Migrants crisis. When the firefighters and the arsonists are more of the same people.

As european nations are weighing options to tackle migrants crisis including going head to head with Daesh, it is interesting to know how we got there, in the first place,  into this Mess known as « geopolitic of chaos » ? Listen our radio reflexion over the issue entitled :  « Flash of the World », as a mirror of the following statement. Clic « Actualités » to open « Flash sur le monde ».

Now, if the issue is to Oust President Assad, then better stop anything before things got worst. This misjudgment toward Gaddafi and Saddam is what has brought us to the brink of collapsing. History is there to guide us and to prevent us from repeating mistakes of the past.

By the way, no nation should bear the power of ousting another Head of State elsewhere.

Anyway, Germany is the favourite destination of migrants. How is it ?  >>>> (CNN) – ‘Our boat is nowhere near full,’ German volunteers tell refugees.


The Truth Behind The European Refugee Crisis

Through Total Collapse


The Truth Behind The European Refugee Crisis

The real story behind the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is much stranger than fiction.

If you watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the refugee crisis in Europe (or the “migrant crisis” as some are referring to it). Hundreds of thousands asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa are flooding across the borders. As of July, European countries had received over 437,000 Asylum applications for the year. In 2014 just over 840,000 applications were received.

So why is this happening? Where are migrants/refugees coming from? Why are there so many of them?

The corporate media and the political establishment on both the left and the right will answer those questions with a combination of half truths and outright lies. This shouldn’t be surprising. It is in their interest to cover up the role they played in creating the crisis.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 countries origin for these refugees, Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Eritrea, Serbia, Pakistan, Iraq. (Hmmmm… is there a pattern in that list?)

A lot of attention is being put on Syria, because that’s where the largest numbers are coming from. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing a conflict that has raged since 2011, and many are using this to push for an escalation of military force by the West. Because obviously if we bomb the heck out of the place, everything will go to normal.

Of course it sounds perfectly rational to take down ISIS, these guys are nasty, but upon closer inspection we find that the West is much more focused on removing President Assad from power. That might strike you as absurd, considering that the Syrian government is one of the last forces preventing ISIS from completely taking over the region. But it makes much more sense once you see how ISIS rose to power in the first place. Who funded them? Who armed them? Oh they don’t like to talk about that do they?

Since at least 2011 the U.S. and its allies have been backing rebel groups in Syria, the goal of course being regime change. This escalated right after they had finished toppling Libya. There’s a reason for that. The weapons from Gaddafi’s armories were shipped through Turkey into Syria anddistributed to combatants. Even at the time it was clear that the majority of these weapons were ending up in the hands of jihadists.

The official narrative was that these rebels were freedom fighters, and that this was an organic uprising, an extension of the Arab Spring. The media and the political establishment in the both United States and Europe stuck to this story until it became impossible to hide the atrocities being committed by these so called freedom fighters. A Department of Defense document from 2012 showed that the U.S. government was fully aware of the fact that these fighters were connected to AQI or Al-Qaeda in Iraq (ISIS before they rebranded). The document showed that the U.S. knew that the fighters they were supporting intended to form a caliphate.

Go ahead.