« Now is NOT the time for thinking small ». Bernie Sanders’s BIG SOCIETY reveal.

Sisters and Brothers —

The first question of tonight’s debate got to the heart of our campaign. Lester Holt asked us, « How would you think big? »

This country faces more serious problems today than at any time since the Great Depression. Now is NOT the time for thinking small. Now is NOT the time for the same-old, same-old establishment politics and stale inside-the-beltway ideas.

If you are with me, contribute $3 to help us win the Democratic nomination, the White House, and take back our country from the billionaire class.

If we continue to stand together, we have the opportunity for our political revolution to achieve the goal of universal health care as a right for every man, woman, and child. When you’re sick and go to a doctor, you should not come out in bankruptcy.

We will break up the big banks, take on Wall Street, and make the economy work for everybody, not just a handful of millionaires and billionaires.

We will fight to reverse climate change. We will protect a woman’s right to choose. We will make the minimum wage a living wage. We will make our communities safer from gun violence.

We will do all of this and more. But I can’t take on the billionaire class alone. I need you to stand with me tonight. So I am asking you directly:

Contribute $3 to our campaign and show that you stand with our political revolution.

Now is the time for millions of working families to come together, to revitalize American democracy, to end the collapse of the American middle class. We must make certain that our children and grandchildren are able to enjoy a quality of life that brings them health, prosperity, security and joy — and that once again makes the United States the leader in the world in the fight for economic and social justice, for environmental sanity and for a world of peace.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

The Big society is a concept made popular by David Cameron in His first General Election campaign as candidate.

It’s time to fix the Voting Rights Act.

The petition to Congress reads:
“Because of a disastrous Supreme Court ruling, the Voting Rights Act is weaker now than when it was passed 50 years ago. Fight to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore the Voting Rights Act and block new efforts to suppress African-American and Latino votes.”

Add your name:

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Read the letter the FBI sent MLK to try to convince him to kill himself.

One Democratic debate spent more time on criminal justice than every GOP debate combined;

Watch: The racism of the US criminal justice system in 10 charts

⇒Six Responses To Bernie Skeptics – OpEd. Is age a campaign issue ?

In any event, the issue isn’t age; it’s having the right values. FDR was paralyzed, and JFK had both Addison’s and Crohn’s diseases, but they were great presidents because they fought adamantly for social and economic justice.

When was president Reagan elected ? And how long did he seat after being gunned at point blank ?

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« Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Iraq between January 2014 and October 2015 — a toll the United Nations calls « staggering » in a new report.

The report, released Tuesday, outlines the horrific impact Iraq’s ongoing conflict is having on its civilian population.

The numbers are mind-boggling. In the 21-month period:

— At least 18,802 civilians were killed, about half of them in Baghdad alone.

— Another 36,245 were wounded.

— About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children.

The actual figures could be much higher, the report said.

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⇒Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will endorse Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump today at an Iowa campaign stop, a source familiar with the plans says.

Palin, a former vice presidential nominee and tea party favorite, has spoken highly of both Trump and his chief opponent, Ted Cruz. She told CNN’s Jake Tapper last month that she didn’t plan to endorse anyone « soon » but liked both candidates.


Is Sanders A Political Rebel? – OpEd (Eurasianews)

Excerpt. So there it is. I don’t know how readers feel, but I’m convinced that Sanders, despite his sorry record of support for US militarism, is the real deal, not just a socialist poseur. Not only is he far and away the most serious leftist to sport a real chance of taking the White House in my lifetime (and I was born in the first half of the 20th century!), but the alternative is either Hillary Clinton — a greedy willing servant of capitalist crooks on Wall Street and a neoliberal former Secretary of State with blood on her hands who has supported coups in Latin America and eastern Europe (Honduras and Ukraine), and who enthusiastically supports endless wars and interventions — or alternatively one of several fascists in the Republican candidates’ stable, among them people who talk blithely of “carpet bombing” the Middle East, tossing American muslims into concentration camps or driving undocumented Latinos like cattle across the border into Mexico, and even of going to war with Russia and/or China.

If a vote for Bernie in the primaries was just a symbolic thing and he had no chance of beating Clinton, I’d probably still vote for him, just to ding Clinton. But he does have a chance, which means we on the left need to enthusiastically work to help him win. And if he does manage to win the Democratic nomination and goes up against some Republican, there is no question in my mind: he can win and must be actively supported.

A Sanders victory in November would not be just another depressing case of chosing “the lesser of two evils.” Warts and all, it would still represent a real people’s victory.

Standing on principle and voting for a Third Party in such a situation would be a travesty (Lenin would have called such behavior “infantile leftism”).

Besides, if you’re looking for another good reason to support Sanders, consider this: Bill O’Reilly, the blowhard Fox-TV promoter of racism and fascism, has vowed to “leave the country” if Sanders becomes president.

Jump at Eurasianews as quickly as you can to embrace this reading. Highly recommended to you.

⇒Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has expanded his lead over Hillary Clinton among those likely to vote in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, according to a new CNN/WMUR Poll.

The survey found Sanders’ support has grown by 10 points since the previous CNN/WMUR poll, with 60% of likely voters behind him, compared with 33% now backing Clinton.

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