Oh Yes, the World has crown his New soccer Emperor : GERMANY !

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What a delivrance ! And the sky is GOLD !

A stupidity : Messi golden ball (*)of this tournament ? Lies, corruption and cheatings inside FIFA as usual. Impossible ! Too many players best him in this WC. Müller, Laam, Robben, Schweinteiger, Klose,  many Germany players, Van Persie, Navas, Neymar, etc. Look, Argentina won nearly all its last matches by penalities, after prolongations. No clear winning.

(*) That Messi is a great player is not in dispute. But for this World Cup, this is another question. We are not criticizing him at all for poor choice made elsewhere. 

Who voted for this Golden Ball ? 

To me, overall, Robben, Müller and Neymar are the number one, two and three best attackers of this World Cup, for their total investment in the game. Di Maria is number four on par with Ozil.

Neuer, Best goal. Absolutely correct.


Previously, I wrote that Ribery was bared from the Golden ball because of political reasons operating inside FIFA. Whenever you see politics, be sure there are corruption. And politics and corruption inside FIFA is the worst ever : a non politician playing politics is like a civilian manipulating a bomb without any knowledge of how to unpin it.

Politically, FIFA has thought it good to give something to thank South American, the WC’s host. Should one of them be a truly politician, then Neymar should win the award, especially due to his injury anybody can blame on the poor ruled FIFA. I mean, some players should anticipate – right  now – the possibility of suing this body ruled by old men looking for personal glory and enrichment with little care for the players, their health and their security alike.

Some lawyers must weigh in and bring this body to the court. If Neymar doesn’t fully recover, he knows what to do next. The same applies to the Nigerian player. FIFA is this body specialised in double ticketing Brasilian police has stormed in – the head of the business has confessed this is the four WC they are working under this scheme : 16 years of frauds under FIFA’s coverage – double tickets sales and matchs fixing crowned with total impunity for ruthless players taking their counterparts as a punching ball to kick in, to assault and injure, only like that. They are assured by the coverage of the hypocrit’s banderole « FIFA fights racism ».  This body is sickening. It deserves pursuits in court for lifes and physical integrity in danger. Not to mention the ruling : scammers !

Somebody said, after BNP sanctioned in the USA for nearly 9 billion dollars, that as long as the sanction hurts only the structure and not the board of the bank, the impact inside the bank is lessen. For the sanction to reach its full scale, including the pedagogy inside the sanction, heads must fall down. Sanctions must also cut the Big Spoliative and polluting Trees. This is about accountability and responsibility of the rulers.

By the way, the body should consider a turnover making it possible for the maximum of people the world of soccer is rich of – players, referees, coaches, etc – to join the staff. Considering this, each member should sit for 4 to 5 years and leave the seat for a next administrator. This will bring the oxygen lacking actually inside the ruling and cut corruption at the root.

Is there any difference between Platini and Maradona or Ronaldo ? Not at all. Why is it Platini is staging inside FIFA  for such a long time and not them ? When a body becomes a property of 25 years or more of the same people on board – the case of FIFA’s board and its national equivalent – nothing differs from political parties. FIFA is a body devoted to sport, it must reflect the spirit of sport and nothing else. In Cameroon or in France, old men are seating as president or SG for so long that they look much more as political dictators with too much toxic power.

Is there any award for the best arbitrage ? The referee of this final was just overwhelmed by his task ; his arbitrage was erratic.

Coach Loew is Golden. A Great gentleman. The man is blessed. But, I don’t know why, may be the huge pression is incriminated here, the Germany of this final forgot its brain in the changing-room. They played the final in a very risky zone.

I confess here I was not breathing anymore until this goal of delivrance. Too many lost occasions due to either febrility, the fear to shoot from a distance or to take responsibility of the shot or simply the fear to win.

During the extra time, I couldn’t sit down. I followed it standing and going back and forth in the living room, thinking: if the match ends with penalities’ session, Argentina could win as they did against the Netherlands. Such an end or a tie is not that glorious and wouldn’t reflect the standing of this Germany 2014 Brasilian vintage.

The goal caught me in this plain interrogation. By surprise. I just raised my hands up in sign of Victory. Then I start breathing normally again, smiling and walking normally, and, the moment after, I had to take a cup of tea. In this exciting situation, I don’t remember the taste of this damned cup of black tea I got. What I do remember is me calling Jesus !


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