Kiev should be forced to open his borders and allow press and humanitarian aid in. One way or another.

DSC_0418The Russian humanitarian convoy is nearing Ukrainian and since this morning the power usurpators  – who came into power through a coup – calling themselves Kiev’s authorities are sending rotten messages, calling their people « bandits », forgetting they are the first who brought banditism in Ukraine.

The PM, who resigned and yet he is still officing – in whose name ? – didn’t stop insulting Ukrainian people, he moved to point fingers to Russian authorities he qualified authors of a « cynical  humanitarian move ».

Kiev must learn that, time for coups, harsh censorship and black out is over. So is slavery, massacres and jailing a huge amount of people for civic desobedience. This gives me the opportunity to tell a word over calling some Ukrainians « pro-separatists ». Everybody listening this is inclined to consider those people as trouble-makers or secessionists.

As long as the nation was respecting a minimum of political civilised rule, there were little problems in Ukraine. Orange Revolution was the first intrusion of the can of worms. Since then, the Nation never really recovered the route of an apease democracy – if the world still means something in our post-modern times. Charlie Chaplin said « Democraacy is strunk ».

Pro-Russians is more appropriate as Kiev neighborhood are pro-europeans and non-separatists. Probably it is too late to modify the language on this point. Pro-Russians rebel is biaised either.

President Poroshenko had the opportunity to bring peace in Ukraine, but he chose to espouse the iron course of war and show of power. Odessa massacres were the first Poroshenko’s answer to the people opposing the move towards Europe.

You are a pro-separatist when you ask for separation without any democratic revendication. You cease to be, if you feel like you are being sold as slaver to another nation or part of the World you don’t belong to ; this without being either consult for a say through democratic standards.

At the moment when those standards broke up, no obligation, no links, no ties stand anymore.

Now, the World must oblige Kiev to let a third party inside the nation : Russia is entitled to as well as the Press to let the World know what is going on inside Ukraine.

Even at the heat of Lybian crisis, Gaddafi opened the country to the press to see what was going on in the field.

This is International law, norms and standard. Israel has never respected those standards. Now it is Kiev’s turn.

Knowing that Kiev has bombed the MH17 and is covered up by the CIA/NATO/US/GB coalition ; those supplying and sponsoring Kiev ‘sregime to kill pro-Russians people, there is no reason to trust Kiev  until they open their borders and the battlefields in the Eastern Ukraine.

This Kiev’s regime is ready to let his people die,  if they don’t obey them. Laws of War and the international law must turn this Machiavelic ruling.

What is for sure, if Kiev doesn’t comply with those laws (international and wars), then any Invasion by Russia to save those territories with people in danger is welcome and will be fully supported and motivated by the Symbolic Obligation of life and lives protection.

Washington’s Ukrainian Stooges Shot Down The Malaysian Airliner.

Where are the British conclusions over the MH17 ?



Is Iraq heading towards Lybian scenario bis repetita. Arms are supplied to Kurds by France again as it was the case in Lybia.  Where are those arms going to land after Kurdistan ?

Are the allies looking for a partition of Iraq with an independant Kurdistan like Koweit was stolen to Iraq ?

What is the US plan and strategy ? The US must not allow those desordely interventions. Arms supply should come at last resort. They are useless, as long as American shelling Isis position is efficient. You can  not advocate « no boots on the ground » and allow arms in. The US helicopters are already dealing with ISIS. No needs for arms. The situation could spillover dangerously and inflame the whole region with instability. The case of Mali.

Unless this is the US strategy, President Obama and vice president Joe Biden should frame this intervention in order to avoid another mess with each european nation playing its selfishness games just as if Iraq was the New playing field for dangerous war games.

Why Al-Maliki is out remains a mystery.  Why is he abandoned by his friends including Iran ? In politics, always beware of your best friends during 30 years.

Lybia, the chief of Police has been assassinated. Read at El Watan. I guess Hillary is hearing and appreciating the consequence of a Terminator foreign policy inside Lybia at the time she was in office as Secretary of State.

In French, you will say Time is a killer. An excellent song by a french singer Véronique Sanson. When singers were not lip singing and abusing playing back. They wore clothes as a symbol of the amplitude of their voice. Today, singers are as nake as their voice is kind of evaporation. So they have to compensate. Desperately. 

Note that she is not crying like a crazy  woman. She is authentic, powerful, touching, aerial and smooth.

Jet crash in Brazil with Eduardo Campos, running for presidential election, inside. The man was an ex-ally of Dilma Rousseff, during the last presidential election and was credited of 10%, on third position. Reuters info.


Hamas should not lower their guard in face of a vicious Israel ; the nation specialised in endless duration of simulated talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Israel is not a trusthful interlocuteur. For this nation, talks is another occasion to push the wear job forward. It is either their way or the status quo.

Hamas should pay attention at that and start to think to go back on the field of war : Israel is looking for colonies named Gaza and West Bank. It was the case before, it remains the case today and will be tomorrow.

The only language Israel understands is terror or cynicism. So, if Egypt is ready to help Gaza, they must reopen the tunnels to enable Gaza to help itself and be helped by some brothers around the Word like America, the UK, France, Germany are helping Israel with arms supply.

Hamas will get nothing from Israel. Talks with Israel are the road to nowhere. A waiste of time. The same applies to Kiev.

Malcom XLesson of History : Nobody gives you freedom. You fight for it alone. In other words, You take it (Malcom X fighting racism in America) what ever the cost is. Capiche ?

Africa, South America, Asia went through this road and, in the end they won. Of course, they were casualties. But they had no choice but to stand on the way of the colonialists.

Israel remains the only colonial state in the World. Meanwhile, America, the land where black people have suffered the burden of slavery and ultra racism – still operating today – is cautioning those Israeli vampiric policies. And a black man is the president of the US. Dirty campaign money could kill the World.

Gaza and West Bank must be decolonised. Politically, it translates by territories sovereignties and total freedom of circulation, travelling, trading and bilateral or multilateral cooperation.

Israel has no choice but to sign a peace-deal and an agreement to end the blockade immediately and the occupation progressively. For the time being,  Israel must pay a tax for illegal occupation to THE Palestinian people.

This should be the starting point for any lasting truce including the security of Israel.



Thursday 14th. Militants’ Siege on Mountain in Iraq Is Over, Pentagon Says. (the NYT).

Lybian parliament is calling the international community for help to protect Civilians in danger.

Réuni à Tobrouk, dans l’est du pays, le Parlement libyen a adopté, hier, à une majorité de 111 voix sur 124 présents, une résolution appelant la communauté internationale à intervenir rapidement pour protéger les civils en Libye. C’est ce qu’indique l’AFP, citant un député, Abou Bakr Bira. Source El Watan.

What is wrong with Lybia ? Have the Mc Cain/Clinton duettists backedBenghazi boys failed to reunite the country like Al-Maliki in Iraq?

Lybia is threatened by a partition and Islamism.

« En parallèle, le pays est menacé de partition, à savoir la Cyrénaïque, la Tripolitaine et le Fezzan et la montée de l’islamisme ». (El Watan)