ISIS. A Saudi Arabian geopolitical frankensteinesque creature. Hands up.

Yesterday, an investigation by Global Research we published here rang the bells for an open debate.

Is ISIS threat getting hysterical meaning is America playing a heavy hand here or exaggerating the threat ?

Is America looking for another 3 years war ? What for ?

Are Americans well-informed about the group ISIS ?

Read here, the debate.

Today, Eurasia is throwing this global analysis by Geopolitical monitor over the regional trenches – Israel would call them Hamas tunnels – snaking the region like a volcano magma. Mastering them from behind-the-scenes is Saudi Arabia. The nation considers itself to be the only beacon of Islamism, with the Mecca as the headlight : the star to follow.

To maintain this orbitral status, the State spared nothing including funding terrorists muslims groups to destabilize Iran and Syria, the secular enemies. For the same reasons, Iraqi’s shiites are also targetted. Behind Assad regime’s opposition and Maliki’s woes, you can easily draw the finger of Saudi Arabia.

The golf war one has been possible, partly because Saudi Arabia agreed to serve as an advanced logistic post for US planes fueling to head to Baghdad for a session of bomb’s drops. This is the point of ceasura with Al-Qaeda – Bin Laden being a SA born.

The madrassas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, « feeding grounds » for Extremism were also bankrolled by Saudi Arabia.

Now that Isis is contesting that place of Calife to SA, the ruthless way, killing anything it can on its way for the reconquista with « the Mecca on its radar »,  then you got the global panic.

Just weeks ago, Saudi Arabia donated $100 million to the UN Counterterrorism Centre in New York, reflecting Riyadh’s discomfort with a nascent caliphate so close to its borders. Fearing blowback for its policy in Syria, the Kingdom is sounding the alarm and clamping down on jihadists operating on Saudi territory. Most of all, Riyadh is concerned that if Islamic State advances south and pushes beyond Iraq’s southern border, Mecca and Medina will be next on its radar.

SA created the monster Isis who is turning back ironically against its creator inside a Frankenstein configuration.

During Golf War One, SA helped America. Now is the time for a payback to save the SA’s Califate threatened by ISIS.

Isis convoy Picture : Global Research

Excerpts :

Yet for years, Riyadh was willing to tolerate the growing strength of ISIS and other Salafists in Syria and Iraq, as long as they weakened the pro-Iranian regimes of Assad and Maliki.

It is plausible that Prince Bandar reached out to jihadist groups like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in an effort to bring them under Saudi tutelage. What is certain is that he used all the tools at his disposal to topple Assad, and when that failed he scorned the Obama administration for failing to act decisively against the Syrian leader.

In many ways, the Wahhabi state has its own policies to blame for the recent wave of disastrous developments in the region.

The starting point is « The Saudis abhor the Assad regime’s alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran and view Iraq’s Shia-dominated government as an Iranian puppet regime. Riyadh also does not want a strong, oil-producing Iraq on its border with whom it must compete with. Thus Riyadh has no qualms in seeing the rule of Assad and Shia-dominated Baghdad challenged by insurgents ».

Having this background, you can easily understand why president Obama said – at « Meet the Press » Interview, NBC aired last Sunday, they will circumvent Assad and deal with some fighters on the groun,d inside Syria, to fight ISIS. Naturally, those fighters are members of Assad opposition. We wish them good luck for the carnage to come. Inevitably.

May we remind them 260 Iraqi’s soldiers were executed without any emotion : coldly. It is not a reason to be afraid, but an indication of what lies ahead.

Islamic State is no longer a disorganized al-Qaeda offshoot either. It now possesses advanced weaponry, controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, and has a disturbingly genocidal outlook in its bid to impose a strict, puritanical version of sharia law. It is also not a reliable proxy force that can be pushed and swayed by Riyadh. The group no longer relies heavily on donations to sustain itself. Its foreign donations now pale in comparison to its ‘internal’ revenue streams, such as oil smuggling, robbery, extortion, and ransom from kidnappings in Iraq and Syria.

As long as geopolitic will be about paybacks, disorder and cruelty will continue leading the World.

For a cure of desintoxication, go to Eurasianews to read this outstanding (*)  publication. By Chris Mansur. 


Reminder : President Obama is due to talk on Wednesday over ISIS.

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