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Fundraising. Contrary to false headlines (1), Sanders Out-raised Clinton in April. The fourth month in a row.

Press Release. Sanders Launches Microsite on Historic Fundraising, Out-raised Clinton in April

Sanders’ campaign on Friday will also file a report with the Federal Election Commission showing it raised more than $212 million since the start of the campaign. Sanders raised more than $26.9 million in April, out-raising Secretary Clinton for the fourth month in a row.

Knowing that Bernie Sanders campaign is empowered by the people only and no billionaires, Bernie Sanders is winning this primary democratically speaking and it shows by the enthusiasm of the newly registered or re-registered in California.


California Voter Registration Surges Under Sanders Candidacy

Bernie Sanders

CARSON, Calif. — Voter enthusiasm in California is surging with more than 1.5 million newly registered or re-registered voters since January 1, according to the latest data from Political Data Inc. With that number expected to surpass 2 million before the May 23 deadline, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has shown he is the candidate who can build the energy and excitement to attract new voters to register and participate in the Democratic process.

Voter registration has seen a boost of 218 percent among Democrats, with more than 1.1 million Democrat and Independent voters now eligible to vote in the presidential primary. The increase is largely due to drastic increases among voters under the age of 30 and Latinos, both core demographics of Sanders’ supporter base.

“Sen. Sanders’ message of income inequality and corrupt campaign finance are resonating so strongly with the people of California they are registering to vote in record numbers,” said Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver. “If this is any indication of voter excitement and turnout, Bernie has a strong chance of winning in California.”

The surge in Democratic voter registration will benefit down ballot races, with many districts seeing 10 percent or more of their voting population registering to vote in the last 90 days. With high turn out and a large swath of new progressive voters, Sanders has excited the future of the Party to help Democrats win across the board in California.

Bernie Sanders for President

The political revolution is not just about electing a president. We need a Congress with members who believe, like Bernie, that we cannot change a corrupt system by taking its money.

So let me introduce you to Tim Canova, a progressive challenger who is running against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a Democratic primary in Florida this year.

Tim endorsed Bernie’s presidential campaign, and was inspired to run because of Wasserman Schultz’ support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. His campaign is funded like ours, by lots of people giving small amounts of money.

And on issues like taking on Wall Street, making tuition free at public colleges, and reforming our broken campaign finance system, he is someone you can be proud to support. That’s why Bernie is endorsing Tim’s campaign, and why we’re proud to ask:

Splitting a $2.70 contribution between Bernie 2016 and Tim Canova for Congress will help elect progressives up and down the ballot while sending an UNMISTAKABLE message about our political revolution’s commitment to electing candidates who share our values.

A few weeks ago, we raised a tremendous amount of money for three progressive candidates for Congress. Your support changed their races overnight. In the days ahead, we’re going to add a dozen or more additional candidates to that list.

We’re doing this because it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. We need real change. We need U.S. Senators, members of Congress and state legislators who have the guts to take on the big money interests whose greed is destroying the American middle class.

Tim Canova is one of those candidates, and I hope you’ll join Bernie in support of his campaign:

Split a $2.70 contribution between Bernie 2016 and Tim Canova for Congress today. This is important.

Thank you for powering this political revolution.

All my best,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



The morning after. Hello ! Should I say « Good Morning America » !

DSC_0471Sunday, I went to the church wearing a rainbow shirt and a velvet silky softly scarf. I was wearing the same scarf a week ago, during a quick visit to Paris around Disney Parc’s railway station known as Marne-la-Vallée which I visited rapidily. Was it in tribute to Prince in the air – aftertimes  ? A wink ? Perhaps. And it got inspirational.

Each time I’m de sortie, the worming press goes frantic and on panic and provides some sosies of mine. Today, you get, Michelle, Kate the princess, Hillary as usual – the less evil, not the best candidate, but the lessimposed on to you, ask it or not, want it or not – Britney desperately nake on stage, Madonna overcoated with artificial brillance, Gwen, the one-tube performer, pregnant women and … my best, Rihanna. Woo, the cartoon’s artillery is out. A real misery.

I told you, I’m unique. Ageless and Timeless. You have a proof ot it.

Not only they will go crazy about my style, they spy the laptop and are take pictures of me during the day at home to inspire their shootings. The process is a public and private tradition, coming from those so-called press living through malfaisances and thefts practices. In total impunity.

After all, the « white, male and yale » superpredators and infectors, the biggest group inside the US gov are backing their predations and systematic frauds. I’m honored and blessed Susan Rice spoke the evidence and the origin of the sin in American blindness and huge democratic handicap. Yes, there is Hope for Real Change. Oh, Yes.

The matrix is « white, male and yale ». Bloodthirst never ends. This is a cursing, by Jesus. That is how you call things by their names. This matrix, I called in 2007, « Institutional clonage » or institutonal cloning, sitting on the procedures, in the institutions including the people working for them. It is about ethnicity and diversity. It is about the conformity of the gov, of the leadership panels with the real composition of the people, so that each group or citizen identity could feel like being represented somewhere inside the decisional chain.

America and the entire West, under the « elected people’s » matrix and domination, hidden by the « political correctness » promoted by the gang of medias – those worms good for public copy,  in a lawless land of vultures -, leading cowardly private, psychological, physical attacks, without a single idea to bring in the debate or the table. Those mediatic dogs are a  psychopath version of « white, male and not yale« . This is the same predatory matrix worming the World as a toxic poison.

Tolerance is their FAKE  passport. IN FRANCE THE EQUIVALENT OF YALE IS ENA (The National School of Administration).

When you change the leadership, the entire system will be impacted and the poisonous lombrical State spreading hate, vermon, discord, mistrust, defiance, violence, wars and criminality will disappear.

The fact is those fake institutions behind the « elected people » mask – have built an invisible web/net as a filter. Black people, like Rihanna or Michelle are serving the lying process as disenfranchised slaves of them.

This is business as-usual. Hacking the cameras of the city-hall allocated to « The Arch of Eternal », the church I’m praying in. Those evil  can not live without watching me or following me, to grasp something to sell to you. And the day after, they will go on parading with big empty institutional brand or selling something  stolen from A to Z. Apart from commercials, what have they created ? Tools of mass control and freedoms capture through massive jailing, exclusions, systematic tracking : they know what you buy, eat, read, watch, where you walk, run, fly or ride to. Who your friends are and members of your families. From there they are controlling the entire planet. The public space is their home and land where they distribute various pass to get in. They filter the passage. They are guardians keeping the entrance the way even the Gestapo didn’t and couldn’t. 

Loans either students, individuals, professionals or States are distributed by them.

Political success is delivered through their corrupt money : their best pass. He who gets the politicians in his hands, has an upon hand on the Justice System and Authority and controls the economy works for more of the same pool.

Public visibility and awards are from the same obedience.


Those people never invented something. They  stole it from other people they would threaten or harass afterwards. Not a single day can be without one of them or all of them acting collectively to send me message of attacks in order to bring disturbancy into my life. While doing so, they are hiding comfortably inside their pool of « white, male and (not) yale ».

What is for sure, is a happy man or woman never goes desperate to worm to the point of organising collectively, into a death squad  to follow other peoples’ life this way. In my entire life, I never thought this possible. You should watch it to see what is the Devil. I can assert here without a doubt that The Western press is the Devil and so-called journalist are the worst human beings on earth, if you can even call those things human beings. They are crapulous. But it is not even their fault, they are sentinels of an order. That said, if you know who they  are, you know the system and who they serve.

The press is a bunch of slaves turned into a band of hyenas. But, as all of you knows, blood calls blood just like money calls money. And this is an endless game. Death brings death. Hate brings hate. Violence brings violence or silence of fear, or terror. The press gangsters are terrorists. Period. No difference between them and Isis or al-Qaeda, or Boko-Haram, all of them being the creatures of the same monster : the American pro-Israelite Hidden System.

I feel like I will write a book on their maneuvers, for this is important for the lawmakers to crack down on those hidden bandits (the press) and for the young generations to know who they are reading or looking at the TV and so on, and for their partners in civil, and for their families to know the real face of the snake(s) besides them. It is an imperative.

I’m glad the analysis of the political correctness and the rotten matrix sitting on the American society has been able to resonate with Susan Rice. I’m grateful for her telling the evidence. At last. DON’T BE AFRAID. MAN. THOSE WORMS ARE ON THEIR FINAL STAGE OF HARMING AND HATE DIFFUSION. BORN A THEFT YOU DIE A THEFT UNLESS JUSTICE STOPS YOU.


⇒ Would you like to know where Is Israel Heading? – OpEd

Israeli’s agents have bought nearly everything in America. Groups of press are theirs. Groups of High Tech are theirs. Groups of advertisers are theirs. Cable distribution networks are theirs. Book editors, a high filtering place are theirs. Book Publishers, critics and sellers are theirs. Now Political parties are under their Schultzian dominance, Wall Street is the founder of the entire network working as an opened jail of Americans. Native are paying a terrible cost of those wolves’ mentality of savages, in those modern times.

The World is jailed. Agents of torture and prison’s guard, namely service of intelligence and the medias are all-teeth out to eat anyone disobeying or dismissing their punitive code presented to you as the best system and regime in the World, using permanent diversions known as the « society of spectacle » to distract the people from the nest of their woes ; call it misfortune.

The elected Web have organised the world for their fortune and for your misfortune. In fact, their fortune depends on our collective infortune.


PLEASE PEOPLE IN FLORIDA DON’T FORGET TO Hand a socket to Debbie Schultz to say Thank you and bye bye in Florida and at the head of the DNC. This is your mission.

Political correctness, the convenient mask and masquerade.

Blacks’ Retreat. American stained blood and the bathroom’s parody. Oraculous Speech.


Watch the ramifications plunging into occupied France by more of the same Schultzian dogs inside the French gov. The letter came one hour or so, after posting the first part of this article. This is how they harass people, those bands of pets. Really pathetic. Previously, it was SNCF always sending something, each time I would write something against their favorite, Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s dogs are vampires.

For those of you not aware of the story of pregnancy or the baby to be born, I mentioned it previously and may be I will repeat it.

Times ago, I mentioned my boyfriend will to have a baby with me. This surprised me, as it was no longer in my program to have a baby. This was said during an episod of a debate – a trap indeed – over age difference in the couple. I quoted it rapidly and forgot about it. It was an amusement for me, kind of a joke.

Since then,  the little press of nulls, set cams inside my flat without me knowing, until I notice that every single thing I was discussing about with my family including  my love affair was screened  on a hidden telereality network distributed and accessible by the Vatican, the US gov and Congressists needly to talk about the CIA and the FBI, the French gov, the entire press, cultural and business world, and I suppose elsewhere. That is the System way of operation.

That is how the crapulous web reverberates to the Caf – watch the pictures below (I had to erase it to replace it by something more interesting – sorry for readers accessing the article right now) – and the content of the letter I’m not a regular recipient. All of the sudden, contrary to the forecast establishment blueprint, Schultz and Hillary are down and Sanders is up, you got the miserable worms out. Bitches.

When you don’t have la Caf, you got a text on the Cunulingus from le Monde, the day after watching me on their hidden network. That is why I said to them and I’m repeating it, all of them including the Vatican are cursed and will feel the heat of that.

Now see the uses of it.

Comments on my old nakedness, on the penis of my boyfriend, on our sexual intercourses, frequency, duration, on my relationship with members of my families and friends whose phones are hacked and their homes places under cams to continue the movie.

When you can imagine only one second, that intelligence services and govs including lawmakers can tolerate this or give a green card to that, it is despicable. No word can match the feelings I have for those people except calling the biggest disaster on their lives as Justice from God or mother  nature.

But, the buglars don’t stop there, sometimes to times,  some bizarre mails come in my box.

After the previous article, an article of people lying in their coffin was in yahoo, the inevitable cursed thing, systematically organising the whole enterprise of hidden attacks – Say Hillary, and coffins are as a reminder of the passing away of my father. So mean. You call this a press.

The campaign of deratisation is ongoing and, I  always prevail. Always.

So, when you see pregnancies and babies here and there, you know whom the attack is directed to. Sometimes, I try to follow a link, like the Susan Rice they guessed I could click on, and after two relays, I finally reached the site to read the article announced – a zero article – to find out a pregnant girl with another girl having her hand on her belly, in case you could have missed the message.

Somebody reading this will say « oh the lady doesn’t like children and babies ». And you know the idea attached to this notion of hating babies : monstruosity. Perversion works like a poison. The attackers can turn things is such a way that if you denounce the attack, you are a monster and the attackers – gays married or homosexual included – are babies lover and caring parents more than straight people. Political correctness provides a confortable cover to wash out their attacks, in the name of tolerance and non-violence chant, living you in rage, helpless.

Anticipation and prevention are key to stop the worming activity. Protecting privacy is the next biggest challenge, for this is the best place for cowards to lead a hidden violence, while accusing other people of it.

Look, at the beginning of my website, the press was snubing me. But I didn’t care, for I knew where I was heading to. And to that aim, I knew they will not be for any help. Then I went surprised to see the move of one of them criticising me without saying my name, treating me as a little something without a future. It was Mr. Yvan Levaï, known as the former husband of the former wife of Dominique Strauss Kahn, Anne Sinclair, my other sosie. You perfectly know who she is, after NY ambush. Brothers and sisters of Israel.

Then google adverstisers starts insulting me as an old woman. Then there were TV’s ads. Then ads from Yahoo. Then everywhere I would like to read something. They have thought, in doing so, I will be short of information and find myself impossible to write over news I could not have.

Error. I’m not a reporter. I’m a thinker. A philosopher. I don’t need the news to think or to write. Even more so, this campaign is staging as a mirror, the contents of the book « institutional cloning » (2007) the way I could not have imagined.

This book couldn’t find a publisher. At the times, this was a curiosity, until I understood clearly the gangsta regime and its ramifications in Israel.

Shortly said, the gang of press and their masters behind the net can’t retaliate. Now they are not laughing at the old woman, they take everything here : picturing style, or pictures related to my life, dressing, sex, everything even the underwear, sometimes pictures are refering to my boyfriend penis or underwear, or character, our disputes, what we eat, my bathroom, etc…

They are so mediocre that they have found that to match the comparison, young girls or nakedness to say beauty, or pregnancies or taking TV models ads looking like my boy friend or my daugter legs and butt (photoshoped by Kloe kardashian)….

Let me finish with this one : when I came back to Cameroon from the burial of my father, I was so juicy and I lose weight – each time I’m under African sushine – the day after, to match the juicy of the old woman, Kim got naked on the web. It was too much for her to sustain, so she tried it naked. Can I try it intellectual with such a vacuity ? Laughs. She is such a minus to my eyes.

Apparently, her  nakedness, organised by the same gangs of nullity called press – where do they got their diplomas – frankly, when you read the shits they can write, I can’t understand how they can be graduate ? 2/3 of them are parasites for the profession. They don’t know how to write an interesting article. It is about gossip and gossip. A real misery. The level of education has dangerously slipped away.

To compensate, they need to create artificial awards delivered by a gang of nulls, that is how mediocrity feeds mediocrity in circle. Kim and West and Hillary Schultz were supposed to be our future, with a collection of gangs behind them. lol. Nullity and criminality are of the same root.

La Caf and the US dept of labor, more of the same. When you have a message to somebody, tell it, voice it, don’t hide behind pictures or a gang.


Now, think about those facts below :

  1. How can a non-singer paying tribute to a diva like Whitney ? Impossible. This is a massacre. Celine or Mariah Carey to pay tribute to Whitney, please. You don’t compare divas with body musicians. To sing Whitney, you need a powerful voice. A non-singer got no power in the throat. Whitney got the flow, the blues, the breathe and the Magic. Rihanna good for David Guetta entertainment. Something indescrible lies between truly singers and the others : their voice comes from an unknown place : Heaven perhaps. Listening Prince purple rain somewhere inside a stadium – during a super bowl match – yes, you feel like the angels are flying into the stadium. It is shivering and transcendant. There is difference between background music and lightning music.
  2. Prince’s revolution recalled by a white non-singer. A double fault. Raptors love black men to make money or the relaunch their end of career. Bloodsucking and a massacre again and again. A black singer like R Kelly is more representative to sing Prince. Not Madonna, please. This is plain worming, massacre and sacrilege. A truly shame.
  3. West is lost with its blue eyes looking like a cat or a pale Brad Pit copy. Another shame. Times ago, black penis were compared to animals. Now, the entire class of bitches is after black penis. Pinch me twice. Plastic surgery and leads to everywhere emptiness is the norm. In French we say « la nature a horreur du vide« . An emptiness for a dark hole and vice-versa. Horrors flucking together lombrically for sexual obsession and only that. 
  4. Microsoft is that tool authorizing itself to write messages on its windows 10 imposed on the people. Right now, I have this message on their inevitable screen. They are talking to me about « chameleon and baobabs and lockers ». Say New York, and the microsoft gang is out, sending you messages. What started in the 60’s with a big theft is still operating with abuses. Microsoft should not be allowed to send messages to the people using their tech tools….. This world is one of persmissvity. How can you get rid of rats, non-invited people invading your life? A title of a song ?
  5. Snoop sings. Nicky Minaj sings the rap. West talks. Can they pay tribute to TU PACK ? California. Black Panthers when Black were men enough to say the truth, not reading a script on the TV, a pre- condition to be invited there.
  6. Listen Jason Derulo « Pull up ». Nice music.
  7.  And Matona, Ja rule, Notorious Big « Old thing back ».



IMF’s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center concludes its Annual Meeting in Beirut.

Press Release No. 16/238
May 23, 2016

IMF’s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center concludes its Annual Meeting in Beirut

The Steering Committee (SC) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) –Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center (METAC) held its annual meeting on Thursday, May 19, 2016, in Beirut.

The METAC SC meets once a year to provide guidance to the Center’s strategies and sets priorities for its capacity-building assistance. The Center was established in October 2004 in Beirut as a collaborative effort between the IMF, recipient countries, and donors. Since its establishment, METAC has been serving Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and West Bank and Gaza. On May 1, 2016, Algeria, Djibouti, Morocco, and Tunisia joined METAC as its newest members. During May 2010-April 2016, in addition to financial contributions from some member countries (Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria) METAC received contributions from Germany, France, the EC, United States Agency for International Development, European Investment Bank, Oman, and Kuwait.

Have more here.




Great news! The House unanimously voted to end warrantless email snooping and reform the outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) in a vote of 419-0.1

With 342 cosponsors in the House and Senate, reforming the Electronic Communications Privacy Act has become one of the most popular initiatives in Congress.

Now, Chairman Chuck Grassley has committed to bringing ECPA reform legislation to a vote in the Judiciary Committee – as early as this week – where it must pass before going to a full vote in the Senate.

But certain government agencies are making last-ditch pitches for a special carveout that would give them warrantless access to private documents.

And it doesn’t stop there: Some in law enforcement are calling for new authority to side step the warrant requirement whenever they declare an emergency.

Our grassroots action led to the House’s unanimous vote and now it’s time to make sure that the Senate hears us too.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee: No warrant, no access to my email. Reform ECPA now, and reject any privacy-weakening amendments!

In our polarized Congress, it’s a near impossible feat to get a unanimous 419-0 vote in the House.

But this shows just how much of a no-brainer ECPA reform really is: Having fewer privacy protections for our email and digital communications than we have for postal mail makes absolutely no sense in 2016.

In the digital age, Congress can no longer stand idly by and leave our private communications open to government snooping. Take a stand for your privacy.

Tell the Senate Judiciary: Protect the 4th Amendment and pass ECPA reform now!

Thanks for standing with us,

Mark Stanley
Director of Communications and Operations
Demand Progress


1. Tech Crunch, “House unanimously passes Email Privacy Act, requiring warrants for obtaining emails,” April 27, 2016.

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Kazakhstan – Embracing the Next Transformation

Speech by Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, IMF
Nazarbayev University, Astana, May 24, 2016

As Prepared for Delivery

Good morning—Qayırlı tañ.

President Shigeo Katsu, thank you for inviting me; and thank you, distinguished guests, faculty members, and students, for the warm welcome.

I am glad to be here on my first visit to the Central Asia region as the IMF’s Managing Director, and on my first visit to Astana. I had a very pleasant stay so far, and the futuristic architecture of your city is really breathtaking!

Here is a summary of he canvas of the Speech which resonates with some of the issues we just dealt with here above. This is a timely speech to move further on four key areas

1. First area: stronger macroeconomic frameworks.

2. Second area: more effective and transparent institutions.

3. Third area: a more open and integrated economy.

4. Fourth area: a more inclusive economy.

→ Think education. Abay Qunanbayuli, the father of modern Kazakh literature, once said: “A strong man may defeat one hundred enemies. But a learned man—one thousand.”4

→ Embrace technology and green industries.

→ Connect with the world. The late Steve Jobs, the father of many of the “apps” you now use to connect with each other, once said: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” – which I interpret as: let your curiosity be insatiable, and dare to be different.

→ And finally, connect with the IMF.

Despite our “age”, we never cease to adapt to changing realities.

On the Democratic side :

 Kazakhstan: Crackdown On Peaceful Protest by EurasiaReview. – Read the IMF observations below over the situation. (1)

Plus Iran: Anti-Death Penalty Activist Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison.

Democratically Yours.

(1) The Economy and Politics are intertwined. Reforming the economy requires social and political stability to avoid adding problems (=oil) to existing challenges ((=fire) or worst, to complicate the  job and the steps engaged for transformational changes.  Kazakhstan is only 25 years of independence ; it is a young nation (==a baby state) which needs time to turn the inherited system around. So people should show patience and indulgency if not comprehension. Read a first and  fresh hand testimony below.

Definitely, we leave this last word to Mrs Lagarde.

 Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at the End of her Visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan 

“During my conversations with the Kazakh authorities, I commended the country for its achievements during the 25 years since independence. The country faces new challenges due to the decline in commodity prices and the slowdown of key regional economies. The authorities have taken steps to address these challenges, notably floating the tenge, which will help the economy adjust.


CONCLUSION : Bernie works and runs for « racial, social, and economic justice. » 

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

No president, not Bernie Sanders, not the greatest president you could possibly imagine, can take on the billionaire class alone. And that’s because change never happens from the top down, it always occurs from the bottom up.

That’s why today I am announcing my support for eight progressive state legislative candidates who embody the spirit of our political revolution.

Today, they are state representatives running for re-election or challenging to win their first race. Tomorrow, they’ll be progressives running for Congress and maybe even the presidency. And in 2020, they’ll help determine how congressional districts are drawn for the remainder of the next decade — a key to Democrats taking back and holding the House of Representatives for the decade to come.

It’s up to us to transform the future of the Democratic Party, and that’s why I am proud to ask:

Can I count on you to split a $2.70 contribution to our campaign and a great slate of progressive state legislative candidates as a way of saying we are going to fight to transform our country, and the Democratic Party, from the bottom up?

Justin Bamberg is a state representative from South Carolina who was an early endorser of Hillary Clinton’s campaign but switched his endorsement before the primary because of Bernie’s work for « racial, social, and economic justice. » Justin won his last election by ONLY 113 votes and needs our support in what’s sure to be another close race this November.

David Bowen is the son of Jamaican immigrants who is running for his second term in the Wisconsin State Legislature. He fought for and won a living wage for Milwaukee city employees and is a progressive champion Wisconsin needs.

Clara Hart is a refugee from Mozambique whose family fled from violence when she was just 8 years old. Now she’s running for the South Dakota House, where she hopes to continue her work for immigrant families.

Terry Alexander is a representative in the South Carolina legislature who supports raising the minimum wage, expanding health care, and protecting the right to vote. He is a courageous legislator who I’m proud to support.

Carol Ammons became the first African-American woman to win election in her district of the Illinois State Legislature, scoring an upset election victory against a well-funded establishment opponent. She’s fighting for progressive issues and candidates and deserves our support.

Chris Pearson is running for the Vermont State Senate after spending four terms in the Vermont House of Representatives. He is a champion on the issues of livable wages, strong labor union advocacy, climate change, and voting rights. This year he was able to pass a bill into law for automatic voter registration. Chris is a good friend of working people and of mine.

Jane Kim is the first Korean American to win election in San Francisco, and she’s running to become a California state senator. The daughter of immigrants, Jane is a civil rights attorney who’s fought for affordable housing and fair wages in her city.

Joe Salazar is a representative to Colorado’s state house who is a tireless advocate for stopping fracking, protecting civil rights, and advancing criminal justice reform. He won his last election by just 221 votes, and your support will go a long way to helping him win this year.

Can you split a $2.70 contribution to our campaign and these candidates as a way of saying we are going to fight to transform our country, and the Democratic Party, from top to bottom?

We are going to keep fighting for every vote, every delegate, and every state, but this moment also requires helping progressives who are fighting for change at the local level. That is the political revolution, and that’s why splitting your contribution between our campaign and this great slate of local candidates is so important.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders