Jeb Bush will not survive this primary. Loud and Clear. Next.

Remember the weapons of mass destructions episode BIG HISTORIC LIE degrading General Powell into disgrace, for Negro conduct. Always white men will use black people to perform what they can’t assume publicly without hidding behind a stupid man.

Invading Iraq was a crime.

Invading Iraq under fabricated tubes of proofs presented disrespectfully inside the UN building under  false accusations, was and remains a felony. History will never forget.

Some families should keep humble and vanished from the public space, after turning the World into Hell.

What started in Iraq is ending with Daesch.

In between, 9/11 and thousands of Americans and their families in disarray. Because of poor judgment, lies and ill-ruling.

America, don’t be amnesic.

Don’t catch AMNESIA. REMEMBER 9/11 and your loved ones nobody or nothing can replace.

This is a World Class label writing. Not loud, but clear. And if loud, it is because of the sounding of the propositions and ideas. Ideas not process of intentions. A label is rated by the People, not those elected through dirty money in politics and fighthing to keep the status quo of a predatory and criminal establishment full of Hawks.

Hawks are not strong. They are criminals. Strenght is not criminality. Strenght comes with Passion. When you can provide it to the people, then you are there.

Jeb Bush will not survive this primary. Loud and Clear. Just a matter of time. Next.

If the ICC was applying justice for all, his brother, G.W. Bush would be at la Hague.