Racial profiling. Memory of Garner’s calling ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’ beyond the grave.

At last, HRW is stepping in in those « business as usual ».

In an article relayed by Eurasianews entitled : US: UPDATED RACIAL PROFILING RULES FALL SHORT, SAYS HRW, we can read this :

The US Department of Justice long-awaited reforms to its rules on racial profiling still permit discriminatory practices against minority groups and migrants, Human Rights Watch said today.

The revisions to the Justice Department’s 2003 Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (the “Guidance”), released on December 8, 2014, include modest improvements, such as adding religion as a prohibited basis for profiling. However, the Guidance allows community profiling and profiling in US border areas. The Guidance only applies to federal agencies, not state law enforcement officers unless they are collaborating in an investigation.

“Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to have it both ways, criticizing profiling while embracing it at the same time,” said Antonio Ginatta, US advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.


Half-hearted reforms are a sorry legacy, Follow the link for the whole story.


“Bottom line: there’s no right way to profile.”  

Apparently any profiling comes with some inevitable and sorry categorisations of all kinds. For security’s matters, this enlistening is comprehensible and is not problematic in itself. The problem comes when an ethnic cleansing or a racial profiling are the objectives. Black people are easy targets and this is the case  without or inside general profiling.

White  Americans consider Black People are illegitimate. They are handled as immigrants. Why and How is nobody starting there, at that starting point ? Immigrants inside your native land is something terrible to handle. But this is it : illegitimacy.

That is why yesterday’s celib. show was absolutely misplaced : it was neither the time, nor the place. At the moment when the American people is mourning Eric Garner and is recalling his strident last call « I CAN’T BREATHE » which got no mercy from a Pre-South-African Apartheid police age, some distractive visit should have been delayed to respect DECENCY and to honor the MEMORY OF DEAD BLACKS PEOPLE IN FERGUSON, NY OR CLEVELAND and so forth.

We know that some Masters of the World have crowned themselves as Royals.

We also know that, while in crisis, there are few choices :

– either they lie.

– either they keep firm on the mistaken path and error.

– or they blink using double language

– or they badly engage in an entreprise of restoring their prestige.

Rarely do they resort to damage control or to some personal amendment.  I’m the King of the World and if you are not happy with my crazy rule, then get lost at the Bermudes.

The Bermudes, the symbol of Tax Havens. Tax Havens, the core and the epicenter of the World Economy along with job outsourcing, the elevator on which China started its ascension. Western nations are known as the people who – for money – will sell a rope to the man who is going to hang them up later on. Because of bottomless greed.

Apparently, this year marks the beginning of the Chinese Reign as the First Powerful economy in the World. America is second after a domination on top since 1870s when they toppled the UK. This is the second earthquake, after those civils rights breathe taking abuses. Most of it has something to do with the underground economy of money laundering, tax evasion and hidden dark money permitted by the NATO’s coalition members.

This adds more indecency to Eric Garner’s death, killed because of NY’s taxes the wealthiest Americans tax evaders don’t pay a dime for.


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Democrats didn’t repeal the loophole when they ran both houses of Congress from January 2009 to January 2011. And the reason they didn’t has a direct bearing on the future of the party.

First, let me explain why this loophole is the most flagrant of all giveaways to the super-rich.

Carried interest allows hedge-fund and private-equity managers, as well as many venture capitalists and partners in real estate investment trusts, to treat their take of the profits as capital gains — taxed at maximum rate of 23.8 percent instead of the 39.6 percent maximum applied to ordinary income.

It’s a pure scam. They get the tax break even though they invest other peoples’ money rather than risk their own.

The loophole has no economic justification. As one private-equity manager told me recently, “I can’t defend it. No one can.”


Wall Street has continued to be generous to Democrats (as well as to Republicans).

The Democrats’ unwillingness to close the carried-interest loophole when they could also goes some way to explaining why, almost six years after Wall Street’s near meltdown, the Obama administration has done so little to rein in the Street.

Wall Street’s biggest banks are far bigger now than they were then, yet they still have no a credible plan for winding down their operations if they get into trouble.

The Dodd-Frank Act, designed to prevent another Wall Street failure, has been watered down so much it’s slush. There’s been no move to resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act separating investment banking from commercial banking.

Not a not a single Wall Street executive has been prosecuted for his involvement in the frauds that caused the mess.

Wall Street was the fourth-largest contributor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, and is already gearing up for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run.

Hedge-fund and private-equity managers are donating generously to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC dedicated to getting her elected.



Last but not least, yesterday, one former NYPD officer have recognized at Anderson Cooper (CNN), the chokehold was not necessary in this Eric Garner’s case. Finally, one member of this NYPD speaks out what everybody can see with his eyes. He even expressed some reserves about the inadequate training.

Before this officer’s recognition of the foolishness of the police brutality, his colleague was explaining us that « if this gesture we call chokehold was real, the cause of death would have been asphyxiation ». Ha ha. Now, forensic and medic will tell whether the police did a good job or not. Anderson Cooper was asking questions about the m.o. The officer blaming NY Major De Blasio for « throwing them under the bus », responded with medical autopsy. Another distraction.

Fortunately, there was another medical expert around the TV desk who specified the compression of the chest – and of the head alike – has certainly caused a heart-attack, anyway, by excessive compression of blood and the neck that blocked the blood to reflux to the brain. This is a murder. 

Naturally NYPD is denying the version of the fact, defending their officers from any wrongdoing. Why is it Garner died, if everything was done properly ? Answer : has he not be obese, he would’nt die. Bottom line : blame obesity. This is where I lose my temper and say, after Trayvon’s mother « It is a joke ».

A man is lying down the street, murdered for taxes and business is still going on as usual. Hands shaking, crowns’ parades, smiles and smiles, pauses, shootings, distractions and diversions. This is our times. For the worst and for the best.

Meanwhile the People are dying because they can’t breathe anymore.

Garner’s call resonates in their heads, memories and hearts’ beatings.


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Now tell me « Is Larry Potter (in the early ages) and Harry Potter (today ages) the same book » ? Question for one million dollar. I came across it haphazardly somewhere inside Yahoo’s comments of an article and this stroke me sharply.