Kiev. Panic on board : the ICC is called for help by the interim parliament.

Kiev supposedly gov was awaited this Tuesday. The announcement was delayed to Thursday. To fill the vacuum, the interim parliament – acting under european and USA joint influence – is flying forward with the claim of the day to the ICC, the Perfect Body devoted to the US-EU influence. You just need to see who are the accused overthere to come along with the public opinion on how partial and biais this ICC has turned into. No more credibility, until further notice.

The interim president in Ukraine is thus opening a door already wide open. If this is the answer to the yesterday’s question mark asking if « the interim parliament is substituing itself for Justice ? », it is just a flight forward and more auctions.

Ukrainian Opposition is not clean. Those « mass murders » are the outcome of their erratic businesses. It is part of the massacres its members contributed to push by acting underground fiercely and constantly, using neo-nazis bands as weapons of « mass killings ». They were hoping that chaos which would inevitably unfold the crisis, or their hijacking would have served like a terrorist shelter everyone would have to abide to.

Yet, things are moving differently. The scheme is too big to cope with. And sometimes, the flight forward could be the first step backward, because it sends the message of febrility.

Russian Foreign Minister has got an advice : the respect of the agreement signed by members of the Opposition with president Yanukovich, before going to the barricades to tell the protesters to « stand  their ground » and « be prepared to stay in the Maïdan place till no delay given » – this last call was a Tymoshenko cry on her wheelchair, coming straight right from jail to the Maïdan place.

You dont sign a peace agreement and the hour after, rush into the barricades to set demonstrators in fire and pretend to ask the ICC to judge somebody else for your mean activism and fire settling.

You don’t sign a peace agreement where all your demands are been fulfilled and the minute later, enter hooligan’s behavior to wreack havoc the Nation. And pretend to cease the ICC to judge a scapegoat, at your place.

You can not be for peace and an agent of trouble at the same time.

This Parliament can not rule the nation. The only way he can do it is – as Russians has settled it rightly again – by referendum. The actual parliamentary  majority is not the choice of the people. Therefore, whatever decision they could be making are power abuse. Starting with the date of the next elections to any transitional gov, each decision should be adopted through a general referendum summing up the principal issues to tackle :

First of all : they should demand to the Ukrainians to chose between the initial deal failed by members of the Opposition and the rule of an interim parliament bearing powers for those only three things

– Earlier elections date

– Reform of the constitution

– and the fate of the president, admitting Ukrainians reject the deal burried under a coup led by the Opposition.

Had those members of the Opposition calmed down their militants and asked demonstrators to leave the barricades, the lifes of 86 people would have been preserved.

Time for Justice would come. This is not time for it. It is time for legacy and legitimacy. If president Yanukovich is wanted and illegitimate, then this parliament is as well. They didn’t hesitate to send neo-nazis militias to terrorize some parliamentaries who, therefore, didn’t show up to vote the exceptional powers the parliament granted itself. Alternatively, they came in, but fearing hard retaliations, like the Ukrainian Ambassador in US, denied themselves, espousing the opinion of the Opposition.

Time for delation in Ukraine is underway. Those times are announcing the entrance of darkness in Ukraine.

Yesterday, was a big day as Prof Michel Chossudovsky opened a wide corridor with pictures of the real  executors  roaming in Kiev for summary executions without any sommations. Watch the pictures of that Symphony macabre here.

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FEBRUARY 25, 2014

By Oriental Review

“There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes.” — Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

After signing a void agreement on “crisis settlement” on Friday, the situation in the Ukraine has rapidly got out of control of its signatories and “witnesses”. No provisions of this document were fulfilled. The legitimate authorities fled (or tried to flee) the country, the governmental buildings in Kiev are taken by the revolutionary mob. The radicals are dictating the new rules to façade opposition “leaders” who desperately try to bridle the Maidan.

What happened to the Ukraine on February 21, 2014 is essentially a criminal coup committed by the radical armed anarchists and Ukrainian Nazis who have been enjoying a comprehensive financial, military, diplomatic and even religious support and instigation from the Western power groups for the last two decades. Many of the Ukraine’s cities are now falling into the chaos of lootings, unprovoked violence, lynch law and political repressions.

The first signs of upcoming chaos were clearly seen as the Ukrainian authorities wavered at the three-month siege of the centre of Kiev by the radical guerrilla elements from Galicia and local criminal gangs. They watched silently when furious fanatics were burning unarmed riot police Berkut officers alive, lynching them and pulling out their eyes. They did nothing to stop frantic “freedom fighters” from storming regional administrations, humiliating the officials and looting police and military arsenals in the West Ukraine. They were paralyzed when unidentified snipers were cool-bloodily killing militia personnel, protesters and casual passers-by from the roofs of Kiev’s buildings. They even declared amnesty (twice!) to those guilty of the brutal crimes against policemen and public order. Thus Yanukovych’s regime itself paved the way for a sinister ghost of the war-torn Libya to come to Ukraine.

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