Post-mortem democratic times. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Rubio are Israeli agenda hidden runners. Blumenthal = Israel.

Unless you got asleep recently, you may have recalled who PM Benjamin Netanyahu has given His Israeli kiss of death to : Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Check it. Right.

Unless you have been into a profound coma those latest 20 years, you know for sure Hillary Clinton’s husband based foundation and their political carreer ending with this campaign, used as a pretext to escape Justice for underground ill-practices mixing noble administrative business and dark fundings and channels through shadow advisers, in fact Israeli agents acting under the coverage and the mask of « Born in America » ; a perfect coverage for those multiple Israeli agents trampling American reputation down to their muddy territories of misanthropy.

Those Israeli agents, following the footsteps and the orders of their original land are humanity destroyers. Nobody else, apart from them, deserves the qualification of Human Being. That is why, when one of them is killing people in mass or in the dark using stooges around the World, it is not a crime. It is vampires business-as-usual.

To perform this, they usually resort to low blow such as the too late accusations of Marco Rubio – the Benjamin Netanyahu candidate – combined with Ted Cruz’s – the cheater-in- chief in Iowa -over Trump’s immigration stances are just mean. Israel is the worst racist state on Earth, building walls actually. It is the state behind the entire criminalisation of the World, operating under American, EU entire corrupt and colonised leadership and flag. This submissive leadership will afterwards use its historic ties and influence gained during colonisation times to draw the leaderships of those former colonies or rivals (China and Russia) into corruption.

Lawmakers, presidents of State, Medias, Multinationals, Wallstreeters, Hollywood, Tech industries and telecoms are a cake of Hollocausters.

Whatever mistakes or secrets Mr. Trump is hiding – in case he is – as former candidate, Mitt Romney is suggesting, around Trump’s tax return to come – Mitt Romney is an adept of the Caymans Islands – nothing can surpass the corruption of the entire panel of American lawmakers submitted to AIPAC and billionnaires super PACS. This is the root of the cancer of the World. Cancer means poverty stirs up by social injustices, big banksters and corporates thefts going unpunished and unchecked and systematic frauds during the election process leading to the falsification of our democracy and civilisation.

Senator Rubio and Ted Cruz should be ashame. They are under super PAC and billionaires influence. In fact, their are running for their criminal agenda ; dirty, selfish and disgusting. The agenda of crooks. Did you notice that AIPAC and super PACS are from the same root of sounds. Take care, hear dangerously the stricking sounds of crooks walking free in the spotlights.

He or She who is funded by the billionaires super PAC is their hostages. He or She is not running for YOU. They are instrumentalising your vote to perform their  own agenda where your voice will count for zero. Never will you take part to the party ; you’ll be queing in front of a close door, waiting for the Santa Clauss, as you have been waiting for, those post-WWII times.

Amnesty International is reporting the backtracking of human rights around the world, because of  the World masters impunity – many of those super Pacs owners are tax heavens users, tax cheaters and economies destroyers. The same have organised the disqualification and depossession of the United Nations basement and missions through the three western veto-nations ; namely America, UK and France lawmakers corrupt by their financial, intellectual and mediatic elites under Israeli domination and obediences. This is a cancerogenic web.

Consider this, as I went back to France yesterday, I noticed one of my luggage was unlocked during the flight – A bruxels flight, member of the Star Alliance. A Star alliance with thieves on board. A real curiosity. At Charles de Gaulle airport, I went to the desk of luggages reclamation to ask how is it possible, a suitcase cadenas can disappear just like that ? Who has blew it up ? The agent asked me to check the suitcase and to report what could have been stolen. As I was travelling with two suitcases, I couldn’t recalled immediately what was stolen or being searched inside my luggages.

Times after, I noticed my Xperia phone – I got it from Orange 699 euros value two years ago – was/is missing. I did a lot of shooting and  some interesting videos in Yaoundé, the Israeli -backed cartel of photographs, mediatic and fashion universe are dying for to copy and perpetuate the tale of the exclusive elected people of merit. For the fairy tale to work, they got to follow each step of your walk every day and night. Even rats are only operative during the night. Those lombrical people needs blood to stay alive. That is why, at the end of the day, they remain cursed and miserable. It is their fate in this World to be rich on money and only that but miserable and slaves forever.

Tell me how do you characterised a person unable to stay at his places, without searching into somebody else life ? The purposes are diverse. We still have time to go into this, point by point.

A cartridge of authentic American Marlboro I bought for a friend of mine is missing also. At this precise moment, I’m writing this article, I have to check again. A bottle of a skin cream I bought in Duvv – at Yaoundé – has been vandalised. I guess they took the luggage to scan my entire body  and face creams or to test them – may be to introduce a toxic agent to damage my skin. They did it, before I travelled in Cameroon. My body milk was vandalised inside my bathroom, as they are used to enter my home – when I’m out – for their satanic businesses. You can not start to imagine the potential of destruction, envy and venon those Iraeli agents are capable of.

That is why they got to go after Gaddafi and Assad and Iranian leaders : class leaders, rich and noble bringing their countries up, building them. Israel and its philosophy of « everything for me and nothing for the others » is behind Hell in the middle east. Their western stooges will always obey to their ultimate satanic master. The Snake of the World talking to Eve to bring Adam down. This is the matrix of the World.

All this to keep the feable of the elected people alive.

Hillary is supported by the people of that same matrix. Open your eyes. Go to the WP to see the web that is behind the Clinton candidacy : they have the same profile of predators.

Hitler had the proper diagnosis, but the wrong solution. To build a universe, a land,  or a state free of rats, you need one thing : cleanness. Cleanness brings Justice.

A clean environment is an absolute necessity for the peace of mind, for the quality of air and life and for the harmony of the soul. Utterly, climate change tells a lot about the destination of this political revolution Bernie Sanders is enlightening.

The Freedom statute at New York and New York city is the emblem of Bernie Sanders standing and Stand. After all, fire symbolises passion, faith and life.  Fire is freedom.  FREEDOM AT LAST YOU REMEMBER THE SOUND OF THAT ECHO. The contrary of death, destruction, corruption, submission, imposture conveyed through big thefts and gangsterism.

Even gun violence stems from the same bloody pool.

⇔ Boeck: Knives, like guns, may soon be under strict controls.

Let me finish by underlining this point, among many others poor schemes. Each « Flash of the World » radio emission issuance sent by email to the person in charge to post them on line is immediately captured and distributed to the entire web described here above, before the receiver has even opened his email-box. Gmail by Google – the same matrix – and Yahoo are out there to help this muddy businesses to take place. Before we – at radio silence – are able to post the « flash », all the medias will be talking about the content of the emission immediately. That is how they have been living : stealing and running with it before the author can speak. Plagiarism, spying, stealings, killings, sabotaging is how you got the feable of the elected people ; in fact the least of us. A degenerated humanity.

What have Clinton done to stop this ? Nothing. Not her nor her husband who is capitalizing on its WH passage shamelessly.

Can you forget who killed Dr. King and President Kennedy ? You can’t. Those Great Men were Political Revolutionnars and they lost their life for this. Clearly it was the FBI with the CIA that committed those crimes. Now, we all know the truth. What we still don’t know is who have asked for it and who were the real criminals and what was the real scenario.

Judging from the schemes that just took place in the Middle East, during the Arab Spring ;

Judging by the lying no-fly-zone in Lybia hiding the plot for the assassination of Gaddafi ;

Judging by the Ukraine uncivilised coup ;

Judging by Syria and president Assad resistance to the evil ;

Judging by the senseless Iraqi War to destroy that creed of our religious Civilisation ;

Judging by Greece woes, the place of our rational or Hellenic civilisation ;

Judging by the corruption of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the process ;

Judging by the 2008 Financial crisis murdering people in mass ;

Judging by the EU ill-project of technocrats big thefts detrimental to jobs creation and to the Eurozone economies and walfare ; Judging by the nightmarish human and economic cost of this financial crisis, where the too-big-to-fail criminals banksters were not only bailed out by the Bushist insane presidency but are still walking free ;

Judging by the British exit to come from the dirty pool ;

Judging by the recolonisation of french former colonies through a fake  french leadership – stooges of Israel ; I told you and I’m insisting on this one more time, back from Cameroon where the entire economy and sovereignty have been sold out to the same race of predatory multinationals : France is under a  new occupation. The Germany was open and franck. This one is hidden, masked and conducted from behind, as gay sexual practices.

Love is eyes into eyes. Get the picture right.

Homosexuality can’t not represent the freedom  attitude, in form and in substance.

But this is another problem. One thing is to be an adept. Another is to lie to yourself or being cheated upon by a rigged, insane and sordid system. You can chose to be corrupt, a slave, a prostitute or a submissive person. This is your choice. But what you can not do is to use lawmakers to normalize doubtful or selfish practices. I’m still demanding a referendum for those type of cases.

Supreme court judges were below the expectations here. The replacement of one of them is not  an emergency, judging by their poor outcoming – may I say outing – on the issue. Even this noble supreme court has been stained dramatically. The institution nobility has vanished into the new Normal. It is heartbreaking. That  black people can still be out of the possibility to vote is tellingly of the questionable activity of the Supreme Court. Had those judges been standing at the center of the Law in America, people would be fighting for them. Sorry, this is not the case. The new president will appoint a new Judge with high standards of Justice and Constitutional rights respect.

Much more reflexions lie ahead. Put the gay problem aside. It was a parenthesis aiming to show the corruption of the decision  makers and the process of it.

⇔ Post-mortem democratic times.

Now question. Will senator Rubio free Palestinians, with his  Israeli PM anti-support ? This is an insoluble equation. You never take the Devil money without enslaving your mind and handcuffing your hands. 

Is senator Marco Rubio supporting « Encryption » ? Apparently Apple is working on its next generation of iphones for the protection of privacy. The security reasons brought forward by corrupt western gov and lawmakers to rule out encryption can not surpass constitutionnal rights. Unfortunately, this is the case actually.

In the name of security, the entire planet is under occupation. US Satellites are in control.

« Some of the same companies that fought Net Neutrality now offer programs that exempt some services, but not others, from monthly caps on their customers’ broadband Internet usage.

These are backdoor attempts to undermine Net Neutrality by giving preference to some sources of content over others. The FCC needs to step in now and put a stop to them.

Tell the Federal Communications Commission: Stop the sneak attack on Net Neutrality. Click here to sign the petition ».

Judging by their close cooperation with Israel, and by the buying of the elections by the AIPAC and the owners of the Super PACS, don’t tell, don’t ask who is the ultimate Master of the Western World and States under their dominium. Among them French former colonial territory is the most affected. Poor them. In Central Africa, it concerns Cameroon, Gabon, Central Africa, the two Congos. On the West side, Mali, Burkina, Togo, Benin, Niger with a contested presidential electoral process – and Cote-D’Ivoire where president Ouattara was installed by force by french and american forces.

The coup has ended with Laurent Gbagbo injustly accused and transferred to la Hague. Nevertheless,  Cote d’Ivoire is doing well, economically. This doesn’t justify the coup, now and then.

Like Rwanda who took the nation out of the french colonial sphere, after the genocide, Senegal is taking a different path form french influence. The move is salvatory. Out of french grips, Senegal and Rwanda are moving forward, powerfully and surely. No turning back to underdevelopment. France has never developed an African nation. Nor have them built those African nations they are leaving upon. No roads, no hospitals, no justice,  no democracy going backwards again and again. President Biya is expected to surf on Congolese Sassou Nguesso waves and will probably call an anticipated election, after more than 34 years into power. French corrupt elites are applauding in silence at the lessons of their democracy, viewed from Israeli eyes of predation and submission.

Once upon the time, France was in Africa to bring Civilisation to the savage Africans. They called it the Civilisation mission. At theat time, Africans was described as a curiosity leaving on the trees, like Jane and Tarzan. In fact, an animal. A monkey. Centuries later, we stand at the same point and it is even  more cruel and  barbaric. Monkeys are now leaving on the ground. In between, they have lost their authenticity and way of lives (culture) to embrace an illusional western culture. In Yaoundé, this illusion is dust.

Africa lacks political conscience and are still far away from unity. They don’t understand diplomacy and the power of negotiation inside it. Take this declaration of an idiot, for instance,over Africa’s decisive vote for the nomination of the next Fifa’s president :

« Africa’s vote will not come en bloc, as was in the past, so we are not the key issue any more, » she said ».

Only stupidy or lack of competence and political conscience can speak so miserably.

Nobody will free Africa, but Africans. History has proven that liberation is a nationalist task and mission. No westerner leader will ever come out to free Africans. The same for America and Europa.

Another African stupidity, the size of which was displayed during the so-called « no-fly-zone » is staged by Kenyatta poor judgment and move. You never play games with snakes. Ask Gaddafi. Rightly. Palestinians Criticize Kenyan Leader’s Trip to Israel. It is a pity for Kenya and for Africa.

The Palestinians are criticizing the Kenyan president’s visit to the region, saying his stops in east Jerusalem and the West Bank are akin to accepting Israel’s occupation.

The Palestinians are also upset Kenyatta has not visited any Palestinian city. Namely cowardice.

Israel and Kenya have strong security and agricultural ties. Namely handcuffs.

Senegal has declassified french language for english and is now a Hub for Africa. Is this the prefiguration of a new Model ? A new World for Africa ? A new path for African Renaissance ?








The Palestinian ordeal. A remnant of the colonial era. + Lybia free fall into chaos. Wall Street’s perversion and the State of the Union Speech preview.


(CNN) – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are attacking Donald Trump on foreign policy at tonight’s CNN debate, criticizing his stance on Israel.

Even as Trump called himself « totally pro-Israel, » he said he didn’t believe there was any reason for labeling Israel and the Palestinians as the « good guy » and the « bad guy. »

« The position you’ve taken is an anti-Israel position, » Rubio said.

When Trump said he was simply a « negotiator, » Rubio shot back: « The Palestinians are not a real estate deal, Donald. »

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were on a mission to hit hard at Donald Trump in the final GOP debate before Super Tuesday, questioning his fitness to be commander-in-chief and his refusal to release his tax returns.

Trump shot back that Rubio was a “choke artist” and Cruz a “liar. »

Low blow. It looks like Hillary team talking about Bernie Sanders fitness. Fitness is not about age. 

What is Marco Rubio ready to do and what has he done to prevent, punish and stop Tax Heavens whose dirty money possessors is founding his campaign ? When we got this answer, then we will want to know more about Trump tax return who, after all, compared to Rubio has created Jobs, with his own money and business,  not with the State’s.

Frankly Mr. Trump and those Senators are not competing in the same category.

Whatever you may think of Mr. Trump, he is a class  over those politicians.

(CNN) -The five remaining Republican presidential candidates are gathering in Houston for the final debate before Super Tuesday.

The border state debate comes on the same day a former Mexican president used a curse word to declare that his country would not pay for the border wall proposed by Donald Trump — and a day when Vice President Joe Biden, appearing in Mexico, said he almost felt the need to apologize for the heated campaign rhetoric.

Watch the debate live on CNN at 8:30 p.m. ET and get complete coverage on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

Comment. Nobody is perfect and we don’t expect a candidate to know and have the proper answer for everything right now. Life is movement  ; it is a dynamic. The president needs a competent board of advisors and a clean team. He is not going to work alone. The president also needs and this is more important, a clean and responsible – non corrupt – board of lawmakers.

That is  why this election is not only to elect a president, but also to bring forward clean and strong leaders coming from different horizons of thinking.

⇔ People should prepare themselves to candidate as Congressmen, everywhere in America and race in the primaries. Teachers, social communities workers, unionists are welcome. Another way to give birth to the Political Revolution Bernie Sanders is calling you for.

US: Voting Restrictions Stir Anger, Mobilize More Democrats To Polls. Eurasianews.

 About encryption. FBI Director Backtracks, Admits Apple iPhone Litigation Will Be Precedent – OpEd (Eurasianews)

 US Presidential Elections 2016: The Revolt Of The Masses – Analysis – Eurasianews selection.

« BENGHAZI HORROR IS THE BABY OF THE CLINTON’S DOCTRINE ». Rep. Peter Roskam in the Benghazi hearing.


Ladies and gentlemen, as Confucius once said,

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

G-20 Seminar on Structural Reforms

Opening Remarks by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director
Shanghai – February 26, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Elise –

Just days before the Iowa caucus, Hillary Clinton left the campaign trail for a high-dollar fundraiser at a hedge fund. That same hedge fund is a major investor in fracking, an incredibly destructive practice of extracting natural gas by pumping hundreds of secret chemicals into the ground.

Hillary Clinton supports fracking. I do not.

And just as I believe you can’t take on Wall Street while taking their money, I don’t believe you can take on climate change effectively while taking money from those who would profit off the destruction of the planet.

Please contribute $3 to our campaign right now to help elect a president who isn’t beholden to special interests that profit off of pollution.


Dick Cheney pushed through changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act that legalized fracking, despite the fact that fracking companies keep the chemicals they pump into the ground a secret.

People who live near fracking locations no longer have drinkable water, and in some cases their tap water is actually flammable. Oklahoma has even seen a rash of earthquakes that many believe are a result of fracking.

In short, fracking is a disaster for the planet.

We need a president who is not beholden to special interests and who will do everything in his or her power to fight the effects of climate change. It’s clear that to elect that kind of president, millions of people need to come together and chip in whatever they can.

Make a $3 contribution to our campaign now to send a message that you want to elect a president who will do everything possible to fight climate change.

We can’t afford to let people who would destroy our planet elect our next president.

Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


(CNN) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential bid at a press conference in Texas, saying there is no one better prepared to lead the country in the Republican 2016 race.