Infant mortality. Cleveland, the worst place to be.

 Health crisis disparities. The broken warfare system in Ohio.

Al Jazeera has aired a reportage today over the infant mortality at Cleveland, the worst in the United States. During the reportage, we followed a pregnant young woman, homeless in America, struggling until his delivering of a baby girl. But when the reporter came in to see the mum and the new born, he found a girl with a malformation right in the middle of the mouth, like those we have seen in poor countries lining up for a repair surgery. Is it America today ? Pinch me.

Unless you have seen the report, in those days of Chemical Weapons and hypothetical Iranian nuclear weapon, aiming to distract the people from their very basic needs and the very essence of engaging in Politics along with the nobility of ‘political missions’ – you couldn’t believe this possible in the 21st century, inside a nation calling itself the Number One in the developing World. So what is wrong ?

An expert explained it through high rate of premature born mortality. Root causes are to find out of the hospital. America has the best care taking and doctors to save a premature. But, the task is impossible mission because of extreme poverty and a broken warfare situation. Cleveland, Columbus in Ohio brought perfect examples. In those places, infant mortality is worst than in country like Botswana, Guatemala or North Korea. Pinch me twice.

Then we got the explainer from a community health worker. The problem is one of poor choices. The system has failed to deal with the root causes of the problems that it was design to resolve and is inapt to help people in need of good assistance.

Consequences :

– More families tragedies

– More babies dying

Echoing this, listen what the Director of Cleveland department of Health has to say, when asked by the excellent al Jazeera reporter, if she was aware of the fact that Cleveland was at the last position in health care assistance. She disagreed with the last ranking as the worst performer of the USA. Then the reporter opened a way out changing the qualification of the ranking into “a bottom file”.

The Director of Cleveland department of Health’s response was, ‘we are not looking at the numbers but at the effort we are making’. Indeed. Intrigued by the type of answer showing little awareness at the figures, the reporter collected more information inside the department and came to the conclusion that they don’t know how bad those figures were and though the Director has been waiting the al Jazeera team, apparently she was not prepared to face straight questions. If this can help al Jazeera, it is about, institutional reflexes and code of behavior. But they know it as well.

In the hospital, a Doctor expressed indignation over further caps to health care politicians at the high level are announcing. ‘They have decided to play politics’. The reporter had to check it out at the local senate, but every senator ran away. What did you expect? Those people will not contradict the Speaker and the GOP’s fight : The battle for Obama care funding. We learnt than an amendment to bring better care and protection to the minorities in Ohio (the Speaker’s Home) was brought down in the local senate floor. Black women are badly hurt.

In the end, the young woman with a new baby girl said ‘she wishes his daughter will find out a better society to live in’. She, the mother, is still homeless. A story from America no one could believe it possible, right now., inside the constituency of the Speaker of the USA opposing a better health care system along with an improved warfare’s one. (Watch on Fault lines, Al Jazeera).

The more you think about this story, the more you wonder how rare stories like these are brought into light proportionally to the hair cut of the first lady. How superficial and distractive the story of a teen hair cut like is looking, compared to the sufferings of those black women. Apparently a first lady hair cut surpasses all the misery and suffers of black women minorities still trapped into extreme poverty. Poverty or extreme poverty is a double chain. Don’t forget.

The World today.

Soudan. President Bechir has ended oil subsidies causing the price to double overnight. “Ending subsidies vital to reform”, the president has argued. Sudanese people and the Opposition disagree with the president. Oil stations are set on fire in Khartoum. Cars are burnt. Public buildings are attacked. Transports are disrupted. Schools are closed. The hardships are on Sudanese people and the situation has worsen since the partition of Sudan diminishing public revenues.

Opposition are contesting this version blaming the responsibility of the situation to 20% decrease in public revenues on the government. The opposition is accusing a ‘Dictatorial regime’ looking for money to fuel its political businesses and to continue waging war in Darfur. Because of a ‘dictatorial regime’, foreign investors have escaped the country which is finding itself isolated. Those are the reasons behind the economic downturn in Soudan, according to a leader of the Opposition speaking at al Jazeera. The Opposition is refuting being behind the riots he qualified as spontaneous. So far 29 persons have been killed, after 4 days of demonstrations.

Kenya. The mall is cleared from al Shabat attackers.

The search for bodies, unaccounted for, believed to be underneath the rumbles mixed with the bodies of al Shabat fighters, is underway. Al Shabat vow to continue the fight inside Kenya until their forces are out of Somalia. Al Shabat organization is funded by Ivory trade’s trafficking.

Poaching. ‘Global trade in wildlife concerns rhinos, tigers, gorillas and elephants killed by the thousands. China, Vietnam and Thaïland are the biggest participants of that illegal wildlife’s trade’. The trade worth $10 billion annually. Poachers are more equipped and heavy armed, and best organized than the officers tracking them. Look the reportage at al Jazeera.

Mums at work. Skynews (Boulton and Co).

Families and taxes. (An interesting debate today in Sky). A mum inside skynews’ studio made this point : some mums are sacrifying a career to take care of their children. In the meantime, families with one income are paying more in taxes than families with two incomes. She concluded that this British government was the most family unfriendly ever.

All in all, would you call, like some, for a woman as president ? For all the nations ? Come on. This is not about woman in power. It’s about social justice, high moral and human values and common sense.

Regarding the condition of the poor, some commentators are suggesting the poor are responsible for it, because of the bad choice they consistently make. This supposes poor people are free to make choice whereas nothing is more wrong like this.

The system is backfiring.

Nevertheless, do you really think a woman as president of the USA could change the course of the World and set a new cycle? Suppose you say yes. Do you think there is any difference between being a first lady and being president ? If you say yes, do you think women in politics act differently to men ? If you say yes, show us. If your answer is no, you have got it : politics is not about gender. It’s about Leading by Exemplarity all the times.

Syria. In an interview, president Assad underlined the US has not ruled out the possibility of a military intervention. ‘US has proved disrespectful of human and moral values and of the UN body’. That is why they are insisting to consider the chapter 7 of the UN, opening the possibility for a strike any time soon or later. Syrian president mentioned the nation is prepared for an attack. Russia is working to neutralize the chapter 7 automatic enforcement asking a mention saying that no use of force occurs without reconvening the security council for decision, should the US and its allies come to consider that Syria is not obeying them at their will.

Indeed. President Obama campaigned in 2008 over ‘no pre condition’ ; ‘no ultimatum, ‘no threat’ inside diplomatic negotiations. In 2013, here we are : threats, ultimatums, preconditions, options far remote from Geneva 2 philosophy. Some of you would object, Iran didn’t murder 1,400 people with gas. On this chapter, look also at al-Jazeera – today is the al-Jazeera day – to listen a military expert associated to the UN in investigating the CW fire of Augurst, the 21st. She is assuming the UN report is one-sided and needs to be completed. Time spent on the ground was too short to come up with a definitive conclusion. That is why the team will return on the field.

To add to the imbroglio, a part of Syrian opposition fighters are now contesting the legitimacy of any Opposition group speaking on behalf of the Syrian Opposition with the Western nations willing to topple Assad.

This is an equation I’m happy to let you with the resolution, knowing that the data can change tomorrow with the Syrian rebels.

Charles Taylor. 50 years in prison confirmed during its appeal audience at the ICC.

Exclusive. Look at the staging of the scene of August at Global Research (Picture). « The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention ».