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Now you may be interested in reading those viewpoints below, far away from the  actual cowardice, abusing images as a snake language, some outlets or networks would not assumed, naked face. Cowards like these are the same noise makers and heartland polluters.Chief obstructionists and privacy searching, in violation of the Constitution.

Who Is the Real Enemy?

So the United States is moving seemingly inexorably towards war with a country that itself constitutes no actual terrorist threat, unless it is attacked, in support of a country that very much is part of the threat and also on behalf of Israel, which for its part would prefer to see Americans die in a war against Iran rather that sacrificing its own sons and daughters.

Back To Benghazi – Are More US Troops The Answer?

The Obama Administration’s lies (crafted mostly by Hillary Clinton) to « justify » a US attack on Libya were grotesque and the « liberation » of that country created a living hell on earth for the very citizens we were supposed to be saving. After six years of chaos and a 2012 attack on a US installation in Benghazi, the Trump Administration is reportedly preparing a policy shift on Libya that will bring permanently-stationed US troops into the country. How does yet another overseas US military mission square with President Trump’s campaign promise to put America first? We discuss in today’s Liberty Report:

The Destructiveness of America’s Alliances

Earlier, in the January 2014 Harvard National Security Journal, Glennon had headlined « National Security and Double Government, » and he wrote: « The public believes that the constitutionally-established institutions control national security policy, but that view is mistaken. Judicial review is negligible; congressional oversight is dysfunctional; and presidential control is nominal. Absent a more informed and engaged electorate, little possibility exists for restoring accountability. » But, of course, « a more informed and engaged electorate » requires an honest press; and, for example, America’s most influential newspaper on international relations, the Washington Post, is owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder and head of, which supplies the cloud-computing services (Amazon Web Services, or AWS) to the US CIA and Pentagon, and is rabid against America’s « enemies » such as especially Russia and Iran. AWS is so profitable to Amazon that it accounts for all of Amazon’s net profits — the retail continues to lose money, but the profits from AWS now dwarf those ongoing retail losses. Amazon makes its money from the US government, not from consumers.

Making money from the governments, not from consumers – on the West side – is the new patters. That zero risky business, on the back of citizens and institutions. The banking system has evolved into that horror. After the financial crisis, the banks got stronger instead of filing for bankruptcy. And guess who helped this monstruosity to occur ? The gov.

Who is the gov working for ?

Don’t expect anything from the media such as accountability. « Absent a more informed and engaged electorate, little possibility exists for restoring accountability. » – The media are a militia working for the establishment. Hinding behind pictures is extreme accountability. How can you ask those networks about accountability ? Forget about it. Definitely.

Don’t ask the impossible. When you can easily spot who owns them. Then track the holding. You don’t need a cyrstal ball to do so. Only eyes a a reading.

Today’s businesses are risks free. Clearly speaking, it means, the Gov is the funder, the backend.

Mosul: Another ‘Mission Accomplished’

From February to June, an estimated 5,800 civilians have been killed in Mosul by US coalition airstrikes, a significant escalation in civilian deaths over the previous US Administration. With Mosul now « liberated » by US and Iraqi military forces, there is virtually nothing left of the city. Now we are told that we have to spend more billions of dollars rebuilding the city that we just destroyed, and once again training new Iraqi military forces to make up for all those killed in this campaign. Does this sound like a sensible US foreign policy? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

Walking on The New Humanity Project – this website –  footsteps is the unique road ahead for the so-called successful people. Laugh loud and clear like the final note of Thriller. Ah Ah Ah Ah … Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah..

The new businessmen are like the politicians : zero risks, zero balls. When you surround yourself with all the illegal guarantees to win an election, having the backing of the zero risks businessmen, the pair is complete.

The only road ahead is desperately organizing to impose yourself to anybody opposing your emptiness. Poor people of so-called winners. Winning by cheating, organizing as a maffia supported by a militia named western press… In fact a fac-simili. Lol.

The West is in deep trouble. Second class passengers are trying to make it in the first category.

Oh guess what, just haphazardly, yesterday I was wearing that red hat and a rose pant on a purple blouse. Red sandals … and the morning after, walking on my footsteps, some are trying to look like me. Mirror, Mirror, who is older ? Who is the Follower ? Who can’t breathe without snooping on Elise ?  From The entire Californian band  to the small town I’m living in in Villefontaine, all of them are focused on one person on earth : Your admin.

I’m not elected. Being elected today inside a crew of cheaters means nothing. Those are a bunch of minor politicians and people running after something to hold on for an existence.

It is so vulgar to run for a real fantasy and showroom.

You don’t need to run for something to be what your are : free standing, clean and smart. Proof of it, everybody (opposing me) is writing, picturing, thinking, walking, dressing like me. Some are stretching my eyebrows make-up to pretend inventing something. The trick consists in joining the two eyebrows and then you run in some empty places to promote a cheat.

It is a permanent trend. Thieves and thieves.

French Democrats have discovered a new lover : Pr. Trump. Laugh of laugh. Nothing to love, nothing in bed, all eyes focused on Elise lovers, friends, family, businesses, sorties, movements, projects, partnerships…

Smallness is running the World. Lol.

After demonising President Trump, here is the Invite. Oh Oh Oh.. Ridiculous. Where is The Chancelor ? Forgotten. No more love for old ladies ? C’on.

No more show of strenght and unity ? Those small men are always attracted in other relationships. Theirs are so poor and miserable. Nobody does not even look at them. Uglyness and wickedness along with incompetence and disloyal conducts make them unfrequentable.

It is not their fault. After all, Mitterand was a Nazi collaborator till the end of the day. That is why French is totally bankrupt : morally, politically, legally, intellectually and so forth.

They are all beneath my feet. I’m proud of that. God is Power.

How do you recognize a small person ? He is afraid of YOU the people and focused on others people businesses to destroy the competition, the competitors and the value.  This is how they preserve their extreme and disloyal monopolies. The trick is they know they worth very little alone and even in pack. The solely way they have, as a final hope to protect their stolen goods and properties, is to track the creators, the opponents, the people refusing their smallness and systematic frauds consisting on preempting other people’s projects to destroy them.

This include dividing friends or alliances through fake friendship and so forth.

Ah Ah Ah Ah. Who is the Best ? President Trump.


A big shame, Mr. Trump is now the new French lover. They have been criticizing him relentlessly from day one with their Jewish-American outlets ; California silicon valley on top of them and their french allies. Laugh loud and clear. Shame Shame Shame.  It is a noticeable brand. A zero risk and zero balls standing.

I like that. I’m proud everything I told you is turning real. I don’t have to do anything more except standing and watching.  And reporting it to you, from time to time, if necessary. You have been briefed so many times, I supposed your eyes are now wide open. Technology camps of concentration is the keyword.

It embodies Smallness, Obstruction, Sabotaging, Snooping and 1984, i.e. terrorism.

Tomorrow, the color is Yellow.  Turn Yellow, all of you, the old, the young, the baby…

Where Elise is going, I will. She is my obsession. Tell me why a nothingness is the Center of the World ? Nobody can shoot, stand, write, move, talk, express itself,… pretend inventing someting without referring to or taking it from the Nothingness.

Jewish people have been terrorising the entire community – intellectual, think tanks, academy, politicians, financial, entrepreneurs.. since WWI.

Their hellish system is based on terror, copy cat, emptiness, threats, simulacrum, torture, corruption, prostitution, pedophilia, … The demon is nake and of course, everything is becoming possible.

End of the Jewish Empire ? Or more traumas ahead ?

The Destructiveness of America’s Alliances

Earlier, in the January 2014 Harvard National Security Journal, Glennon had headlined « National Security and Double Government, » and he wrote: « The public believes that the constitutionally-established institutions control national security policy, but that view is mistaken. Judicial review is negligible; congressional oversight is dysfunctional; and presidential control is nominal. Absent a more informed and engaged electorate, little possibility exists for restoring accountability. »

The corruption began in 1948 inside the United Nations. Since, nothing has ever changed. Lies, and fakeness. Abuses and murders. Tyranny and impostures.


Shirley & Co – Shame Shame Shame

At the time,  music was creative, not those repetitive pre-recorded samples, lazy producers have imposed on the artists like military uniforms.  How do you recognize small people ? Connect the dots.

Zero risks is zero balls.

Uniformity is antiprogressist. One-size-fits all is nonsense.

Smallness is the root of injustices, fear and terror.

Injustices, frauds are the jungle law.

A small person is afraid. To compensate this complex of inferiority, he must turn wild, i.e. terrorist and organize in consequence.

Smallness ends into mediocrity, frauds and criminality. Our civilisation was designed for Greatness and Glory.

In French, there is a saying « A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire ».

Winning with zero risk is a zero triumph absent of Glory. Glory has left France for such a long time, since 1981 precisely, when the cycle of zero risk winners started.

Small winners – except for President Chirac who stood like a Hero against the gang behind fraudulent elections. At the time, 1995, the gang was invisible, working behind-the-scenes. After Chirac, the landscape became clear. Today, the project has come out : the New « zero- risk-Hero » is a gay – faked married or secretly single.

Smallness is the bed of terrorism. Guess what, while I’m writing this post, somebody is knocking upstairs. It is a permanent trend. The moment I start writing, someone will start making a lot of disturbing noise.

Take care and watch your neighborhood.

Tomorrow is French Occupied Independence day. Lady Liberty is crying a song of Liberation and Freedom.

… Take and Eat it (1)– take and make money out of this, you small people, having nothing to give but everything to rob and grab.

Glory Glory Alleluia !

The French elites, all of them was pro-Hillary day and night and anti-atlantic. Now that Elise is American fired up, everybody in France is turning madly american. Wow Wow. With those small people, one day it is red, the day after it is yellow and so on…depending on the wind and on the interest of the moment.

There is a french tradition : each independence day, the president must talk to the people. This one, the people was told « no speech ». And we laugh at the courage. Then President Trump was invited to shift the attention from the zero speech to America – promoted by Elise on French soil. Wow, smallness. A president is hunting Elise. Tell me Why ?

But you never know. With liars, everthing is possible. One day it is zero speech, until the position became cowardly unsustainable, then may be Trump-press conference or joined will bring some courage around the Elyseen Palace.

That is why I told you laugh loud and clear. I’m not a lawmaker nor a politician opponent. I’m an observer and a game-changer. That is all, but it is everything apparently. Enough to set me as the first target.

Frankly, I’m not interested in whatsoever this gov is going to do or not. This is not my problem, it is a French concern. After all it is their choice.

But, the president’s militia and himself are circling around. Tell me why ?

Friends of my friends are mine also ? What a Lying deviation.

The good news is we are going to see the real soul of those people struggling tooth and nails to hide their origins and to terrorize whoever dare call them by their hidden names and identity.

This step is providential. Their methods in doing business : cannibalism is first. Poaching is second. Extreme dangerosity… are widely exposed.

Keep confident, Satan is a short master. Proof of it, Satan is bowing down to President Trump. End of the story ? Are Fake News going to bow down also ? Is everything alright.

Glory Glory Alleluia !

This is the closing of a circle.





Have you ever seen a thief accepting to be called a thief ? No way. Instead, whenever caught, he will threaten you to death.

Look, some people are known to bring dirtiness, misery, illness, bacteria, corruption, prostitution with them. But they will come as Hero or Savior. Watch the Iraqi invasion and Afghanistan and Libya, and Syria, everywhere those satanic people gets their feet, damnation and bankruptcy are end of the road.

Come and take some petrol, oil, gas, some diamonds, some money, some uranium, some gold – stolen from Gaddafi – some silver, some little boys or girls, some slaves…everything and the next day pen a speech about « coming to help » with Fake humanitarian Foundations, military interventions or photographers shooting nothing artistic…Walk for propaganda and only that. We are the best yeah ! the best thieves the world have ever known as for now.

Cry yourself a song of Revolution. Wherever you are, especially in Africa. Porn and pedophile tourists coming in the name of solidarity.

Fucking system ! Fuck that smallness and cheaters.

Cry yourself a song of Revolution. Freedom at last, Free at last, freedom at last even inside an Occupied France celebrating its independence DAY. INDEED !

Cry yourself a song of Revolution.

For the first time in History, an Empire has gone faceless preemting the international community and America, for the Worst. And the better ?

We knew the nickname : Big Brother, by G. Orwell. That was all. Big Brother was MISLEADING pointing to America, whereas the real Master was behind-the-scene or staging as the Deep State. The American Empire was preempted to perform Evil, in the name of solidarity with the Devil itself.

The strategy was so sophisticated, noboby could even start  imagining the former Shoah victims guys could turn Vampires and Tyrans. It was inconceivable. America was duped and instrumentalised… with its consent. The dollarisation of the Empire setting Money as the New God was a perfect and easy vehicle.

(1) – After writing this, some pirats are roaming Africa in Ethiopia to laugh at the Ethiopian people starvation those cannibale people contributed to create, dividing African leaders throw endless wars. The consequence of it is African starvation and deaths, just like they massively killed Iraqi’s children, with a criminal embargo on medicines or plagued Angola with anti-personal landmines causing so many amputees.

Angola, civil war for nearly 40 years. Ground for arms traficking and oil spoliation.

Liberia with bloody diamonds. Sierra Leone. South Africa and Apartheid, diamonds again while black people are living under the poverty line.

The international community and the EU has also been preempted. The Faceless empire encompasses the Entire Western Hemisphere. Behind every scandal on earth, they have dubbed themselves Too-big-fo-fail.

Those people are taking the Devil with them, whenever, wherever.

Ethiopia watch out. Some tourists are there to piss on you. Those are thieves and sexual predators. Period.

Now How is France going to get out of bankruptcy ? Question.

Apparently there will be no more familial recruitment for parliamentaries. We have been asking and alerting for this since 2007. 10 Years after, this is it. The abuse has been taking place for 50 years, at least, during the Fifth Republic declared by President De Gaulle, in 1958.

Since 1981, the phenomenon have grown even bigger and bigger. Another big Shame inside a Republic claiming Equality.

In France, you need 17 years to accomplish what requires 5 years elsewhere. Every middle-sized businessman can confirm it. They also can tell you about how harder it has become to start a business and to develop it.

Big fishes are eating small ones. For instance, French used to have many retailers nearby. Now, they are being replaced by malls, the American model.




Trump Make America Great Again



Senate Democrats have delayed crucial appointments made by me in a blatant attempt to obstruct the will of Americans just like you.

And it’s putting our government, our national security, and our agenda AT RISK.

I made a promise to drain the swamp in Washington, but that can’t happen if the Democrats are unwilling to act on the choices made by the American people.

Drain The Swamp Sticker

It’s time to get my qualified nominees into office.

It’s time for the Democrats to stop obstructing.

It’s time to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Every person who contributes just $1 before 11:59 PM TONIGHT will receive their OFFICIAL “DRAIN THE SWAMP” STICKER.

Thank you for standing with me, Elise.


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Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

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For a month, my daughter has been  under health care assistance. She has gone through four hospitalisations, and nothing can be done to stop emesis. Each time, the protocol is shorten suddenly. Mysteriously.

It looks like a sabotaging from some inside the crew. Some are kind and others are disrespectful and really disagreable.

The last time the protocol was brutally cut through was two days ago, on wednesday. Suprisingly, another Doctor, WITH an Eastern Europe accent, told her to go back home, whereas the day before, another Doctor told her, this second time she is back in their departement, for the same severe problem, they are going to take time for a better monitoring to get a clearer process.

She is pregnant.

From one doctor to another, the story varies. From one day to another, two separate stories.

Note the timely coincidence : I told you about the red hat, purple blouse and rose trousers and so on – read above. I wore this the day before my daughter was ousted from the hospitalisation, the morning after, earlier. We paid a daily visit to her, and the evening before, nobody told her she will be leaving the next morning. Instead, she was told the process was due to continue, to deliver a better care.

Apparently, me coming in beautiful clothe is enough to stop the medication. The hidden empire sentinels and militia have decided I’m an unknown person good for them to suck in. As such, I must stay invisible. Each sortie of mine is not tolerated to them. I must not go out, unless I’m OK to shut it whenever they will pick all the dressing, the make-up, the hair dressing and so forth to build their press people’s articles on me and on what ever I went out for, including every places visited during the sortie.

The trick is they will not say they took it from me, instead they will transfer the whole story to somebody else, a white or black slaves of their « celibs elites » collection.

Smallness leads to badness.

Coming into the hospital to visit my daughter,  for a week, should have been a place some people should have noticed my presence. May be. This is something they can’t tolerate. In this faceless empire,  even doctors can be approached to perform the hidden agenda, consisting on marginalising the people who are not ready to bow down to their order or to accept systemic robberies of their creativities, ideas and choices without opposing it.

The day after, the same robbers will laugh at you telling « you are nothing » – who are you ? We are all, we have the power. This power allows us to spy on you and to ask the president to play tennis with disabled, after you went to « Emmaüs » dressed like a tennis woman : a shirt, a Ferrari cap (a gift), a skirt and Geox shoes. My daughter is a Geox employee.

Actually her fiance is encountering some strange problems and disturbancies.

Is there any connection or pure coincidence ? I’m asking to myself. I have a great idea of Health care assistance I pray not to be mistaken.

Think also about the fact that I don’t deserve a baby. I should not have one for me and my boyfriend, remember the story ? I’m too old and so on. Remember how my nephew, Raphael, died mysteriously, after I went back from Cameroon where the gang didn’t stop hunting me everywhere in Cameroon and, from time to time, they got the power out of my brother’s home, sometimes it was water – in Cameroon, energy and water are privatizee by the IMF. It means France and Britain and other multinationals are running the show and the « development », as the banks are running the EU.

Making money from the govs is not new.

In the end, my brother, a lawyer got a lot of problem with the landlord – a woman, a maid in France.

If they were controlling the air we breathe, for sure they will be cutting it right away for people like me.  Don’t denounce the system or you shall die. Everybody is telling me only that. Those people – they don’t name them – are extremely wicked. They are killers, they say.

I went at Emmaus with a friend of mine who is disabled. Naturally, the evening news, that day, following this afternoon, miles away from Paris, was about the french president playing tennis somewhere – he made an urgent stop or sortie for that – to play with…. disabled people, in reference to my friend.

They expect you to say, impossible, there is no relatioship. I was thinking like you, long time ago until I face the Devil and the least form of Humanity on Earth. Unless you are under their stinking areas of influence, you can guess how low they can go. Their obsession is to have control on everybody, in order to protect their self-established and organised (white) supremacy. So, when you hear about white supremacy, handle it with distinction and subtility.

As for the way they violated your belongings, grab your projects and conduct vampiric businesses, it is pathetic and extremely outrageous Justice is letting those bandits walking free with gangsta conducts.


IN THEIR LIPS DEMOCRACY MEANS APOCALYPSE. To have and idea of the bigger picture, watch  here.



In any case, it is questionable to let a patient out, knowing the treatment is not complete.

The new hospital policy is insisting on making radical savings. Is this policy working against the quality of health care ?

Is it about the level of expertise ?

Is it about the protocol ? One Doctor telling this and another one doing something else ? When I was pregnant, time ago, I was under a unique doctor supervision. Not two. The substitutes got no decisional power. The crew was there to safeguard the protocol. Before leaving the hospital, your doctor will discuss it with you saying may be within two or three days. I never had a doctor coming in the morning announcing, oh pack your bags, you are leaving within hours. Call your family. You are told about it previously.

As for the medicine prescribed by the Doctor with a strong eastern accent, the pharmacy has said the medicine is not efficient. It can’t be of any help. The doctor have certified « The medicine will stop the emesis right away ». This was on Wednesday morning.

The morning after, on Tuesday, the emesis started anew just as if it wasn’t treated. Dehydratation, pains, headache and no food in the stomach, here is where we are standing. Two months after, no evolution in sight.

So please, to the people of the World, if you know something about this, help us and the French hospitals with the protocol and the medicine including the assistance.

I’ve heard that Canada has something extremely efficient on the issue.

Please Help Us. Help Me. I’m asking publicly. In the name of Science and for Life.

14 July.

GO ! Hello !

28 March – Paris.




Trump Make America Great Again



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