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Times ahead, Dominique de Villepin warned us to use a lot of tact in handling the crisis in Ukraine and, even more so, to refrain from meddling and taking side. But nobody listened – as always. Apparently, leaders of the World didn’t pardon him for his franc parler opposing Iraqi war. Years later on, History has proved he was right and all the then UN Assembly was wrong. At the time, France was still Gaullist which means strong and with a clear understanding of geopolitics and war.

The way Ukraine’s situation has spiraled out of control  speaks- once again- for Dominique de Villepin’s knowledge and intelligence. Facts speak for themselves.

“  Each time Western nations have tried to interfere in regional affairs, they messed it up : Iraq, catastrophe. Afghanistan, catastrophe. Lybia, catastrophe. Syria, catastrophe. Now Ukraine, be extremely cautious”. In one word, he was advising restrain.

This quote is by Dominique de Villepin, former french foreign minister under president Jacques Chirac, sending this alert before the crisis enters its hot sequence.

Bulgaria is already taking preventive measures to protect the frontiers from potential displaced people. Read this on Sofia News :

Bulgaria Steps Up Border Control Because of Ukraine

Bulgarian Ministers Agree Measures on Ukrainian Conflict

Bulgaria has approved measures to tackle negative developments that could arise from the Ukrainian standoff. Quote from Sofia News.

Discordant voices like Dominique de Villepin are undesirable and even censored in the UN, because of their unbearable honesty blowing contrary winds. The fact is America and the West alike don’t want any other block of power existence. Neither do they tolerate a contradictory voice. They would tell you they are the quintessence of Democracy. Just laugh at it quietly.

Those latest 30 years, they spared no tools and stuff to bring down the non aligned  movement, the OPEC and  the Muslisms Arabic World and are constantly looking to break China into pieces, favoring the Dalaï Lama more than Diplomatic correctness needs – sending message of side taking – providing ammunitions and war equipment to nations China is at odds with over territories disputes, disturbing Iran and South America with a 60 years embargo on a nation like Cuba drop bleeding since then but still standing.

Venezuela who is remembering Chavez, despite the upheaval, was not spared and other South American nations underwent coup after coup. All this was supposed to be ending with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian destabilization. Africa is destabilized for a long time, by the war in libya spilling over towards Mali, Centrafrique. Sudan and Nigeria are on burning coals. Things can derail anytime soon. Ivory Coast is enjoying a fragile recovery with some reconciliation conferences that have just started. The Rwanda Model ?

Yet, there is Ukraine and Russia at the horizon to meltdown.

Of the counterpowers destroyed, OPEC case is certainly the most heartbreaking.

Sudan has been split up. Production is on a halt.

Lybia has been contained with the murder of president Gadhafi, the spearhead of African development which suffers that huge blow in the stomach.

Iran is always trial by the group of 5 + Germany and fought regionally by Saudi Arabia, the great traitor of the cause – corrupt at the root and in the heart – sanctions targeting Iran oil have one solely objective : weaken Iran and OPEC detaining a heavy power, times ago. Remember the first petrol crisis in the seventeen that knocked a blow to the superpowers : the price of the baril jumped high and Western powers decided to control all this at their advantage, as usual.

As a consequence, Venezuela, the other great oil actor was permanently enduring a huntman enterprise with an uncalculable numbers of failed coup to kill president Chavez.

Arabs and Muslisms were a bloc. The West also destroyed it with the Arab Spring. Here the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordania defected behind the so called International community.


 Yesterday, we heard that members of the Ukrainian Opposition were asking the presence of International observers ? To do what ? Say No. Those are spies such as the NGO’s organisations’ double mission and some big corporations alike. Tell me who is funding you and I will tell you what your mission consists on.

Read. The Powers and Abuses of America’s Mega-Corporations – By Dr. Gary G. Kohls – Global Research, March 04, 2014.

 The second new fact of yesterday was the Training proposal by NATO to Ukraine ? Triple No. Those are wolves. Once you bring them at home, they swallow you up, with one shot.  Ask president Karzai : 12 years of occupation and yet Obama is still proposing to  discuss the matter of whether or not American troops must leave Afghanistan with… Karzai successor who is going to face this ultimatum of a continuing presence of the USA in the region, against the will of Afghan people or be portrayed by Western medias as a Tyrant.

All this to hunt a ghost or to nurture it : al Qaeda for instance. Was 9/11 a montage for big businesses ?

The war will then be endless and American industrial armement would go on chanting along with the congressmen the NRA would be funding- through some Super Pac full of black money and billionnaires’ paradisiac checks – the blessings of American long stay in Afghanistan for securities matter and development, forgetting to mention that precisely, American continuing presence may found itself in a situation of fire-settler and fighter. Absolutely crazy.

The NATO should stick to the Western side. Meanwhile the East and the South should create another body, the equivalent of the NATO whose limits are already been overstretched. Bodies like the NATO or the ICC carry on a post colonialist and imperialist agenda. That is all.

The notion that some people – the West – deserve the right to control the entire World, for one reason or another, even when neighbors are disputing… is totally unacceptable and must be fought back without hesitation. America and the EU should not dream of the total control of the World. Those times are behind us. More, they are proved counterproductive and cause of crisis after crisis and crisis. 

Of course, they count on insider national traitors such as those puppets presently in power in Ukraine, the kind of small people ready to do anything to reach a place they will never access normally. Those are imposteurs ; namely bandits and pirats. If NATO was already training soldiers inside Ukraine, that is what the world would be having as President, western-NATO backed presidents, not ones out of the people’s choice. Say No to NATO’s offer. Those are poisoned gifts and satanic money and monitoring.

West is quick to portray itself as best people in  the World. Something Impossible.  They are people like others with their defaults – many – and qualities – many also. They are human beings. Ask yourself why material development allows them to come forward with this unbearable arrogance and mediocrity to lecture other governments and presidents ?

A William Hague finds himself authorize to tell Putin what to do or not. No comment.

French authorities and corrupt officials also stand up to speak to Russia. What is wrong with those megalomaniacs ? No single European nation fits the size of Russia. They are small nations compared to Russia. They know that. Even regrouped inside the EU, the balance of powers still favors Russia.

All the more so, America, which compares to Russia is also out there to lecture Putin. Even Obama, a new comer compared to Putin. Really, western politicians should learn respect, humility and honesty. Cameron is giving money today to Ukraine, but he had covered up the corrupt money from NOW (News of the World) flooding Britain officials and protected a child molesters working inside number 10. With those western leaders, we seem to be attending a global process of cannibalism, meaning de-civilisation and déculturation.

How is it ?

Democracy in the West is an allegory to be chant again and again. The more you lock Democracy in, the louder you speak up, whenever, wherever. The more you spread international gangsterism, the arrogant and contemptuous you show up. Ladies and gentlemen, this is William Hague speaking and calling Putin to speak to Ukraine.

Co-starring, the US pronuncing bans of visas towards Russian Officials. Yes, they can.

Remember, History always repeats itself. First time as a tragedy : it was centuries of colonialism and slavery. The second time as a comedy. Today Western post-colonial agenda is a fancy. Doomed to fail.

People of Kiev, the American Prince Charmant, the Father Christmas bearing the EU’s barb, the NATO’s savior of the World, all those are fairy tales. Imagery. West is a huge smokescreen of democracy. The fantasy hides a monumental misery. You’ll never been told about that misery. Everything is about Hollywood universal : that big allegory of Western power. Hollywood is Big, Bold and Beautiful. Simply, this is poesie first, transplantation, sorry, transposition of the real World, second and dreams of a better World to live in, third.

 Congratulations to 12 years of slaves. I will not miss it.

Kiev, Maidan, Ukrainians, Russians, may be it is time to revive the Non Aligned Movement or something equivalent as a counter “International community’s” bloc. The international community is no longer a community, but a Club of the Wealthiest : the happy few living like princes and princess to the detriment of the people and nations around the World.

Not that we hate rich people, No. We need them as they need the people. It all comes down to equity. In nineteen century, Victor Hugo, the fabulous poet and author of « The Miserables » ruled that : Equity is beyond Justice. This is the way to follow.

Wealthiest Russians, Ukrainians Losing Billions in Crimea Conflict – 

Time for the Emergence to translate into a Political Infrastructure, a banking Union or a military cooperation body distinct from NATO whose Babelic project is frightening.

TIME TO TRANSLATE THE EMERGENCE POLITICALLY AND MILITARILY. This is  a more stimulating  adventure  than following in the EU-American-NATO’s footsteps like cattle. Be creative and inventive, think and look for a New Way Out an In.

I love you Kiev

We love you Ukrainians and Russians together

Help us found a New Deal and open a new chapter of History today.

Take care.

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Good News : Crimea Parliament is announcing a referendum on March, 16 to decide whether or not to join the Russian Federation. 

From CNN. NATO, OSCE efforts to resolve the Ukraine standoff « are not helping » foster dialogue, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov says.

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