President Obama, mastering coup is zero change. No more coup ever. Nowhere.


As Ukrainian putschiste self-declared president Oleksandr Turchynov  is auctioning the situation in Eastern Ukrainian to meet the conditionality of the IMF to the 17 billion loan, Obama and Merkel are united in helping their dog of Kiev to cross the Red line : killing his own people, in the name of what and who ? US-NATO’s global strategy of annexion and destabilization ? Certainly. It is pathetic to watch this Big Lie deploying its bloody wings in the sky of Slavyansk.

Meanwhile Obama and Merkel are negociating the future of Alstom between Siemens and General Electric – above the head of France playing national protectionism. The general agreement on trade between US and the EU could end up making many scapegoats, including France. Hi hi…

Don’t be surprised if the IMF and the US-Merkel alike are chanting everywhere that Russian economy is suffering under sanctions and has been downgraded by rating agencies. OK, what about the EU with an unemployment rate at 11,58%, the double of the US ? Is it a sign of a performing EU’s economy ? Where are the singers ? And the raters ?

Look, France has just presented a plan of savings up to 50 billion euros. This plan was voted by 265 parliamentaries. 232 voted against and 67 abstained. In a normal democracy, this means, the plan has failed to bring up any consensus. A national debate showed it difficult for the plan to perform on the three points the plan was built to : lowering the deficits, boosting competitiveness and growth. Standard and Poor’s just took act of that and maintained the rating AA+ and the perspectives on the longer term.

It looks like there is a compassionate standard when it comes to EU’s notation. Huge unemployement and discutable plans are not causes to downgrade. In the longer term, this could impact negatively the  credibility of the masters of a manipulated game.

Where is Obama and America in Nigeria concerning the abduction of 223 Nigerian girls still missing over 276 ? They are turning a blind eye to a more preoccupying situation. Guess why ? Those are black people, they deserve the least consideration. What counts is the quest for power and domination either military or financially. In short, terrorism is a common trend of both America leadership and Boko Haram. Because America is siding with terrorists -Lybia and Syria – , he can not run after them. Instead, they are making cause commune to intimidate and lead the World. To Hell.

Putin didn’t topple the Ukrainian government. The US State Department did.

To avoid succombing under Kiev’s stooges propaganda, this is a global view and perspective of the situation.

From Eurasia. “The crisis in Ukraine is not the result of ‘Russian aggression,’ but of a criminal strategy by the US and its European allies to install a hostile regime on Russia’s borders in Ukraine and, ultimately, dismember Russia itself.” Johannes Stern, NATO boosts military build-up against Russia as protests spread in east Ukraine, World Socialist Web Site.

Fighting broke out on Friday in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk when Kiev’s coup government deployed military helicopters to fire on the city while troops and armored vehicles stormed checkpoints. At the time this article went to press, two helicopters had been shot down killing at least two pilots while one was captured. In an impassioned statement on Russian TV, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, appealed to allies in the EU to do whatever they could to persuade Ukrainian authorities to call off the operation and stop the violence.

“We are calling on the European capitals, the United States of America to give an assessment of the current events and are of course calling on those carrying out airstrikes on residential areas to…immediately end the punitive operation and any violence against its own people…”

So far, there has been no response from Washington although it’s clear that the Obama administration had a hand in organizing the crackdown. Not only were the State Department and CIA directly involved in the putsch that removed democratically-elected president Viktor Yanukovych from office, but Washington has also been implicated in punitive operations directed against ethnic Russian protestors in east Ukraine. Both CIA Director John Brennan and Vice President Joe Biden visited Kiev just hours before two previous crackdowns were ordered by imposter-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. As Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blandly noted, It’s clear that Washington is “calling the shots”.

On Thursday, it looked like violence might be avoided when coup-President Oleksandr Turchynov said that he had lost control of the situation. In an exasperated message to the media, Turchnov said, “It is hard to accept but it’s the truth, but the majority of law enforcers in the east are incapable of performing their duties.”

Turchynov was referring to the fact that Ukrainian troops have refused to attack their own countrymen. The mutiny has reportedly spread from elite airborne units to local police who sympathize with the protestors. The only group that’s willing to carry out Washington’s proxy war is the Right Sector neo-Nazis who helped topple the Yanukovych government. Just last week, members of this openly fascist party, commemorated “the perpetrators of the massacre of Yanova Dolina,” where “600 Poles were murdered by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in what is now Bazaltovoye. The massacre marked the beginning of ethnic cleansing in what is now western Ukraine, where tens of thousands of Poles were killed within a few months.” (World Socialist Web Site)

These are Obama’s new allies in America’s war against Russia. Now check this out from Reuters:

“The International Monetary Fund warned that if Ukraine lost territory in the east it would have to redesign a $17 billion bailout of the country, probably requiring additional financing.” (Ukraine attacks rebel city, helicopter shot down, Reuters)

Tell me, dear reader, when was the last time you heard of the IMF threatening to withhold funds if a political leader didn’t wage war on his own people? Anyone with half a brain can see that the IMF is just acting on orders from the White House. This is Obama’s war. His fingerprints are all over the policy. Obama is determined to draw Russia into a bloody guerilla war that leaves Ukraine in the same condition as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.

Here’s a clip from the New York Times:

“Through stealth and misdirection, and in defiance of Western sanctions, Russia has managed to achieve its immediate goal of what Western and Ukrainian officials believe is rendering Ukraine so chaotic that it cannot guarantee order, mend its teetering economy or elect new leaders to replace Mr. Turchynov.” (Not Getting Through to Mr. Putin, New York Times)

Putin wants a “chaotic” failed state on Russia’s border? Have you ever read such nonsense in your life?

Putin didn’t topple the Ukrainian government.

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The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to United States involvement in the Ukraine crisis. Total Collapse. 

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