Mr Trump let’s do it. Come on. You are not a quitter.

So, finally, Mr Trump is renouncing to debate Mr Sanders. As the Republican on-the-verge-to-be-nominee  [without GOP’s enthusiasm], he is waiting the democrat’s winner to debate with him, he said.

Mr. Trump’s memory is failing him. Why the hell did he say yes in the first place to retract his promise after time ? May be some alliens visited Mr. Trump, in the night begging him not to debate Sanders. May be, it was because of embarassing social issues, such as Mexiiico and immigration.

Mr Trump is losing this golden opportunity. So far, he didn’t win. The other guys lost because people are fed of corruption in politics and being treated as second zone citizens.

The real test for Mr Trump is debating Sanders, not another establishment corporate politician.

Mr. Trump, let’s do it.

Sanders Statement on Debate.



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