Reforming the Church ? Mission Impossible. The Pope is sounding so Politics. We miss John Paul II.

Are we heading to a Reformed Church – act II ? Is Roman Church on the verge of taking the Martin Luther’s road ? It seems so, on the exception that Martin Luther would have never protected child molesters’ Reverends inside the Church.

The first step for the Church pointing at reforms is to bring criminal priests – all of them – in Justice so that they can face criminal charges they deserve.

When we are there, then we will really consider the Catholic Church’s move for a Church born anew.

Alerted by a CNN’s web mail, I went to read the brief over the reforms and I found those two sentences :

« I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security, » the Pope said Tuesday in a major new address.

And that second one :

« I do not want a Church concerned with being at the center and then ends by being caught up in a web of obsessions and procedures. »

Those two sentences sound so polemical than spiritual especially the second sentence already read in a french outlet, almost word for word, referring to me. Sorry to be the center of the world right now : the world needs that and someone has to do the dirty job and clean the House (the World) in total mess : crimes, injustices, inequalities, unjust and brutal wars, civil unrests, financial turmoil, people massively running away from catholic church, unemployment, poverty, diseases, hunger, massive prostitution, HIV… and, more importantly the shrinking of democracy which explains half of the problems people are facing in the World. I’m not talking about tolerance, but about democracy and the Law, the secular and the religious as well.

So, I assume that position of being « at the center and the end  in the web obsessions and procedures » with intelligence and truthworthy arguments –  indisputable and incontestable –  and if the Catholic Church is annoyed and feels unease, good for them. Things must change and The Church has shown its resignation, treason and shamefull retreat, in front of people despair, african exploitation and men or women facing new forms of slavery as well. Shaking hands in Brazilian favelas was good. In the end, what does this change ? President Dilma Rousseff will have to do the job, center and ends.

Really, if the Church can help improve people conditions, we are the first to say Yes. Pope John Paul II did a Great Job. For instance, he had extended a helpful hand to bring the Berlin wall down and the World is grateful. He was certainly one of those who contributed to bring the soviet union down, along with the American President, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Instead of useless polemics, Pope John Paul II backed those leaders strongly and he was speaking out clear and fearless on abortion*. If the Pope John Paul II were alive today, he would have stood clear and strong against gay marriage ; far away from the unknown position the Church is standing right now.

*Precision. I am for a planned parenthood and for a pro family choice chich includes the possibility of abortion. A child must be desired not a burden.

Even Poutine was slightly clearer on the issue of gay marriage and promotion. That is tellingly of the Church’s position and wanderings.

First, I’m the only person that dare protected the Pope when he was picked up.  I did it sincerely and in truth, taking all the cursing from the West press on my shoulders.

At the time, the press was throwing some dirts on him, accusing him of having participated in a scheme aiming at hiding some nazis who have immigrated in South America. It is no secret that many leading nazis figures have escaped Germany and the Nurenberg proces due to their flight  in South America where they have found a comfortable, quiet and cosy retreat, until an American man started to hunt them, one after another.

The Vatican and the Church share a long history of Nazis’ protectors hidden inside Basilica.


Second, I have criticised the « secularian Pope », dealing with homosexuality. And his communication unit is firing back.

Flashback of the context. When we entered the gay marriage period, the Pope first came up opposing and then got more and more ambiguous and tepid ; starting on his way back from Brazil where he met with the Youth, he then said in the plane to the press « who am I to condemn a gay person ». The Press reported it immediately to send the message to me and I got it.  Still I’m opposing and will oppose gay marriage, not only for moral reasons and may I say natural human order of parentality, but mainly because  the overall thing was done out of the path and spirit of democracy. Such a jump and decision should never have been made by lawmakers only, under the LGBT lobbying influence. That is why a referendum was needed and is still needed.

The good news is starting from my opposition which is there to last and to lead to new methods of governing people with the people, for the people, not ignoring them, other countries will consider that option, before adopting gay marriage. That is Justice and Freedom. Lawmakers can not decide everything, all the times, for the rest of the people. It is not fair, nor ethical. This is not how democracy was designed. One nation gives us a leading example : Switherland and its frequent direct consultations of the people and everything is allright over there. Peace rings. Liberty rings. Freedom rings.

More women in church ? For what ? More reforms with criminal inside the box ? For what ? The  House is contaminated. First clean it, before adding more dirts. The Bible says « separate the wheat from the bad ».

By the way, I’m a Protestant, born again ; out and very far from Hypocrisy. And I will keep on standing, whatever it takes. It is not about me, it is about the dirty jobs flowing  in Africa ; it is about black or southern people being humiliated around the World behind the dirts that impact Africa and the developing World as well. Because a decision in Washington, in London, in China, in France can have an impact in Africa and in the end hurts badly the fragile – black people in Africa, other poor countries or immigrants in western sides -, we have to watch out, in the center and in the ends, to be sure we are not cheated upon and misled or stolen on the back as it has always been the case for centuries and centuries.

I’m not eternal, but for the times remaining, I will be doing that, again and again untill somebody else emerges – I hope many of them –  to take the torch, till the end of times. This is an endless task. Each of us will do their part. We don’t need to be nominated by anyone. It is a gift and a duty. That’s all.

Times ago, I have alerted the french president at the situation in Centrafrique and today, I’m happy he has sent troops there to help stopping an announced genocide, the size of Rwanda. Am I in the center of the web ? Yes. It is good for centrafrican people. Lives will be saved. Perhaps the Vatican Church is indifferent with this, I’m not.

I’m fighting for Change in the World. This fight is not only mine. It should be and it is a collective’s one. While I was doing it in France, I had little chance : I encountered obstacles after obstacles until Obama emerged as a presidential candidate and I immediately felt in connection. I got the sense that something different was happening and I didn’t hesitate  to catch that Obama’s train. Immediately. Since then, I have to say that  my « eyes have seen the glory of the  Lord » and I’m grateful for the great journey following,  from miles away – but so close by  heart and in action – President Obama. Thanks a million, Mr. President, eventhough he is pro marriage gay.

God Bless the President  of the United States and America.

Today, and it is an exception, I’m glad for another reason  : I praise the French president for extending a hand, eventhough he is the same man who has adopted gay marriage, brutally. I’m sure he was wrongly advised. If  he had to make that decision today, no doubt he would chose a referendum.

In the meantime, the church is using what is called in France « langue de bois ». Translate : good will and yet nothing really new, or too little.

Reforming the Catholic Church. Mission impossible, as long as pedophilia and homosexuality along with hidden children of priests are unpunished and silenced. First, be truth to yourself.

Young people ought to be educated on religion. That is why some rare times, we will have to talk about the Church.