Oregon’s mass shootings bear the signature of the hidden persuaders factories.

DSC_0370Namely the Jews networks.

Are you surprised ? I’m not. The modus operandi is well-known to me, as those people arrogantly will let me know they are the ones behind those crimes, so what ? This is how you frighten people to tell them what is going to happen to them, if they dare come in America, their land of authorized crimes against anyone who opposes their will and murderous  order.

Two days ago, when I heard the horrible news and the name of the place Rozburg, I couldn’t help to connect this name with the ROSA PARKS STORY DVD on my desk. Rosa park like Rozburg. I voluntarly kept silence on this.

Until thirteen minutes from now that I’ve been trying to watch the DVD I’ve planned to watch tonight and that is why it was lying on my desk. Guess what ? I can read all the DVDs even the Malcom X except that Rosa Park. Here is the message in french on my TV : « lecture interdite par le code de région » – Since when do you need a key to read a DVD on your TV, through a network provider?

I then checked it with my laptop which failed to read it.

I decided to use an old computer of mine and the DVD was immediately readable.

Then the light entered my brain and I decided to join the dots, for the investigators.

Coincidentally, I read on sky news  that the killer has committed a suicide. 

He was a kamikaze and an easy target or tool to manipulate by those hidden persuaders.

Timeline of the events before the disaster. Joining the dots.

First, candidate Ben Carson’s remark about a Muslim at the WH and the change of the character of the nation this could imply, as Muslims tend to impose their religion upon others and to eliminate them, if possible.

It was easy to find somebody in the net who is at odds with african-americans, preferentially a Muslim to do the job. This is first and important.

Second, the guy was a student of the campus.  He got plenty of time to do this, before  the african-american Ben Carson’s remark.

It is not the first time Jews people will use a muslim or a black man as a manipulated tool to cover their crimes or their agenda. For instance, gay marriage was carried up through the World by three black people in SA, in America and in France.

And Lybia and Syria are the scenes of proxy wars for Israel, conducted by arabic terrorists, under the coverage of Turkey, SA and Qatar (muslim nations) along with the UN veto’s club plus Germany, on the noticeable exception of Russia and China.

Third, West Coast where Ms Fiorina is coming from. I welcomed her unhypocritical comments over abortions and abusive practices behind them – that other big hidden dirty money place. Where in the West coast, a place sounding like Rosa Park (the like of me and of african americans can be founded) ? Then you get Rozburg.

The problem with those people is their criminality : the cult of death. That is how they have been working for centuries and they know nothing more than killing, pressuring, cheating, threatening and stealing. Those people got zero style, zero class. A killer (cheater, liar or copist) is a mediocre and a mediocre has never been a person either of interest or of style. Those are plouc. A plouc is a person lacking savoir-vivre, subtlety and refinement.


Think about the roof of a stage falling down during a Fiorina’s public meeting and speech. It could only have happened to her, after her comments over savage abortions. You talk the truth, fear for your life.

Four, I would like to recall this,

  • when Emmanuel church was targetted in SC under heavy floodings today – president Obama has declared a state of emergency overthere – I was listening the song Emmanuel all days long before the event and as you already know, I was in SC for holidays.
  • when the Pope visited Harlem, I was watching Malcom X those two previous nights.
  • and then the Rosa Park story I can not watch on the Free network rigt now. This is plain sabotage and those latest days, I encountered other sabotages on my laptop concerning the record of my radio’s brief shot.

Net Security is a vital issue. Weak and isolated people can serve the evil – without knowing – as weapons of mass destructions.

TV, laptops, computers, phones, tablets, every outlet we use is there to track us and to spy our activities. Ultimately, this could lead to what happened in Charleston Emmanuel Church and at Oregon. It is not a coincidence, neither haphazardly. Those operations are well-oiled by more of the same crooks and murderers walking free, while killing people using proxies.

The FBI, if not infected by that deadly virus, should consider new approaches to track the commanditers, using  the Web and those technology stuffs of Hell.

This campaign can turn mad and dreadful, because, for the first time in their poor and insane existence, those hidden forces of evil are tracked and digged out, so as to clean the World from this vermin. The FBI should watch out more than twice ; the hidden persuaders are malicious and they can distort the Character of the Nation. For the Worst.


Everytown for Gun Safety

President Obama addressed the nation and called us to action:

We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction… I’d ask the American people to think about how they can get our government to change these laws, and to save lives, and to let young people grow up. And that will require a change of politics on this issue… If you think this is a problem, then you should expect your elected officials to reflect your views. [1]

The answer is clear: to change the politics of guns in America, we need to end the NRA’s influence over our lawmakers.

In the coming elections, we’re going to challenge the NRA in a way no one else has ever before. We’ll vote out elected officials who refuse to fix our gun laws and find real leaders who will put our children’s lives ahead of the gun lobby. Are you ready to help us do whatever it takes?

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End the NRA's influence over our gun laws. Donate Now.

The mass shooting at Umpqua Community College was the 45th school shooting this year alone. It was the 142nd since Sandy Hook.

You and I both know it’s long past time for our lawmakers to stop telling students and teachers to stand up to gunmen — just so they themselves don’t have to stand up to the gun lobby.

Well, we’re not going to wait for these lawmakers to grow a backbone. We’re going after the NRA and any elected official who stands in the way of stronger gun laws. They will be shamed and voted out.

Here’s what your donation will do:

  • Expose and shame candidates standing in the way of change
  • Elect champions who will take the lead on passing stronger gun laws
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I need to know you’ll fight alongside us every step of the way. Make a gift now and help us do whatever it takes:

The gun lobby is afraid of losing their profits. We’re afraid of losing our kids. You tell me who’s going to win.

Shannon Watts
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America


1. Watch President Obama’s Statement on the Shooting in Oregon, The White House, October 1, 2015.

(2) – The NRA has poured up to $12 millions in the 2014 election to support Republicans in their presidential bid. Numbers are from CNN. Plus, this outstanding precision: 95% of candidates backed by the NRA have won their election. So don’t look away to capture the reason why Republicans lawmakers at the Hill will keep on holding back America into the stoned age.

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