Putin and Russia on the offensive to prevent and contain a humanitarian crisis in the region.

As Ukrainian troops dispatched in Crimea switch to region’s side – disturbing  information are out stating 800,000 Ukrainian Refugees Flood Into Russia As Nazi Forces Continue Eastern March. If this is true, then Putin has the obligation to implement a workable preventive and effective strategy capable to deal with a potentially explosive situation : the nightmare following political disorder everywhere named « humanitarian catastrophe ».

Before we move forward, take a deep inspiration and read this content  at the Total Collapse : 800,000 Ukrainian Refugees Flood Into Russia As Nazi Forces Continue Eastern March. The consequence of this evolution is below :

CNN. Russia tells Ukrainian forces in Crimea to leave by Tuesday morning or face ‘military storm,’ Russian state media says.

Russia has issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian forces in Crimea to clear out by 5 a.m. Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) or face a « military storm, » according to Russia’s state-run news agency Interfax.

Ukraine officials insist that while Russia’s military is going from base to base in Crimea and demanding Ukrainian forces surrender, there is no official Russian ultimatum that they’re aware of, only psychological pressure and threats.

Secretary Kerry is awaited at Kiev on Tuesday. To show the US and its allies support for a post-coup government. Times are changing. But America and its NATO’s allies are standing still or backwards repeating the same 19th-20th centuries banditism on the international stage.

This is a New World’s dawning. Retrograde policies had gotten no place inside. Neither passeist sanctions and diplomatic threats from another time.

Naturally many in the Ukrainian Crimea army are resigning and changing side. Ukrainian army should follow the example initiated yesterday by the Great Admiral : disobey the fake authorities of Kiev and their fake PM who is counting on the NATO to destroy your nation as they did in Lybia.  Your responsibility is on the balance for History.

Later on.  From CNN. — Moscow denies report in Russian state media claiming it issued ultimatum to Ukrainian forces to clear out of Crimea.

Ultimatum or not, the state of alert should be maintained and even speed up, as America are considering economic sanctions against Russia.

CNN again quoting president Obama and Poland, the nationality of Joe the Plumber in Europa.

. President Barack Obama said today that Russia’s military moves in Crimea violated international law, adding that « no country has a right to send in troops to another country unprovoked. »

He said the United States is examining a series of economic and diplomatic steps to « isolate Russia, » and he called on Congress to work with his administration on an economic assistance package for Ukraine.

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8.39 pm– Poland calls for NATO emergency meeting, saying it believes the Ukraine crisis is a national security threat.

Media reports about an alleged Russian ultimatum made to the Ukrainian armed forces in Crimea are “total nonsense,” a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said.

He said that no ultimatum had been made to the Ukrainian forces.

Also, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told RT that they are unaware of any Russian ultimatum toward the Ukrainian forces in Crimea.

The source revealed that they had only heard about the alleged ultimatum from a report by Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

“We’re interested in keeping friendly relations with the people of Ukraine and in preserving stability,” the source told RT.

Disinformation is in full swing!

 So, is CNN playing jokes or was it fooled ?

Breaking News: Russia And China ‘In Agreement’ Over Ukraine


Sky News reports: Russia has said China is largely “in agreement” over the situation in Ukraine after the other G8 nations condemned its intrusion into the country.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine by telephone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, on Monday, and claimed they had “broadly coinciding points of view” on the situation there, according to a ministry statement.

As a tense stand-off continues between Russian and Ukrainian forces on the borders of Crimea, the other seven nations of the G8 urged Moscow to hold talks with Kiev.

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