President Obama is intoxicating the World with his Lying Foreign Policy.

President Obama’s visit in Europe is coinciding with two disputable elections : in Syria and in Ukraine. The two of them could not take place everywhere inside their nations. On both cases, America is the one to blame for the failure. In Syria, American-EU-NATO-backed opposition failed to realise a coup. In Ukraine, America’s stooges succeeded partly. Poroshenko is one of them.

Today, president Obama is praising his baby and janitor Poroshenko as legitimate. But his State’s Departement and Him along with the EU are daring criticising Assad’s reelection.  When a president of the first power in the World specialises in telling lies on the international stage, it is a pity and a real shame.

Discredit and dishonour

Times ahead of his tour, the same president was talking about slowing down military adventures. But read what is next.

Obama pledges $1bn for more troops, military drills in E. Europe

Lies. This is first.

Another lie consists in asking Nigeria to keep firm against Boko Haram *and the day after, the same Obama agrees to swap prisoners against an American Hostage.

Lie again.

*We have suggested Nigeria should access the same demand of exchanging prisoners for the girls, as a necessity, an emergency, a way for dialogue and a first step for apeasement. The latest news by CNN are absolutely catastrophic.

>>>> (CNN) 4 Nigerian villages reeling after Boko Haram attack: ‘We lost many people’. By Aminu Abubakar, for CNN – June 4, 2014 — Updated 2318 GMT (0718 HKT)

Concerning BNP Paribas, no doubt that, after the 6th debarkation ceremonies at the Normandie beaches, president Hollande will break a deal with Obama not to punish BNP, the bank’s law infringer-in-Chief. Remember that France is the only nation that circumvented the international embargo against the South African Apartheid regime, selling arms to the already criminal racist regime.

How do you call those regimes arming institutional killers to go on with the killing machine, years after years ?

President Obama is supporting  the lineage of this bloody Imperialistic agenda and the intrusion in Ukraine through a US-backed coup, just to set an army on the Russian borders. The objective is to reset another Afghanistan or Iraqi places like, at the time America is announcing its retreat from those nations.

People of the World should stop American dangerous and greedy foreign policy agenda in Ukraine. I’m confident, Ukrainian people would be up to the task and resist like Vietnamese did. 

When will America go to the polls to elect a new president?  2016 ? Oh my God, it is too long to avoid another humanitarian disaster and a red sea of blood. May I say of skulls and bones ? How many Americans in uniform died vainly in Afghanistan, in Iran and in Benghazi ? The only beneficiary of this is the NRA industry. And the other day, you’ll hear Democrats and Obama talking about guns’ control and shooting spree’s disasters. How Democrats explain this wide gap between foreign policy reinforcing the NRA and home option of guns’ addiction restrictions ? Gun’s violence is equal regardless of the place it operates.

Read another article explaining the Human predicament and the hidden agenda responsible for all this mess that has engulfed the leaders of the World, almost all of them corrupt to the core.

Obama is such a deception. Really. Poor black people, cursed at the root.

Concerning BNP deal to come, read the NYT. French Officials Twist U.S. Arms in Bank Inquiry.

President Hollande is going to complain to Obama the sanction against BNP announced to be up to $10 billion is « disproportionnate » for the frauds incriminated by US lawyers. He is determined to plead it to the president of the United States, hoping for a clemency. Any American will find it Shocking ! And indeed it is for a Nation where Justice is not a Political business like in France.

Look, former president Sarkozy has infringed the electoral law by holding a double accountancy for his 2012 election campaign. The scheme has just been revealed by the French journal, « Liberation ». One set of account was presented to the constitutionnal council as the campaign accountancy and the other one was fraudulently paid by the parti. Not only the official counts of campaign were rejected as false, the discovery of this hidden one estimated up to $19 million plus is punishable by law as criminal .

Note that former president NS used to be a lawyer.

The problem is, on the other side, the socialist party of president Hollande, the campaign Treasurer was Mr. Cahuzac. The guy was nominated at the government where another scandal concerning the detention of a huge amount of money in fiscal Heaven by Mr. Cahuzac was revealed. At first, the whole Hollande’s gov denied the facts and supported its colleague. Mr. Cahuzac denied the accusations before admitting them, later one.

Nevertheless, after being dismissed from the government, he estimated His rights to keep his parliamentarian mandate were intact and forced his way throught the Parliament to continue his political business as usual.

One year after, French Justice has done nothing at all to clear this. Was it legal for a presidential candidate to hire a treasurer knowing perfectly the man has a hidden fiscal account in Swiss, displaced in Asia ? Is this a clean business and legal campaign funding ? Elsewhere, this will have been investigated thoroughly. In France, Mr. Cahuzac is sleeping at home quietly and free.

As if this was not enough, this week, the Justice minister tried to push for an amendment protecting white colar’s infringements from law pursuits. In the midst of the Sarkozy’s scandal. Amazingly, the right parti rejected this socialist unbelievable push aiming at protecting Mr. Cahuzac.

A gerontocracy is ruling France.

French society is a place where no politician has ever been jailed or severely punished for law transgression. So are other  powerful institutions such as Banksters. And guess what, the medias did not mention the possibility for Mr. Sarkozy to be sued. Instead, their are beefing the polling business including Sarkozy as a contender or Mr. RESCUE, kind of Spiderman the parti in crisis is waiting for to safety.

No media even mention President Sarkozy could and should be emprisonned for such a theft. Actually, we still don’t know the beneficiaries of the $19 million fraudulently charged to the parti. The cynical political game inside the parti, led by three former PM looking to hold grip on the parti and linked by one ambition : standing in the way of Sarkozy’s eventual come back –  has succeeded in turning the blame to Jean-François Copé and forced him to resign his Presidency of the parti. Trashy.

In the long run, the militants are the one who are going to decide. Hopefully, this time, French Justice will enforce the law, only the law but the law. Period.

Unfortunately for the trio of those PM, in their precipitated take over by a coup, they simply brushed away the statutes of the parti exposing themselves to a backlash from the militants inside the parti.

Medias and gerontocracy in power are the forces of inertia in France.

UMP doesn’t want Sarkozy back. His friends do. And the medias also. Those friends are not the majority of the parti. As for the medias, they have built a pact tightening them to the old politician class ruling France during those 30 latest years, on pure loss. In exchange of their support, the profession is assure to keep its fiscal bonuses intact allowing them to cut down the amount of their tax up to €6,000 per year. Isn’t it cool ?

On the other side, politicians are immuned from any disqualifying comments in the medias. A selective approach that had hindered the prospects of change inside frenchy political class of elites. This whole political-mediatic class bears a name : post 68, in reference to the Students revolts that prompted the ousting of General de Gaulle from power. Since then, France has changed until president Giscard end of mandate coinciding with the entrance and the beginning of the long socialist approach and experience in power (Mitterand 1981-1995, interrupted by Chirac (1995-2007) and Sarkozy (2007-2012) controversial balances sheets.

This is a choc of cultures. President Hollande thinks his duty is to protect BNP, whatever the accusations are, using any tool or trick at disposal to reach out to the President of the United States.

In America, this is absolutely Haram.In Arabic, haram means blasphematory.

Concerning Syria, read at Global Research. Is Washington Planning a Terrorist Operation against Syria in the Wake of the Elections?

And « International Observers: Syria’s Voting Process was Fair and Democratic«