Putin: the most influential leader in the World. Really ?

Syrian military strikes was avoided, not by Putin intervening in the end, but by British and American MPs in the first place. Democracy was the only winner of the Syrian  aborted campaign. Where democracy wins, the people win also. And each time democracy is flying high, the leadership comes out Greater. Democracy is freedom, but freedom goes with responsibility and truthfulness.

Remember President Putin affirming Russia will not go to war, should America strike Syria. Indeed ambiguous message which sparked the idea that Russia was playing its own interested card in the region and not really backing Assad’s regime. To put it other way, Russian and Assad’s interests coincided. It has never been about Putin overtaking president Obama. Not at all.

What is missing then ? Snowden’s case. And why is that Snowden case that decisive ? To whom ?

Actually, this first position is Intelligently impossible except for sheeps and gay worshipers who have hijacked the Snowden Guardian-backed high treason. And the guy is not ashamed. Instead, he is feeling proud and earning kisses from the magazines and media profession. Our times are so manipulated by information outlets that it is a real pity for the lower-informed or for those unable to catch up with the underground propaganda machine. Ultimately, politicians are responsible for all this.

Every time a politician will go on with ambiguous message, mix of truths and lies, half truths or squarely wrong affirmations to please some influent lobbys such as those delivering rankings and awards, politics loses credibility and this is the best way to implement a global feeling of mistrust and political instability. Such politicians are the Gordian Knot of nowadays’ contempt towards amnesia in politics and politicians’ discredit talking alternatively white, yellow, black or red, depending of the  wind direction. Puppets or free politicians, some must choose, if they are still able to. Apparently, no.

Let’s put it crystal clear : if the first parameter today to enter top positions’ rankings or awards  is to be gay-friendly , just because some people (the powerful or the most influent using any tool and sinuous path available ) have decided alone, behind the scene – far remote from the people – this is the way to go, then we are back again to dictatorship and censorship, threats and exclusions. Gays are not in jeopardy or threatened. Nowhere. It may even be the opposite. Gays are not more discriminated than black people, for instance.

You may have noticed how difficult it is today to express a different voice from the unanimous mediatic concert : there is no more debate, instead a compulsory convergence of views, leading to « the unique thinking ». In French, it is called « Pensée unique » : this is a compelling paradigma everybody is required to obey, conform and adjust to. Otherwise, sanctions, threats, man or woman hunt, fierce retaliations and exclusions,  harassment and even violence are implemented alltogether by the entire forces of the System in charge of protecting that Gargantuan Monster dubbed « One thought ».

For instance, in France, if you express your opposition about the overexposition of naked women like meat on sale on display, you will receive plenty of newsletters of any kind from some outlets exposing many naked women or something approaching that,  as an additive provocation. Whereas for some, this exposition is their only chance to exist, what are the motivations behind other newspapers ; some of them are supposed to be respectable. Those are thugs media.

Idem, French people don’t like the president’s girlfriend. Journals are fighting it hard and spending a lot of energy trying to create an artificial actuality to post photos of their lover ex-sister journalist turning the mistress of a presidential candidate ; in fact fabricated by the mediatic concert.

Today, the same profession behind Hollande’s manufactured election is turning their backs to him showing their anger, announcing the end of his 5 years term in office prematurely ; in a word, letting  him down shamefully. This is what awaits politicians throwing away their convictions and values to follow some thugs operating  publicly.

What is President Hollande’s sin in the eyes of the media ? He is no longer obeying them. The latest showdown occurred with the permission granted by the president to a little young Kosovar girl, Leonarda, to come back in France, for studies, if she wishes, after the expulsion of her entire family, in conformity with the  Asylum’s law. The media, along with many French people considered the decision awful and went down on the President.  President Hollande was portrayed by the whole french society as the Worst Stupid Man in the World.  Even Politicians from the opposite aisle of the political landscape, the Right, needly to speak about the far right stemming from Germany Nazi’s obedience, joined  the mediatic orchestra to perform high and loud. Polls brought catastrophic news for the president’s rating and here we go, the unstoppable crooked machine is at work again ; on the other direction. French media are racists. So are French people. Not ashamed to go after a young girl of 15. Stupid.

One French politician, François Bayrou, had voiced the best criticism against that  groupthink saying this : « If we all think the same thing, then we are  no more thinking anything », echoing the sound of a book by Alain Finkielkraut, a French Philosopher « The defeat of thought ».

It comes down to Hegel dialectic philosophy : thinking goes through three phases : the thesis, antithesis and the  synthese. This is the way civilisation and debating in democracy were earned ; not by threats or violent and misuses of powers and positions, but by intelligent discussion.

We have slipped  so far from that central point and this is a real regression and de-civilisation is underway. It’s a pity.

By the way, life comes with diversity, not with the association of more of the same. It is scientific, genetic and biological.

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From Mehdi’s morning. Huffpost.


Edward Snowden may be invited to Germany as a witness against the US National Security Agency, The Guardian reports. « Action is under way in the Bundestag to commission a parliamentary investigation into US intelligence service spying and a German politician met Snowden in Moscow on Thursday to discuss the matter. Hans-Christian Ströbele, the veteran Green party candidate for Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, reported that the US whistleblower was prepared in principle to assist a parliamentary inquiry. »

After the Guardian, Putin and South America,  Merkel is the latest supporter in line. While president Hollande was complaining, in the first place, he found no Merkel at reach. But today is another day. The Stasi, World War II era’s ending with Germany as the Great Devil to constrain… all this is out of the manufactured surprise. Yes Germany is not happy. Yes, the country can’t be surprise. They may have suspected that long time ago. Hoping the best and fearing the worst. A passive attitude sanctioned today with an astonishing counterespionnage laxist  and weak system – perhaps inexisting. Instead of crying, better fix the broken system. Snowden may bring some help. Snowden, an American transfuge, the manna. What a disgrace.

Bastard sexe and triumph of desidentification.

In the end, Putin is trapped : hosting a spy remote controlled by a gay friendly and defenser tool. Germany may feel better with that special guest as the nation is at the forefront of dissoluting gender differences. Now, in Germany,  a child can be log  as being not a female and nor a male. A third sexe has been implemented. Apparently, this is already the case in France.  Another horror and monstruosity reminding us the origins of WWII with jews’ mass killings by zombies :  soldiers without ID. Desidentification is a process of deshumanisation.

Latest.  From CNN.

SA leaker Snowden ‘didn’t present himself as enemy of America,’ wants to testify before Congress, German lawmaker says.

Indeed ? If really, he is welcome. At last. But that he will be able to testify before Congress, this is not for us to decide.  After seriously damaging American Security and Reputation, It is up to the Congress, in relation with the NSA and Justice Department, to decide : the hearing before Congress or the Court.