Midterm. Triumph of ingratitude, diffamation, dollarisation, disinformation and racism. A well-honed cheating election mission.

The bad news is a Palestinian state is no  longer  up-to-date. A GOP’s panel will never contradict Israeli  will and rule. As a consequence, its secret agents have got the well-honed mission of cheating election for their Big Boss to perform. The fight continues. The Big Boss is a bloodsucker and everything is framed out and some people paid off to continue feeding the ogre, instead of letting him die.

Inside a general context of political crisis, disinformation, biais and racism are cash money.

First disinformation and biais.

This campaign was all about an announced victory without a programme. More, the only programme was the lynching of president Obama. Period. No substance, no new idea, no debate, zero. The campaign was unsubstantiated. The only justification we heard about was people’s anger and disappointment by Obama’s administration. Based on what. Don’t ask, nobody knew precisely.

Was it the economy ? Not really : the economy is performing and the deficit is slowing steadily.

If it was not the economy, may be the foreign policy ? Or because of Ebola Americans think was ill-handled by the administration. What is the alternative to this mishandling ? We don’t know. Perhaps « no more quarantines for the personnel coming back home ».  The whole campaign was all about disparaging the President and only that. Whatever he could have done or not, say or not, he was declared wrong in advance.

Was it a referendum against Obama ? The man GOP’s and Americans elites, siding with the dollarisation of the world and the society want to topple, after enduring two heavy losses during presidential campaigns fighting him. May I stress that those races were fought on a regularly basis, not with frauds like the fact of the day.

To complicate the matter, democrats denied themselves, thinking they will score points that way. If you are the first to denigrate your side, how do you want to inflame the audience and to attract people ? Mission impossible, I said before. To follow the mainstream medias’ prognosis, democrats candidates engaged themselves into a suicidal path. Instead of giving momentum to the presidential agenda, they trucked it down. May I say, they obstructed it. Kentucky’s democratic candidate outperformed the game of aloofness from the toxic Obama scoring against her side and team. The outcome reflects her  political amateurism. While Senator McConnell was proud of his GOP’s lineage along with his GOP’s votation, she kept disaffiliated to the point of becoming anonymous, with a vague identity.

« You can not build a personal victory over a collective disaster ». President Sarkozy told his collegues inside the party.

Money, money, money

In fact, this mediatic prognosis was a perfect scenario of a collective lynching of a president whose solely sin is to be a Black man. The election was totally rigged and distorted. Rigged by the groundless comments and distorted by Republicans’ high-tech racism.

Republicans are considered more business friendly with less regulatory laws than Democrats. We heard the chant in some TV programs. That they favor big money and big capital, was never mentionned.

Tonight, the winner is the green ticket and its traders posted inside the medias. They will certainly harvest a return on  this election-laundering investment as a further pay-off.

The bad news is a Palestinian state is postponed to Greek Calends. And this was the hiden story. 

The other bad news is black voters staying at home at this critical moment and, tomorrow, they will  be crying for INJUSTICE, after one of them is killed. By the way, there was zero debate over that Justice. But Republicans « won »…without fighting. I know a place where such a scenario did took place and how the carpetbagger* went cursed down the road of exercising power.

* I’m paraphrasing an alert from a « friendly » mainstream outlet. Naturally.  » Mr. Brown’s efforts to tie Ms. Shaheen, a former governor, to President Obama proved unsuccessful, and she managed to cast him as a “carpetbagger” for moving from Massachusetts to the state to seek election ». The outlet is sending two messages in one : the same word is used to target me : those people lack courage and honesty. The way they act  is either through harassment or unstated threats. The goal is always the same : frightening people not to speak the truth, but the fabricated one ; their  truth far away from the reality. Their job is to buy and corrupt souls, pens and editorials. Read El Watan, the case of Algeria.

The political class has condemned the so-called regulation of the profession intending to settle a  « complacency press under powers  influence and distortions ».

Talking about Justice and racial  tensions, the core explanation is Obama was/is aloof when it comes to ordinary  racism. Both Trayvon and Michael Brown resonated as signs of  weakness or indifference from this president unwilling to stop the evil once and for all. In a sense, those murders were committed precisely because the authors knew or foresaw the reaction of the President will be hesitative and too slow. Of course, the president is not Justice. But, he failed to send a strong message of impunity and quick fixing of any murder of a citizen – black or not – on the street like a mutton.  And the police  is not/could not be an exception. This should have been – with Eric Holder at the bar – the red line. You cross it, Justice comes in as quick as you did. No mercy for the bastards. This message of firmness was never sent out by the president. Vigorously.

He did so to avoid the trap of racist tensions which could have hurt the whites.  As usual, White peoples and the press would have criticised the move. This is a permanent game : if you dare criticize white racism, you are characterized by the white peoples as racist towards the Whites. If you  stand by and just speak correctly, the same white peoples – journalists first – will praise your tune and even add their monotonic anthem on to yours. In the end, what you got is more of a buzz or a dull sound which will  vanish progressively leaving nothing behind, not even a smoke or a smokescreen.

What is untold in the story is never a white man can be shot down the way blacks are. The same whites people will raise the tune all of the sudden and come as one man to ask for punishment and for guarantees to never again.

White peoples  master public negociations games better than black peoples. They consider their interests first and they pressured black peoples, by hypocrisy, to consider white interests first also. The trick is those white peoples interests and protection have shaped a framework supposedly representative for all the people. In reality, this framework works for the white peoples first and utmost. The black peoples comes in second position.

Malcom XAmericans were angry. The media told you. Blacks and Whites alike. Judging by the weak turnout, this information  may be correct. But White people went out to vote – they knew they have too, no matter their malaise –  whereas the first group, the blacks, turned away from the polls. This is a childish behaviour. « Nobody gives you respect, justice or something, if your are a man enough, you take it » (Malcom X) It translates into « go out and vote each of the time you are convene to ». If you don’t other people will chose for you. In the end you are wrong and nobody will respect you nor help you. You don’t vote, your voice doesn’t exist, nor your interests ».

We have called it the Neger Factor. Go there.

How is it black people can’t understand this to become full citizens and stop sidelining themselves cowardly. Anger is not a reason not to vote. Nor is resignation or despair. Elections are there to open the gates. Blacks voters abstention is part of the explanation of the results of the day which seemed to have shut some doors and windows.

Considering this, the landslide of Republicans victory in the Senate requires a check in on how many people really voted, compared to the previous bid of the same ilk stamped by the medias.

Helped by the mainstream medias propaganda and perpetual cheatings on the people in promoting empty bags and void, Republicans have run away with it. Their unique programme was diffaming the president. How are they going to work together with Him ? They ought to. Good luck. Listen at the media rating Barack Obama as one of the worst president of the US. Ingratitude.

Listen how they are rewriting History under your watch and guess how many fairy tales were brought to us since the dark ages through the same process of cheating and falsification ?

The good news is, now, we know the forces holding back the Palestinian State, while voicing they favor it. The double-game is outed. In a sense, this lynching of a president is salvatory. It reveals that other lynching covered-up for so many years.  Even more so, it reveals the truly face of the mainstream press : secret agents and surrogates of the GOP and the side of dollarisation. You can’t change the inner nature of things. Some will always resort to cheatings to win. Without cheating, they are out.

But, tomorrow is another day and the fight continues. In advance, just in case, I posted this song earlier. Now we know who exactly, eventhough we were suspecting the faces behind the curtain –  we know who exactly the people are fighting against or who are against the people’s voice and free choice. A precious time is gained.

It looks like a comedy show or a poor movie.  Now, whose candidacy has died tonight on the democratic side ? Sometimes when you shot your friend in the back pactising with the snakes (double langage) in the anteroom, take care at the boomerang.

I couldn’t have dreamt at a better conclusion to THE POST-MORTEM DEMOCRATIC TIMES. You remember ? Oh Yes. Sure, you do. See you. And Bye bye.


PS. In two posts, I’ve used this expression « not a choice, but a fact ». I borrowed it from Former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at his first TV, when he came back into the political arena. Many political careers are shaked up since. He said « To France inside the EU, Germany was not a choice, but a fact ». I had to give it back to Cesar.

Second, the fact of the day brings my memory back to 2012 when President Sarkozy encountered a similar fraudulent coalition comprising  the same bodies. The two pictures overlap. 2 years after, the story is rewritten in the right direction. What a coincidence. History always repeats itself.

« You can not build a personnel victory over a collective disaster ». President Sarkozy told his collegues inside the party. Many democrats should meditate this.

Latest news on Burkina Faso, the man in charge of the transition, Lieutenant-colonel Isaac Zida has met this wednesday with presidents of Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, members of  the CEDEAO. Representants of the EU, France and the United States were present during the talks. 

Everything  seems to be allright over there.