Kinshasa. Constitution changing is turning Burkinabe Faso.

Time of presidency for life is over.

President Kabila and the congolese lawmakers have opened  a session over constitution manipulation in order to allow this president, who is in his second term as president, to run again and to win – since for them, running is winning. The latest presidential race was mired with claims of frauds. This wasn’t enough. This president who came into power after a coup by his father against Mobutu, doesn’t want to leave power.

His calculation is my way or chaos inside the DRC. Africa is lagging behind due to that kind of non democratic presidents staying president for life without the consent of the people: they think  they  just have to manipulate the Contititon at their guise and, before you know it, he has already  won another third, four, etc mandate.

The Combattants have warned president Kabila of the dramatic consequences in changing the rule of law, once again. But the gov is intending to deal with the matter using the strenght of the police. Actually, students are brutally arrested. Others are killed. Eventually, the army will be called to add to the congolese burden.

All this under our watch.

When will those Africans presidents understand that the times of presidency for life is over ? This is a problem France should confront, as they are the first support of Kabila. Supporting a president against his people: is he what France and French people mean calling themselves « Charlie »?

If « Charlie » was really about democracy, then it is time for France to prove they were meaning what they was saying, that they were not only performing a song for democracy while supporting dictatorial  regimes.

Students have taken to the streets and their lifes are in jeopardy with those brutal police forces.

View the video here. The scenario is underway since Monday.

Human Rights International Federation is reporting 40  deaths so far.

Kabila’s second term is due to end in 2016. That is why he is trying to preempt the Constitution revising it.