Kiev. How can an illegal and transitional gov and parliament issue any warrant arrest ? Are they Justice’s substitutes ? Under what legality ?

Vagabonds in power in Kiev are not losing time in doing business like rats. For three months, those members of Opposition in Kiev have asked many concessions from President Yanukovych, making a moquery of him and of some protesters who really thought at the time, this Opposition was trying to negociate with president Yanukovych. During three months, rareley had those members of the Opposition responded to President Yanukovych’s openess to dialog and discussion with them.

Times ago, the president offered them the post of PM and deputy PM, they refused.

The last round, they pretended signing an agreement handling them everything they had demanded for : , they obtained earlier elections, a referendum to change the constitution and restitutes it at its previous stage.

The morning after, the Opposition staged a coup.

Without any clear explanation, the Opposition became the Majority at the Parliament, overnight, in the absence and resignations of some parliamentaries fallen into silence straight away, under assets freeze’s threats from the Westside and the beatings of the new coalition comprising neo nazis-hooliganists-antijews and anti-russian pactising with the new Majority of crooks in the Parliament.

Then the hold up entered its active phase : Tymoschenko freed from jail, the Speaker became the interim president, etc. You could’nt have missed that Big Lie and Fake outrageously and arrogantly conducted under the eyes of the World. Methods of bandits. Period. During three months, those bandits pretended they wanted the president to take their claims into account, knowing perfectly that, in the end, they will set a coup.

All that time, Yanukovych tried his best to keep the situation under control, until the latest days of the coup, where it became clear for those bandits actually in power in Kiev that they had to provoke crimes and kill people so that the World, along with the Masterminds behind-the-scene would seize the occasion to raise the stakes and the auctions.

When those puppets in transition in Kiev will leave the stage they are occupying abusively and illegaly, time for Justice will come starting with Tymoshenko who should go back to jail : she has fueled the rebellion behind bars and set the tone and the fire that ended with the blood of Ukrainians demonstrating in Maidan.

She, Tymoshenko, and the theftmen of her party of backshich are ultimately the truly responsibles for the bloodshed president Yanukovych avoided by all means from the very beginning, eventhough, at a certain point, he has to warn  people « the gov will have to take strong and though measures to keep the nation functioning ». This was his responsibility and he did nothing wrong.

But the Opposition did : demonstrators, under Opposition obediency, had fired on police forces with life amunitions. What did they expect ? For the police and the army to wait the bullets and die to please the usurpated glory to come of those bandits presently in power ? Previously, the Opposition has asked for the annulation of though laws preventing demonstrations and president Yanukovych accessed to their demands.

If Yanukoviich is guilty of something, it is that he was too conciliatory with the Opposition ; which hurt back turning him as an indecisive – therefore – as a weak leader. He got trapped by western media’s comments and misled by western politicians bad faith.

When Justice is back to in this nation, Members of  Opposition are the ones to jail and to sue. Assuming, Ukraine will not part. The Eastern part is not recognizing this lying government as representant of the people of Ukraine. Unelected, illegitimate, criminal and transitional.

Who are they to issue warrant arrest against a democratically president elected they have pushed out of the nation ? Who are the real criminals ? Course they are and they want to blame their thefts and flaws to the others. Kiev and Tripoli, more of the same. With the exception that in Tripoli, the masters behind the scenes moved naked faces whereas in Ukraine, they chose the party of Vagabonds associated to extremists members ( the case in Syria) to do the dirty Job. Their place is in jail. Tymoshenko, first.

Ukrainians, don’t let Vagabonds in Power steal and lie to you again and again. Stand your rights and your land. You are under a gross hijack pretending to free you from a so-called tyranny. Open your eyes. You’re being cheated upon.

Here is the good news : you still have time to react. Tomorrow it could be too late to renew your political representants. The ones in place are corrupt thoroughly. The point for Ukraine is not to be pro-EU or pro-Russian. Ukraine needs to stay Ukrainian. That is first and last. Watch out !


Excerpt from CNN. Up to speed: Uncertainty reigns in a divided Ukraine.

« We have a legitimate source of authority in Kiev, which is the democratically elected Parliament and a democratically, constitutionally elected speaker of parliament, who is acting president, » Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who helped broker a peace deal between the government and the opposition, said on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Is Poland now speaking for Ukraine ? This is first.

Second. The legitimacy of the Parliament is indissociable from the President’s. Either Yanukovych is out and the actual parliament is no longer legitimate to decide anything else than short-term measures consisting to hold on until next elections. Either president Yanukovych is still the legitimate elected source of power and the decisions taken by the « new » parliament in his absence are nul and void.

The way of legacy is this one : president Yanukovych in place as president and the parliament is free to vote for earlier parliamentaries and presidential elections and for the change of the Constitution. In the process, they can also start the long walk of « impeachment », encoded by law.

Third, the peace deal is dead. Does anybody tell that to the « Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who helped broker a peace deal between the government and the opposition » ? I guess Fareed Zakaria had updated him with his GPS.

THERE ARE NO NEO-NAZIS IN UKRAINE. AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT SUPPORT FASCISTS. Really ? Read here. The funniest thing is the association of pro europeans, therefore pro jewish with neo-nazis enchained together.

Watch the faces and images of innocents and peaceful demonstrators wearing the masks of Death. Then try do imagine the scene of crimes and who is behind that geant Symphony of Death. Horribilis.

Read also. ARE US AND EU BACKING NEO NAZIS IN UKRAINE? From  Eurasia news via Macedonia Intl Agency News. Interesting the faction in power vows to fight Jews as well as Russians till death. Symphony of Death, I told you.

Dmitry Medvedev said Monday, according to Russian news agencies, that the new authorities have come to power as a result of “armed mutiny,” so their legitimacy is causing “big doubts.”

He said Russia would be ready to resume relations with Ukraine once it sees a “normal, modern government based on laws and constitution of Ukraine.”

“If you consider Kalashnikov-toting people in black masks who are roaming Kiev to be the government, then it will be hard for us to work with that government,” he said.

Quotes from Total Collapse, citing the AP