New York and the Progressive Agenda. Something different to share on income inequality.



It’s been a big, big week in the fight against income inequality.

There’s big news out of New York City, where leaders have taken action to freeze out-of-control rent for the first time in NYC history. I’m also proud to have signed legislation to help stop wage theft, and get people returning home from prison a second chance at an economic future.

And there’s bigger news still to come from Washington DC, as President Obama is poised to expand overtime to pay to as many as 5 million more Americans.

There’s still a lot left to fight for before The Progressive Agenda agenda becomes real policy in all 50 states.

Will you share it online to help bring American workers together in the fight against income inequality?

This week we saw that something different is happening in this country right now. And The Progressive Agenda is part of that change. It’s a movement from the grassroots. Voters are adding their names to demand real action on income inequality, as elected officials and community leaders sign the pledge to make it happen.

We can’t let up now, when there’s so much at stake for American workers.

Share the The Progressive Agenda right now. We’ve got to get as many people involved in this as we can.

Thanks for the truly important work you’re doing.


Bill de Blasio,
Mayor, New York City


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