Mali : smoke democracy. What Egypt should avoid to be in the future to come.

We have to start here by a brief from the NYT –

Mali: Leader of a Coup Gets a Promotion.

Mali’s departing interim president promoted to the rank of general an army captain who led a coup last year that plunged the nation into crisis and allowed fighters linked to Al Qaeda to seize the desert north. The surprise decision, relayed by an army spokeman, came just days after the West African nation held a critical election to choose a new president. The promotion was criticized by rights groups. Amadou Aya Sonogo, the newly promoted general, has maintained influence despite officially handing power back to civilian leadership last year, and the move this week appeared set to bolster his position.

In case Senator McCain came to have missed the information, we are pleased to bring it to him as a present during the recess. On the gift paper we have noticed some questions for the senator :

–  How the senator feels about the promotion of a Leader of a Coup by a so-called new elected president in a country under the total France submission and occupation ?

– Is it Democracy he has been dreaming at for Africa while leading the Lybian Coup that caped the failing so-called Arab Spring ? A smoke democracy ?

– In case the Senator missed the Al-Jazeera reportage over French-African connections mounting coups in Africa and multiple cases of embezzlements of oil money stolen organised into a Mafia organisation for the wealth of political parties in France and their leaders along with African presidents which got a guarantee from Paris to stay in Power as long as they desire, since Paris is there to assist them in esclavagizing their people…democratically, according to the West. We have made some comments available here (unfortunately, they are in French – but ask a translator to do the job) over that excellent reporting from Al Jazeera aired the 15th August. That was recently. I highly recommend that investigation to anybody as a study of case on relationships between the North and the South mired with Corruption. The documentary worth too many comments and a watch. You will probably need a seat near by, in case you are a novice in African and international issues.

What the documentary couldn’t get in touch with are those others develish connections coming with African presidents’ enrollment into that scheme. On top of this is the export of the masonic lodges. An obligation to adopt the sect. Unless you are a secret member, you won’t have a post at the highest political or administrative levels. That is first.

Second, and this is the untold story, masonery sects came in Africa with a clandestine passenger : homosexuality ; the new imposed order to succeed either in politics or in the editing world. Naturally, this goes with male prostitution. The chain is not a fatality, but a well tought trought upstream the bringing in of oil corruption and freemasonery sect. All this ends in Massive tax evasion. We praise Great Britain and Chancelor Osborne for the Wanted List of people hunt as Gross Tax Evaders. It is a milestone. I really great the valuable and responsible decision.

What is disappointing is this is the same GB, author of controversial ads calling immigrants to leave GB or face arrest threats. After the disappointment, you start laughing for you need much more to destabilise or frighten illegal immigrants. I may say, once an immigrant has already landed in a place, it is difficult to turn him out. Questions concerning the respect of the State of Law, Human Rights, International Solidarity, Human dignity and sometimes the respect of family life assemble into a kind of Tour for the Administration. Many leaders are facing the dilemma : either you go straight into it like president Obama is doing right now with the immigration reform or you take the Britain way : impasse.

To deal with illegal immigration, you have to take the problem upstream, before giving the visa or follow into it like in Switherland. Once the immigrant is on the soil, it is usually too late. How do you cope with this, with regard to the freedom of travelling and freedoms of people.  May be a new framework is needed here. Most importantly,  we need good governance on Poor countries, especially in Africa. Raw material is becoming the center of all this as they impact trade, aid and development of those countries where many illegal immigrants came from. That’s why dealing with corruption and tax evasion is the best way to fight illegal immigration.

Once those horses pull the cart, you can move on with the issue. Mali represents a summary  of all this. Look at the sequency :

– Fake election with a president under French imposed order exploiting raw material without taking care of Malians : one of the poorest country in the World with big natural ressources. Nobody can explain why and how is it ?

– If France is leading the nuclear industry in the World, thanks to Niger and Mali (apparently uranium has been found in the country explaining a boost of interest for France)

– In the end African Wealth is enriching the West side and African elites enrolled into the raw material french-african connection : usually presidential families and friends and  members of homosexuality and freemasonery sects alike.

– Africans are more and more poorer and this is where Illegal immigration starts as a survival. You can have a look at my e-book for those matters. Ask a translator to help with the traduction. I’m sorry. I’ll manage to provide one in the future.

We started with a letter to Senator McCain. We’ll end with YOU.

International Corruption throught  the Race for Natural Ressources is linked to some amazing cults and practices. Gay marriage and the Triumphant international homosexual lobbying are out there promising the worst nightmare to Putin during the  Winter games to come in Sotchi. This is how the Snowden’s gate is ending with President Putin trapped into gay’s nets. When president Putin welcomed Snowden, he couldn’t foresee this : like in Africa, homosexuality is a clandestine passenger inside the cases or the lab or the USB devices. Putin couldn’t see this : he came from so far behind that he couldn’t apprehend how vicious the World has transformed while he was Premier and exclusively concentrated into Russian interior affairs.

Gay lobbying is kind of furtive scheme requiring expertised eyes to catch in its earlier rampant stages. The media are their best channels. At first sight, you’ll be listening and reading the media as neutral tools. In the end, you’ll have Gay loobbying hidden inside those channels. Many of their personnel are either gays or under freemasonery obedience ; if not belonging to those two affiliated cults, their employer is one of them. We shall go on with this discussion some times ahead.

For now, what was important to see is how interconnected things and the World are ; how an event in Mali could inform the rest of the news even Egypt we will talk about in another note ; how gay marriage is a product of a smoke democracy and global corruption of leaders under mainstream outlets and lobbying pressure necessary for their re-election, popularity and symbolism  ; how the chant of democracy under the « oath » of mainstream’s media neutrality has turned Egypt down, how illegal immigration or not is directly linked to poverty due to poor countries’ governance, how homosexuality lobbying is utilizing mainstream’s media channels to grow up or diverting the notion of civil rights equality to explain all and nothing.

How is Putin going to do with the legacy of Snowden-mainstream media’s backend announcing some sabotage and a showdown against Russian antigays propaganda’s laws towards the youth under the majority age ? I’m eager to see that scene. Previously, we alerted President Putin Snowden was a hot potatoe : you carry it you get burned. Inevitable.

Next stage : the burning down of Putin. Sotchi Winter’s games. Cool. 

Book a seat.

 Concerning International Aid and the institutionnalisation of the double standard, read « Haïti recovery : white supremacy and slavery are still alive and well in the “pearl of the Antilles”. Global Research offers a best and clear confirmation of what has been advocated here. Follow the link.