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Sisters and Brothers –

Last night, voters in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Minnesota joined the people of Vermont and New Hampshire in showing America that a political revolution is spreading across our country.

One of the reasons I believe we are doing so well is because people know that this campaign is about more than electing a president – it is about transforming America. It’s about making our country the great nation we know it has the potential to be. It is about dealing with some unpleasant truths, and having the guts to confront those truths.

Now, Wall Street and the super PACs may be against us; they have already spent outrageous sums of money to stop our progress. But what we are proving on our campaign is that when people stand together, anything is possible.

If we are going to win this primary and take our country back from the billionaire class, we have to be ready to fight, organize, and win in the states ahead. So I have to ask you today:

Your $2.70 contribution to our campaign strikes a blow against a corrupt campaign finance system and ensures we’ll have the resources we need to win this Democratic primary.

Fifteen states have voted, 35 remain. And let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, and for a world of peace to every one of those states. And we are going to win.

People should not underestimate us.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Ladies and  gentlemen, sisters and brothers, democrats and republicans as well,

After the results, la lutta continua.

You could’nt expect panurgism to end overnight. What was due to the humanity and to Black men future emancipation and standing has been made through the sewing of a new thinking, teaching, awareness and soul-searching. Yes, brothers and sisters, not only in color, as long as a group of people is trapped into corruption, historic infantility and feelings of inferiority, this is a burden for all of us : kind of incurable open wounds.

Our duties is to enlighten the people against  mainstream engines of historical and traditional manipulations and distortions.

Just imagine those medias are listening all your phones conversations, later on translated into muddy articles. I’ll bring clear proof ot this to you in the days to come. I have no revenge to take here against somebody ; including the establishment I really feel pity for. My presence and yours is enough to out them. Just consider the NH’s newspaper’s question asking if they were wrong to support C. Christie, after his intelligent endorsement for Mr. Trump.

What if Trump wins the election ? He is doing so without cheatings and corrupt medias’ help ? The purpose of this  NH’s media late wake up – and for that reason totally false and insincere – was to meddle into black people’s inner debate. This is a permanent trend from the little white men, interferring into others businesses to poison them and lie to the people. In fact the purpose of little white men is to keep black people into slavery, to perform the puppet role they – little white men – are performing around the world.

The game of endless lying entertainment is reaching its goal : minds enslavement. The weakers are the undergraduated blacks and whites.

The reeducation task is huge. It may be stomach churning as CNN listening my Paris conversation where I was complaining stomach burning, titled something in its website yesterday about preferred cities by expats. Just like that, in the conversation I had, I was talking about the issue. Oh Oh CNN at Atlanta are informed second by second of everything I’m doing in Meaux actually – a nice, clean historical patrimoine and quite city close to Paris – everything I’m writing before I could publish it, everything I’m receiving in my email box, everything I’m talking with my friends and everything discussions taking place into my family, whereever, whenever. Even in the WC, CNN and its acolytes are present.

How is it possible ? you may ask.

Simple. The establishment is porn, spy and real pets. Hitler used to say Rats. But when you call them by their names, they organise in bands of killers and liars and ouh ouh. Hyenas. I’ll provide clear proofs of this in the coming days. Rats are not Jews. Being a rat is a behavior.

All the more so, Rats know that convincing  an ignorant people like blacks to turn around the way they position themselves around the World has been made extraordinary difficult. This is a captive public. But, if you want change, you got to start somewhere.

Black Americans and Black people around the World are going to/and must do what it requires to get out of idiocy and lackeys role around the World. This is just a matter of time as the lazy and infantile generation is going out of businesses. There is a law of cycle. Natural.

This is first.

Secret services forcing your homes to instal invisible and undetectable micros and cameras – unless you buy an expansive detector from a businessman of their gangs, false reportings, tech materials (TV, phones, labtops), public cameras and videos surveillance. What is true for CNN is true for the rest of the bands of the same ilk. Have you noticed ? Hidden and truth and waves are the new trend. Repeat after me. Bands of nulls, just apt to copy and cheat. Read the cbn christian outlet « so-called » – another expression en vogue repeat after me and « including » oyé oyé – we are winning the order of speech and discourse.

Take a look at this, before getting the truth analysis. The ugly truth comes first as opposed to the truth I have been telling you. From this parti pris, the following analysis can only be a sheet of lies. Read below.

You know what, this is an election. And only that. So relax. And be happy. We are going to win this  nomination, despite the hawks who can only frightened and corrupt weak, small, undereducated and already corrupt people.

The episode of Husband Clinton wolfing around Massachussets polls and forcing his way through others places, coming ahead of the FBI’s criminal inquiry to come against the email hidden server, is a technique of intimidation  and sellf-immunity showing. It looks like strenght. In fact, it is a weakness: a fear they are intended to conjure up. Time will tell.

« What the billionaire class has yet to realize is that in this election, their obscene wealth is their weakness ». (Jeff Weaver, Bernie for President)


We did very well tonight, sisters and brothers. It’s all thanks to you.

We started off the night winning Vermont, then we won Oklahoma and Colorado, and moments ago they called Minnesota for us as well. FOUR big victories for our political revolution tonight.

No one thought we would get this far. You proved them wrong. Working people are coming together and voting for Bernie in states across the country. They are contributing small amounts of money so we can compete with the millionaires and billionaires bankrolling Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her largest super PACs.

Contribute $2.70 to our campaign tonight and we’ll have the resources to continue our momentum into the twelve primaries and caucuses happening over the next two weeks.

Our campaign needs to be prepared for whatever comes next. I can assure you that our opponent’s billionaires and lobbyists will do everything they can to stop our campaign in the twelve caucuses or primaries in the next two weeks.

You should be extraordinarily proud of what we accomplished tonight … and we’re just getting started. People should not underestimate us.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


Sisters and Brothers –

The polls just closed and we have earned our first victory of the night in Vermont.

It looks like the margin should be impressive as well. That means a lot of delegates for our campaign, which is very important. I think we are going to do quite well tonight.

As you watch the results, we’ve already started preparing for what’s next: twelve VERY important primaries and caucuses over the next two weeks. But we have to be prepared to fight, organize, and win against anything the financial and political establishment are going to throw at us. That’s why I have to ask you:

Can you make a $3 contribution to our campaign tonight? We’re doing very well so far, but your donation could mean the difference between victory or defeat in the states that come next.

No candidate for president can do it alone, and I want you to know that any success we enjoy tonight and in the states to come is because of the millions of working people who have come together through our campaign to say that we have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our candidates and elections.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Bill of Goods? The Ugly Truth about Bernie’s ‘Democratic Socialism’


PARIS – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders thinks what America needs is socialism.

« Healthcare should be a right of all people, » Sanders said, and young people should have « the right to go to a public college or university tuition-free. » He says new moms should have « at least three months of paid family and medical leave. »

Sanders’ Supporters

The 74-year-old senator has become a rock star to many Millennials, who believe in his message and like all the free stuff he’s offering.

One supporter said, « People are saying, ‘he’s saying all the things that I need and I want. I want healthcare. I want an education. I don’t want to be paying back my student loans for years and years and years. »

Another supporter admitted, « I have a lot of student debt. I think he’s going to do great things for education. » And another said she likes Sanders message of « gender equality and equal pay and equality for everyone. »

Sanders is careful to call his program « Democratic Socialism, » and doesn’t mention Cuba or North Korea, where the average person makes less than $2,000 per year — or Venezuela, where socialism has resulted in food shortages, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, where Sanders went on his honeymoon.

He talks instead about European social democracies. It’s true that European nations have a long history with socialism, and some of it isn’t pretty.

Focus on France

France is the land where some joke that communism succeeded. The French have the kind of welfare state Sanders wants and the French government is trying to escape from. It simply costs too much, and it’s killing economic growth.

While Sanders has said he would like Americans to work less, France’s socialist President Francois Hollande is trying to get the French to work more by ending the 35-hour work week.

But the French don’t take kindly to having their welfare yanked by the government. They tend to protest and set things on fire.

French leaders feel trapped. Having built a welfare state France can no longer afford, the government has to keep raising taxes, killing the businesses that it needs to fund the welfare state.

French free market economist Emmanuel Martin says socialism has damaged the French work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, making people psychologically dependent on the state.

« Individuals cannot be responsible. They need daddy, the state, to do things for them. It’s terrible, » Martin said. « Because we’re not able to be grown-ups in a way. When you see those people demonstrating in the street they’re just asking for Santa Claus. »

While polls show most Democrats in the U.S now believe socialism has a ‘positive impact on society,’ half of all French young adults said in a poll they would flee France if they could because the future looks so bleak.

Policy analyst Jacob Arfwedsen says the talented are « voting with their feet. The entrepreneurial young people, they’re going to London, they’re going to Asia, they’re going to the United States. »

Capitalism Causes Growth

American Millennials are understandably concerned about their futures. They’ve entered the workforce during one of the weakest economic periods in decades.

CATO Institute fellow Michael Tanner feels their pain.

« If you’re young and your student debts are piling up and you don’t know if there’s going to be a job for you when you get out of school, the prospect of someone saying he’ll give you something, that sounds pretty good, » he said.

Millennials have also seen capitalism bashed in school and in the media as the problem and not the solution. But Tanner says, « The fact is, if you want economic growth, if you want those jobs, if you want prosperity, capitalism is what produces it. »

Statistics show that the freest economies are the most competitive.

Sanders thinks America should follow Scandinavia.

« I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people, » he said.

But what Scandinavia is Sanders talking about? Sweden, Denmark and Norway all have lower business taxes than the U.S., which now has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.

Sweden has cut taxes and partially privatized healthcare and social security. Denmark has cut back too.

« I think he’s (Sanders) basically wrong about what they are, » Tanner said. « Those are not really socialist economies. What they are is capitalist economies, in some cases more fiercely competitive than our own, with social programs sort of layered on top of them. »

One study showed Sanders’ socialism could cost the U.S close to $18 trillion.

« The working class and the middle class of this country…deserve a decent standard of living and their incomes should go up, not down, » Sanders said.

And the data shows that the best chance for that to happen is with capitalism. It’s what some French wish France had more of.

cbn text for analysis. Hold on. Next.

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