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Bernie Sanders for President
Real change comes about when large numbers of ordinary Americans speak, vote and get involved in the democratic process. If we stand together, we win. If we are divided, the big-money interests win. And we have a real shot to deliver a big victory in the fight for health care as a right for all Americans in this campaign.

Sisters and Brothers –

Here is what I believe: the greed of the pharmaceutical and health care industries in this country is killing Americans. It is a national disgrace that, despite great gains made under the Affordable Care Act, 29 million of our neighbors are still without care.

That is why I am, frankly, a bit surprised that with less than three weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, the Clinton campaign is attacking our belief that health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege, for every man, woman and child in our country. We cannot wait to realize that goal, and the best way to get there is a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system.

Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s several super PACs took aim at us, saying our plan would « require tax increases on working families. »

It would be a terrible setback for our shared values and for our movement to reform a corrupt political system if we lost because a super PAC scared voters into thinking our plan would take away people’s coverage or cost them more money. Help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Under my plan, we will lower the cost of health care for the typical family by nearly $5,000 a year. It is unfair to say simply how much more a program will cost without letting people know we are doing away with the cost of private insurance and that the middle class will be paying substantially less for health care under a single-payer system than Hillary Clinton’s program. Attacking the cost of the plan without acknowledging the bottom-line savings is the way Republicans have attacked this idea for decades.

Taking that approach in a Democratic primary undermines the hard work of so many who have fought to guarantee health care as a right in this country, and it hurts our prospects for achieving that goal in the near future.

Fight back against the super PACs that have attacked our campaign, and help deliver a victory in Iowa for our political revolution. Make a contribution here:

Real change comes about when large numbers of ordinary Americans speak, vote and get involved in the democratic process. If we stand together, we win. If we are divided, the big-money interests win. And we have a real shot to deliver a big victory in the fight for health care as a right for all Americans in this campaign.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

⇒ Greens to run ads backing Sanders in Iowa, New Hampshire. (The  Hill)


Following our comments in french – see our previous post – over the hidden fabric untold story in the State of the Union speech, I’m delighted, that sometimes to times, somebody can unfold the « unarmed truth » and bring about some intelligence.

Today’s Eurasianews shot « Here’s What Obama Won’t Tell You About Terrorism » is one of those righteous analysis due to the people.

Obama said something else that was pretty instructive: “In today’s world, we’re threatened less by evil empires and more by failing states.” That’s true, basically: There’s no conventional power on earth that poses an imminent military threat to the U.S.

But why, then, should “failing states”?

The usual answer is that weak or failing states offer fertile ground for militant groups to organize, train, recruit, and arm themselves. That’s how the Arab-dominated group that became al-Qaeda used Afghanistan in the years between the Soviet invasion and the 9/11 attacks (though they also plotted in decidedly stable environs like Hamburg). And it’s how the Islamic State is using Syria now after bursting out of its origins in Iraq, where it formed the core of a Sunni insurgency against the U.S.-backed Shiite government.

It makes sense that failing states might present opportunities for militant groups. And it’s reasonable to expect that failed states in the Muslim world would appeal to Islamist groups in particular. But all this explains nothing about why their militancy should uniquely threaten the United States. After all, if they’re simply religious zealots, hell-bent on killing or converting the infidels, why shouldn’t these failing states be a concern to non-Muslim powers like Brazil? Or Japan? Or South Africa?

Why aren’t they reduced to bean-counting air strikes on countries halfway around the world?

The simple answer is that no other non-Muslim country on earth has intervened in the region as extensively as the United States has.

Our Demons – I named them « challenges » to be kind and nice. In fact, those are demons. Clearly.


None of this excuses terrorism by al-Qaeda, ISIS, or anyone else. But if Obama or anyone else wants to take a realistic look at the threat, we can’t just look at the likelihood of it. We have to look at the reasons for it.

International criminality.

On the opposite side, you have another shot by eurasianews advocating Jews and Muslims are the new scapegoats. So easy. It looks like the Clinton’s boys passed on to Obama as a heritage writing the last State of the Union of approximations and hidden truth.

First, Jews are and have always been Masters of international criminality. Muslims were not. They learn the game and how to defend themselves.

Second, contrary to the Jews’ ability to dissolve themselves and recycle into all sorts of nationalities around the Western World, before assaulting the entire decisional spheres of power, dissolving their DNA in the process, Muslims are an identified identity, operating without masks and openly. You can’t compare the Masters of Slavery to their victims fighting for their sovereignities, freedoms and lives.

Look, the only nation where you need to be Jew to immigrate in and live in peace is Israel. While Jews can walk free in the entire planet, settle and enter administrations and the upper private sectors, the reciprocity is not possible. As masters of the World, Jews are anything, but scapegoats or victims of any kind. This is another secular master lie, many stooges of this system of camouflage are spreading around the World.

Now, one thing is for the Jewish to organise, terrorise and kill either collectively or in silence using corruption and money as the ultimate gun.

Another thing is for the rest of the people to get up to the challenges and to stop demoniac conducts.

This is the substance of any Political Revolution needed in emergency to free the World and the People.

Actually, long ahead French presidential campaign to take place in the first quarter of 2017, some leftists Jewish papers and outlets have started the corrupt, intriguing misinformation business over the manipulated pools of their friends, stooges of the hidden fabric, telling that Sarkozy is going to lose and, Hollande may win again.


The fact is any reformist, the size of Sarkozy represents the biggest fear ever for those nullities sitting illegaly and immeritely where they are to spread their rubbish to a captured citizen in the idiot land.

To stay alive, the System needs idiots, smallness, sordidness and a great deal of perversion. That is how you breed criminals with shortnesses and pettiness.

Example. Hillary Clinton’s Africa Genocide Problem – OpEd

Scapegoating ?

Look their sabotaging permanent job. Now, I can only open one e-mail each session. For the rest, I have to reopen my yahoo email box. In the same box, you can’t ask for some mails to be spammed. Yahoo keeps on imposing them on you. Those are Jewish working methods. They always act contrary to what they promise, this is first and their goal on earth is to get their grisps on others, using illegal and immoral conducts or approaches. Always, this is performed in bands of brothers in blood. And those are scapegoats. Of course. Who is the writer ?

After reading the answer in google, I learnt that users of Adblock are non wanted at Yahoo. So my access to my email box is limited in yahoo, because of Adblock. Come on, this is ultimate hawkish business imposing ads to email boxes. Was this mentionned by Yahoo, when we opened our email boxes ? Not at all. How is it the political corrupt system is watching thoses abuses without stopping yahoo’s abuses ?

Not surprising, if you look at the billionnaires funding some candidates, you’ll get the pervasive reason why ? Illegality is the norm today. Technologies are leading the way, arrogantly. Who is funding who ? Watch out !

Brothers are there to help others on the back of the users. Acting in gangs have never been so easy.  Savage Ads are everywhere on the web to sale rubbish. Ask it or need it or not, you got them, by strenght. It is such a nuisance and a organised scam. Personnally, in Yahoo box, I used to receive coward ads insulting me. You know those people always hiding their real face, ill-intentions and practices behind hypocrit language and poses. When they can’t argue publicly or stand a rational debate openly – which is the  case most of the times – they sink into darkness to harm and hurt dreadfully.

One day, the System will collapse from within. It is just a matter of time until then. May be another Slavery system will take the business on, for Slavery seems to be the lifeblood of Politics and Global Economy. By the way what is happening with Doha and global trade imbalances ?


Before 1981, the moment Jewish entered the highest spheres of political power in France – behind president Mitterand – racism in France was slowing down. After the Left party’s entrance into power with their unidentified brothers-in-arms, racism starts anew, vigorously and agressively. It went tougher and tougher until those 2000’s years of partition and new apartheid in France.

Just as everywhere else in the World they are in command, inequalities are skyrocketing, wealth is confiscated for and by them, nearly every higher position or strategic is occupied by more of the same brothers-in-blood. Either they are the best of us or we all are idiots or incapables, this can not be. It is something more deeper, demoniacally organised on the back of the citizens who have been turned blind in-between by the medias.

A french saying tells this : « in a nation of blind people, the one-eyed are kings ».

In Africa, it translates dramatically. Put aside of the business in their own country ; left without a future inside their own nations, immigration is higher and religion is the new opium of the people. Many musicians are now flooding Africa, as a way to breathe and to forget the iron-fate of Slavery starting anew.

To cure a system, the least to do is a honest diagnosis. Without this, nothing is possible. No progress in sight expected. You always lie to yourself. This is for sure. What is absolutely ironical is that, what I’m telling here is whispered everywhere, known and agreed upon as such. But guess what? People are scared to speak out, to avoid harships waiting whoever dares only tell the « unarmed truth ».

How long is the World going to continue the global lie and illusion of a perfect and peaceful system ? Can anybody lie to himself and to the entire world eternally ?


Stooges and corrupt politicians can’t understand. Their awaited and longlasting answers vary from reality denial to simple jokes of rejection, the mediatic-stylish they are running after for a promotion. The great differences between what is written here and those blind politicians, trying to compete in style with what is said here, is WE lead the style precisely, where as they are trying to match something unmatchable for people bowing down to the unacceptable System to any reasonable person.

If you criticize the evidence, here is how the system will respond :

  1. The system works for the  parrots and the clones. Like the Christians Zionnists cited in the op above « The menacing Jewish settler movement », those are people with bad faith even more dangerous and systematically misdirecting the people, apart when the propagandas’ moment is there to help them look like visionaries. Besides all this, remember that « behind a political woman there is a man ». First. Second, the new normal consists for ex immigrants in America to be zelots compared to native. Are you surprised ? I’m not. Opportunism is a prerequisite basement in politics. It is despair.
  2. Alternatively, they will deny the existence of a conspiracy by the ones you should never named. Meanwhile everybody agrees the System is hijacked. And for those so-called winners to win, they have to rule their businesses illegally, while making it harder for others people to succeed. In fact, they organize to deliver awards, elections victories, and all kinds of honor. As a consequence, whoever doesn’t comply with the Slavery and perversive rule will never be recognized as deservant. We know this game perfectly and we can easily spot the stooges.
  3. But this is not enough. The dark side of the story is even less appealling. From plagiarism and copycat if not running after the agenda of the opponents or the « game-changer’s style », while criticizing – to spying day and night long the phone, web activities, sorties and friends or members of family, taking inspiration for their articles and TV emissions, it concerns everything from dressing, make-up to your medical file improperly stolen at my home to get to know my Health conditions, through home violations. Those people are zeros… That is why, time ago, I told you, I have the ultimate contempt for them. Look, I recently entered a name of a friend of mine as a contact in my phone. His name is Rock. Guess what : the next day, I received an email from Wisconsin Feingold senatorial candidate with this as the subject : « Rock solid ». Isn’t it beyond shame ? The process has been on the making for years now. CNN, Yahoo are championing the game ; not to mention many others mainstream outlets, outpaced and obliged to copy the writing, arrogantly.

Bernie Sanders named it : arrogance and frauds are the evils and the demons of this System. This was at NY.

Now, my friends, tell me, what is the necessity to force your way through a woman’s hand-bag in her house to search and steal the health file of a patient ? Guess how they are going to use it ? Forceably to make some medicine to inject in your food or into your blood, with the aim to poison you or to infuse some desease or even change your mood, your skin ; making you look older for instance, if you are beautiful ; something they can’t stand, as they have ultimately declared they are the most beautiful people and women on earth, the most intelligent, the most successfull, the most powerful – that is why where ever they moveon to, they will do anything to dominate and to occupy the highest places fraudulently, in the name of a divine selection… What is untold is, this is everything but divine. It is devil and mafia. Period. Many slaves are around to keep the system live.

You can not start to imagining  how far those vipers can go. You can’t. Let me put it clear : the World is under Devil influence. That is why some don’t want their name and identity to be called loud and clear.

Who came into my house, after I went to my generalist who gave me a letter summarizing my health condition to consult with a specialist  for an exam ? Who is behind this ugglyness and pettiness ? Harrassed by those intrusions, I had to resort to Securitas to help me guard my house. The bad news is this file’s disparition occurred under Securitas watch turning blind without explanations.

  • Either they are brothers-in-blood and devilish grabs, helping each other one way or another – remember the nightmarish technology (1) hold by the same gangs acting in bands of underground terror,
  • Or Securitas’ device worth nothing and is vulnerable to hackers and other thugs going unpunished and unchecked around the World. But, they are free to check you without permission, and illegally.
  • (1) – House panel opens new inquiry into Clinton’s email server « House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) sent letters this week to four companies that played roles in maintaining and protecting the server ».

  • Report: U.S. Rescue Team Was on Its Way to Benghazi, But Was Turned Back

I may need a book to tell you about their methods and for the president of the US, a black man, to laugh at this or to give His caution to those terrorists acting legally, I’m not surprised. Not at all. But this is another story between black and black. If Africans-Americans mean something,  they should never forget their identity to embrace the Devil… as zelots primitive Zionnists Christians.

I’ll left it for you to reflect on this black fate in the World running through Africa.

The president knows the game : while he may be calling the Republicans irresponsibility, words like « conspiracy » will inevitably served as double-edge weapons moving from Republicans gun’s violence criticism to Jewish conspiracy labelled as imaginary.  In the end, the President is serving the very odd politics he is trying to fight against : instrumentalised with(out) his consent…

The State of the World today informs the State of the Union. I’m naming it  : Rats inside a Planet of Monkeys. Plagiarists will jump right away on the title for a big and arrogant plagiat the size of « Hello », I’ve been using here for a long long time to get in touch with the American people. Crazy. Big thefts are Hell and worms. The World is dominated by Big Thieves and bugglars. The are not better than Pablo Escobar. In fact, should the law been applied, many of them would be behind bars. The 2008 financial crisis has staged that big moment of bugglary vanishing into the air of political irresponsibility and corruption. Worldwide. Are you surprised by the octopus stranglehold and handcuffs ?

Joe Biden has nailed it : Launching cancer moonshot, Biden says politics impeding cure.

Plus –

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