The White House on sale. Who is Wall-Mart funding ?



Tell Wal-Mart: Extend the employee discount to cover all food.

Go to the Beaufort Observer to find an interesting report. Sometimes – but those times are scarce- , a media can recall its original mission of free, sounding and without-concession information due to the people. Press used to be uncompromising and that was the fight and a guarantee for freedoms as a package, starting with telling the truth on what is going on in the City and alerting public consciousness or appealling to it, at least.

Would you say The Press is fullfiling its mission today ?

Lack of Transparency, Pluralism Contribute to Bulgaria’s Declining Media Freedom –

As for the award « This year’s laureate of the Sakharov Prize is Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger, writer and activist and the founder of the Free Saudi Liberals website, which is an online platform for political and religious debate.

In 2012, Badawi was arrested on a charge of insulting Islam and sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes in 2013, which a year later was increased to ten years in prison, 1000 lashes and a fine.

The first fifty lashes were administred publicly in January 2015, with the subsequent flogging postponed due to his poor health and international condemnation ».

Alas. Islam is an easy target.

According to Reporters Without Borders, every year, some 500 journalists are arrested, another 1000 are assaulted or threatened and over 500 media outlets censored.

It may be interesting to see Where ? The absence of journalists being assaulted or arrested in the EU or in America is not a sign of their freedom ; it tells a different story which is one of total submission. Another form of alienation to power. In fact a co-alienation in which journalists’ job consists in paving the way to some candidates-imposed on them by the hidden persuaders invisible hand shaping the entire World.

In exchange, they are free to turn hooligans toward some people of their choice. Tyranny is the new normal.

« This is the lowest quality media we’ve had in my lifetime and maybe the worst in the history of the republic ». 

Exerpts of the Beaufort Observer’s  instructive comments. The forum is clear-sighting and rocky.


The president of CBS News is the brother of an Obama senior adviser, the president of ABC News is also the brother of an Obama senior adviser. The president of ABC News also works for George Soros (the godfather of the Democratic Party) on a media manipulation board. The president of CNN is married to Hillary’s chief deputy at the State Dept. At NBC News: Chuck Todd’s wife works for the DNC. Mark Murray, an NBC News senior political editor, is married to a woman who was unemployed four years ago. Today she is Chief of Staff of the FAA. Her qualifications? No management experience, no transportation and no aviation experience–just her husbands job at NBC and the favorable coverage of the Obama Administration (and the Democrats, in general) we have ALWAYS seen from that former news organization. The brother of CBS News President is Obama’s deputy national security adviser and is « credited » with creating the Susan Rice meme about the infamous YouTube video causing the Benghazi deaths.  
This is the lowest quality media we’ve had in my lifetime and maybe the worst in the history of the republic. 

This is the lowest quality media we’ve had in my lifetime and maybe the worst in the history of the republic.
Listen to our next flash of the World I recorded earlier, before I read this Beaufort Observer report – coincidentally dealing with the issue of hellish press and politics entanglements – by tomorrow. This platform includes the cultural world as a whole : musicians, top models, celebrities ranking from the zeros of them becoming famous [thanks to sex-tape business preceeding some reality shows, abyssmal voyeurism, conducted by the medias, has sent to the moon ; all those obscenities you can see at Cannes on the red carpet, without a single reason to be there but pollution, dillution and prostitution] to the best of them on the screen, the size of Di Caprio for instance, sport’s men and women, porn and the advertising world.
Jean-Baptiste Say –  read Adam Smith -the Economist who invented the Invisible Hand in economy and praised its excellent hand in organizing the supply and the demand would be surprised to see the hijacking of his theory. There is an invisible hand. Oh yes. But, this one is totally corrupt and manipulated in the darkness. Today, our economies look more like Chinese Shadows : kind of big markets  of puppetries and ghosts, operated by vampires, blackmailing nearly everybody or threatening the people or bullying them.
Listening at the medias, you may draw the easy conclusion they are supportive : more guns lead to safety and is the best guarantee for your life. It is neither serious nor responsible. But, the NRA is funding their political bosses, allies and big friends, if not future husbands or wifes or editor or private boss. By translation, those medias can’t be reliable on the issue, particularyly when it comes to protect collective interest and lives. The rule is this :selfishness first. Greed second and Opportunism third.