« Mission accomplished » is the claim of victory shouted by Israel, as this vampire states is announcing their retreat from Gaza’s Strip. According to Israeli defense minister, « mission accomplished » means « tunnels destroyed ». All of them ? How do you make sure this mission is accomplished ?

The reality is this was a pretext to infiltrate Gaza and violated its territory. Israel has been bombing Gaza for nearly a month. According to this logic, Hamas should also invade Israel to destroy their artillery capibilities and military facilities and apparatus.

Israel is that predatory state which have specialised in selling its devastation policies of colonisation, occupation and military control as a preemptive graduated war to prevent another Shoah episod. From whom ? All the Arab states have let the Palestinians fight down and alone to fight the Ogre and its Gargantuesque thirst of blood.

Israel is the predator who is going to sell its crimes as an overdue of its eternal victimisation. Where have you ever seen a tormentor crying and hiting his head on a Wall of Lamentations, that historical imposture.

History always repeats itself : the first time as an event and the second time as a parody. Netanyahu is a parody of Hitler. So is Israel a parody of Nazism. Meanwhile, there are some collaborators’ states necessary to accomplish the parody : those parrots repeating relentlesstly : Israel deserves the right to defend itself. Those are pitoyable and misleading caricatures.

Thanks God, for the first time, France is taking another way : « the right to security is not coupled with the right of massacring children, women and civilians ». « It doesn’t allow any occupation either ». « This is a carnage ». The current Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius and a former one, Dominique de Villepin are perfectly aligned here. Indignity. Cruelty. Inhumanity. Wild.

Israel is intercepting Hamas rockets with the help of America’s devices. Still they are complaining. In the meantime, Hamas can’t intercept Israeli bombs. Nevertheless, Israeli is moaning – hypocritically  as usual – and swearing on the Torah that its citizens are feeling insecure.

What about violation of territories ? Is this the security Israel is asking for ?

As long as Israel is pursuing its policies of land grab and stolen, Palestinians deserve the right to resist that aggression, to stand their ground and this is Justice on Earth and in the Heavens.

Israel will never end this war, unless the nation retires to its initial borders as the Nazis did.

For this parody of nazi’s policy of ghettoisation, I would like to recall this : Hitler committed a suicide, when it appeared clearly that his extermination project has failed. Nazism and Israel (Zionism) are clones.

Netanyahu is an Hitlerian caricature. Israel, a clone of Nazism, a genocidal state. Nurenberg bis repetita is the final act… One day.

Israel has committed a genocide in Gaza. Read below the point by Global Research. Consider the data of this Israeli assault detailed by a member of the Palestinian Human Right Group. The right of security must be exercised within the limits of the international law and the rules of war.

Before going on  with the reading, here are the latest.

16.00 (Paris), British Foreign minister office, Baroness Warsi, has resigned over the poor response of her government she considers « morally indefensible ». (Skynews) – Congratulations to a farsighted politician woman non mystified by Israeli’s false withrawal. Just listen the double language of the  Israeli’s authorities to see how difficult it is to understand the whole conditionality charabia.

You can not ask the same thing to the Hamas and to Israel. Doing so equates to consider those are equal forces facing each-other. There are not. Israel must do more than Hamas to bring the situation to normalcy. Disproportion in strenght, invasion, occupation, and the carnage, all this pleaded fiercefully against Israel. They must repare and make more concessions. That means accessing to all the demands of the Hamas. This is the least they have to do.

Ed Miliband is asking the PM to speak up about that unjustifiable Israeli move. Poor Europe.

Israel’s Military Strategy:”Obliterate Them Completely”. Overwhelming Evidence of Genocide, Precise Data on Death and Destruction in Gaza

Global Research, August 03, 2014

Genocide directed against Palestinians has become a New Normal according to the Times of Israel.

Under certain circumstances according to the Times of Israel articleGenocide is Permissible because it is directed against Palestinians who are terrorists and who should be obliterated.

Implementing a policy of genocide against terrorists including innocent civilians is permissible to achieve responsible goals as formulated by the Netanyahu government.

What other way then is there to deal with an enemy of this nature other than obliterate them completely? …

If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

(See The Times of Israel: Genocide is Permissible to Achieve Responsible Goals? Global Research, August 01, 2014)

The following data (carefully compiled by Lesley Bravery, scroll down) confirm the central objective behind Israel’s military strategy which consists in “implementing genocide”, in carrying out “a strategy of obliteration”.

While killing civilians is a central objective, destroying the Palestinian economy, wrecking the institutions of civil society and making life impossible and unbearable for those who survive the bombings are an integral part of the military campaign:

Residential areas are singled out for bombing and shelling campaigns. Most of the buildings destroyed or damaged are people’s homes.

Schools, hospitals, clinics are targeted.

The bombings are also intent upon the destruction of electricity, water and waste-water infrastructure.

The Unspoken objective is Genocide directed against the People of Palestine.

The Expulsion of Palestinians from their Homeland

Let us be under no illusions. The central objective of the Zionist State is expulsion and territorial expansion

Powerful voices in Israel’s Knesset (parliament) have called upon the government to expel the Palestinian population and resettle the territory with Jews. (Statement of the deputy speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin):

After the IDF completes the softening of the targets with its firepower, the IDF will conquer the entire Gaza, using all the means necessary to minimize any harm to our soldiers, with no other considerations,…Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever, ... Subsequent to the elimination of terror from Gaza, it will become part of sovereign Israel and will be populated by Jews. This will also serve to ease the housing crisis in Israel. (Moshe Feiglin quoted in Ali Abunimah, Expel Palestinians, Populate Gaza with Jews, Says Knesset Deputy Speaker , July 28, 2014

The underlying premise is “Greater Israel”: ” Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever”

Complicity of the West

Western leaders are not only complicit, they have blood on their hands.

This carefully planned Israeli military undertaking was coordinated with the Pentagon and NATO. It has broad geopolitical and economic ramifications (which are beyond the scope of this article).

Israel’s military actions are supportive of Washington’s Middle East strategy which consists in destabilizing and fragmenting Israel’s neighboring Arab States. It is also part of the road map of US-NATO-Israel war plans directed against Iran. The timing of Israel’s attack on Gaza coincides with the militarization of Eastern Europe and relentless war threats directed against Russia.

“Paying Lip Service” to Israeli War Crimes

The “Washington Consensus” pays lip service to Israeli war crimes. According to the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which overshadows the US State Department, prime minister Netanyahu is said to have a profound dislike for military conflict.

According to the CFR, Netanyahu is at the mercy of events which are beyond his control. The victims of Israeli war crimes are said to be responsible for their own deaths. Netanyahu is safe and reliable, he is committed to peace, he was politically compelled to act. He is portrayed as the victim.

Genocide is the “New Normal”

In turn, the US media has also embraced the “New Normal” which intimates that “genocide is permissible” under certain circumstances. According to the Wall Street Journal, the solution is the outright elimination and/or expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland:

What did Gazans think was going to happen? Surely they must have understood on election night that their lives would now be suspended in a state of utter chaos. Life expectancy would be miserably low; children would be without a future. Staying alive would be a challenge, if staying alive even mattered anymore.(Professor Thane Rosenbaum, WSJ, July 21, 2014, emphasis added)

Michel Chossudovsky, August 3, 2014

Data Compiled by Leslie Bravery of the Palestinian Human Rights Campaign

Auckland, New Zealand

The death and destruction to midnight on 31st July are:

Palestinians killed: 1372 (315 children, 166 women and 60 elderly).

Palestinians wounded: 7680 (2307 children, 1529 women and 287 elderly).

Buildings destroyed: 5238

Buildings damaged: 4374

Damaged Hospitals and Health Centres:

13 hospitals and 10 clinics

34 health facilities closed

12 ambulances damaged

38 health personnel injured including:

Two pharmacists, four paramedics, one assistant pharmacist, one laboratory and blood bank manager.

One nurse and an Administration Manager died as a result of Israeli airstrikes.

The Roman Catholic Church in Gaza, hosting over 800 refugees and 29 handicapped children was threatened with bombardment although it was impossible to move the handicapped children outside the church.

Once again, Israel has targeted offices providing services to Palestinian and international media.

Over 245,000 people have been forcibly displaced.

1,700,000 people (the entire population of the Gaza Strip) have been affected by the destruction of electricity, water and waste-water infrastructure.

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