Mandela, 95 years. Death of a Black Epic Hero.

Mandela has passed away. It was long awaited. In a way there is no surprise, just a sense of relief for Him to rest in peace, at last.

We all know the Epic story of the Great Man.

27 years in jail fighting for the freedom of South Africans enchained by netherland’s and british’s apartheid. This was an « ideal he was prepared to die or to live for ».

His fight inspired Gandhi to start the Indian Revolution against the British empire in India using the same recipe as Mandela’s. (*)

(*) Correction. It is the opposite : Gandhi’s fight and unshakable determination inspired Mandela’s. Let’s put it this way : it was a co-inspiration. PM Singh praised « Mandela as being truly Gandhian ».

Then between 1994 and 1999, he became the first Black president of SA, fresh from prison.

In 1993, Mandela was awarded the Nobel peace Price along with Ke Klerk, the man he took presidency from.

President Mbeki took over President Mandela’s steping aside from the power for illness reasons.

If Mandela was the father of the Revolution, Thabo Mbeki is the president who brought change in South Africa. Mandela was and will remain the Guide whereas Thabo Mbeki is the perfect Administrator and Governor of the Land.

When it comes to Death, we are all caught off guard. In that case, silence is the best way to say farewell. Bowing down at the curfew.

Mandela will have State funeral and is expected to be burried in his native place. A mountain place, the like of Himself.

Mandela has really shaken the Apartheid’s mountain. For that reason alone, he is immortal.

So, he is not going anywhere. He is definitely siding with us. Birago Diop has an epic poem about breaths. The poem says « those who have passed away are not dead, they are with us, in the wind, in the fire, on the trees, in the house, nearly everywhere ». This is how Black African Men figure out and honore their ancestors and elders.

Here is it : South African people are dancing and chanting. It is not time for crying but to rejoice.

Cheers Mandela ! He fought the right fight.