elsewhere has introduced a lot of confusion into the box office. We are missing real cinema actress. Cannes used to be a religious ceremony like. Nowadays, it is only a depraved souless spectacle of zombies getting on and down the stairs.

Cannes and Lampedusa are the two extremes of our Times.The perfect barometer.

On one hand, abandoned people by their leaders and the World Traumatising Order. On the other, non-creative people paid to keep the status quo going on. I’m pleased a French Philosopher, Emmanuel Todd has published a book asking the question “Who is Charlie”? Meaning who were the people demonstrating during the International Charlie Monstruous propaganda campaign ? In France, where the world class manipulation was then orchestrated, with PM Netanyahu as a guest star, clearly, it was the Middle Class, engaged in a process of dechristianisation. To accept gay’s religion and tradition, you must first of all be dechristianised. This is a prerequisite. A precondition. Charlie Moment was that moment of hidden persuasion aiming at getting people out of the Churches and to federate them under the label of laicity. In practical, another unavowed Integrism. What is more is the middle class in France, contrary to elsewhere in the planet, has morphed into the class of inertia. They are the ones who are waving the red flag to impeach the access of either migrants, immigrants, undocumented or poor nationals to the mainstream.

In France, a policy known as “ascenseur social”, which means the ability to lift people up, in the middle –class precisely, was operative during the right-wing leadership. De Gaulle Fathered it.  That policy has helped the majority of French politicians elites and teachers alike and so many many people to get out of poverty. In a sense, it was French “affirmative law” implementation. Since 1981, when a socialist president came into Power, things have been worsening progressively, racism came back fiercely and it became comfortable for the middle-class and the upper – those who benefitted from the State ascension project – to justify their crooked game by accusing injustly Islamism and Muslims immigrants leaving in France as disturbers and responsible for the degradation of the nation. After all, French is no longer a triple A nation, due to poor social conditions, non assumed and perversive social apartheid and nightmarished inequalities.

Naturally, the philosopher, the author is accusing the french socialists to have betrayed the Republic as an Ideal. I applaude here with all my energy. At last, somebody, not me, is telling the perfect truth and walking out of Extreme Vulgarity, the definitional feature of our Times. Worldwide.

I will tell more about this, anytime soon.

As for today, I would like to drive your focus on interesting progressive agendas in the making :

1 – The Progressive Agenda of New-York : inequality is the crisis of our time.

« Friend, We are about to announce something big: over the past several months, economists, labor leaders, activists and elected officials have come together to create an agenda to combat income inequality across the country.

We’re asking leaders and voters from all 50 states, at the Federal, State, and City-wide levels, to sign The Progressive Agenda so we can make sure that the voice of every American is heard—not just those at the top.

From universal pre-K to paid sick leave, we’ve made tremendous strides here in NYC. But there’s a real hunger across the country to tackle the inequality crisis we’re facing—and the fact is, our city does not exist in a vacuum.

The agenda outlines key ways we can lift the floor for working people, support working families, and make sure big corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.I’ve long said that income inequality is the crisis of our time.

Taking it on won’t be easy. But it starts by coming together and embracing a shared set of proven progressive policies.

By sharing The Progressive Agenda with your friends and family, you can help make sure we get off to a great start.


Bill de Blasio

Mayor »

2  – Bernie Sanders agenda on the too big too fail barometer.

Stand with Bernie Sanders: Tell Congress to break up too-big-to-fail banks

Petition to Congress:
« Commit to voting for the ‘Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist’ Act, introduced in the Senate by Bernie Sanders, and finally break up the too-big-to-fail banks. »
If Senator Bernie Sanders gets his way, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are going to end up in pieces. Seven years after their criminal fraud nearly collapsed the global economy and they came crawling to the rest of us for a bailout, too-big-to-fail banks are actually 80 percent bigger than they once were.1 Today, they pose an even greater threat to our financial system. The risky gambling and deceptive speculation continues. Wall Street reform has imposed new rules, but it hasn’t changed the game.Last week, Senator Sanders introduced a bill to end “too big to fail” once and for all.2 Now it is up to us to show the rest of Congress that it is time to break up the biggest banks.Stand with Bernie Sanders: Tell Congress to break up too-big-to-fail banks. Click here to sign the petition.The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law added new oversight, new rules, and most importantly created new institutions like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but it didn’t go far enough. Today, the biggest banks are bigger than ever, they can borrow money at lower rates because the market assumes we will bail them out, and their reckless behavior continues.In just the past few years, large financial institutions have been caught rigging interest rates, manipulating foreign exchange rates, selling people misleading financial products, facilitating tax evasion and money laundering, and more.3 The expansion of high-frequency, algorithmic speculation and front-running has increased risks. In the “flash crash” of 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 1,000 points in just minutes before rapidly recovering.4In 2008, we were told that the American people had no choice but to provide $700 billion in taxpayer bailouts – not to mention the Federal Reserve’s $16 trillion in near-zero interest loans – because if the largest financial institutions failed, they would drag the rest of the system down with them. But if the biggest banks have only gotten bigger, what will we do when the next crisis strikes? As Sanders said introducing his bill, “If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.”5

Stand with Bernie Sanders: Tell Congress to break up too-big-to-fail banks. Click here to sign the petition.

Sanders’ “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act,” and its companion bill in the House introduced by Rep. Brad Sherman, would direct the government to compile a list of systemically important financial institutions, just as Dodd-Frank did. But it would also direct the Secretary of the Treasury to break up those institutions within one year, and ban them all from receiving special help from the Federal Reserve or gambling with federally-insured deposits. Under this bill, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley would all be broken up.6

It wasn’t long ago that trust-busting and breaking up monopolies was considered common sense. We broke up the telecom giants as recently as the 1980’s. And today, Sanders’ bill is supported by the Independent Community Bankers of America.7 But too many members of Congress are still scared to confront Wall Street, so we need to show that countless Americans stand with Bernie Sanders and demand that too-big-to-fail banks be broken up. Click the link below to tell Congress to break up too-big-to-fail banks.


Becky Bond, Political Director

CREDO Action from Working Assets

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3 – The case of Prince George County set to lose 20 million on Education is also pending.